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  • From Short To Neutral

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    Following Thursday's session, our indicators closed for the second time in positive territory, giving us a buy signal. The Sigma trend Index (STI) closed at…

  • No Sign of Reversal

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    Our key indicators (Sigma Trend Index and Breadth Index) remain in negative territory, telling us the downtrend remains well in place: The short term negative…

  • In Negative Territory Again

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    The market declined on Thursday. Once again we are very surprised by the "decorrelation" between Europe & US. Is it really possible to get a…

  • At a Crossroad Again

    Published 18 April 2012 | viewed 0 times

    The market bounced back by 1.4% on Tuesday. Now, we have our Sigma Trend Index at -2(STI). And our breadth Index is already in positive…

  • Sell Signals Across The Board

    Published 16 April 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Good morning everyone. A lot of things happened during our holidays and we hope you were able to catch meaningful part of those moves. For…

  • The Market Breadth Bounced Back

    Published 26 March 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Our market breadth index bounced back on Friday, so we didn't get a second consecutive close in negative territory, so we didn't get a sell…

  • The Breadth Index in Negative Territory

    Published 23 March 2012 | viewed 0 times

    The breadth indicator closed for the first time in negative territory, while the Sigma Trend Indicator remains in positive territory. The situation continues to weaken.…

  • Was It A Reversal Day On The NDX?

    Published 22 March 2012 | viewed 0 times

    After reaching a new intraday high (11 years high), the NDX (Nasdaq 100) lost all its intraday gains in the last hour of trading. This…

  • Sell Signal From Our Summation21

    Published 21 March 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Our summation 21 index gave a fresh sell signal on close. It is also important to notice the massive negative divergence between the Summation 21…

  • The Calm Before the Storm

    Published 20 March 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Our indicators remain in buy territory, the euphoria index is going down, the panic index is close to zero, the situation looks perfect. How long…

  • No Fireworks Yet

    Published 19 March 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Market remains quiet on Friday. We didn't get any new information from our indicators. In order to get a reversal signal from our indicators, we…

  • Euphoria Hits 32%

    Published 15 March 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Very short update today because there is no important change in current situation. Our key indexes remain in positive => no change for the time…

  • Key Indexes Remain Positive But Close to Euphoria

    Published 14 March 2012 | viewed 0 times

    The market surged on Tuesday, and our buy signal triggered last Friday was good (so far). We are in a situation where our key indexes…

  • Third Close in Positive Territory

    Published 13 March 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Our key indexes closed in positive territory on Monday (3rd consecutive day), confirming the view we expressed during the week-end that the next upleg will…

  • A Crucial Close Expected

    Published 09 March 2012 | viewed 0 times

    On Thursday, market continued its bounce back, and our key indicators closed above the zero line (for the first time). Friday's close will be crucial…

  • Bouncing Back From Oversold Territory

    Published 08 March 2012 | viewed 0 times

    As we wrote following Tuesday's session: "... our Sigma Trend Index is already at oversold levels (-77), and this happened in 3 sessions only!!!! A…

  • The Uptrend Is Over

    Published 06 March 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Following Monday's session, we were waiting for a confirmation from our breadth Index that the uptrend was over. This is done tonight. It is important…

  • Daily: First signs Of Trend Reversal

    Published 06 March 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Following Monday's session, our Sigma Trend Index closed for the second time in negative territory, giving us a confirmed sell signal. The breadth index closed…

  • All Indicators In Negative Territory

    Published 05 March 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Following Friday's session, most of our indicators turned negative. Don't forget we need two consecutive closes in negative territory for a trend reversal signal. Our…

  • The Sigma Trend Index Could Reverse

    Published 01 March 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Following yesterday's session, both our Sigma trend Index and the Breath Index weakened. They are now close to the zero line. In order to validate…