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  • Rebound Continues

    Published 13 June 2012 | viewed 0 times

    The market was able to find some support around the key 50% retracement (from the recent bounce back). As long as this level holds on,…

  • Scenario 1 On Track

    Published 12 June 2012 | viewed 0 times

    On Saturday, we post two different scenario that could be under development. It looks like the first one is currently under development. Here is the…

  • Rally in Place

    Published 09 June 2012 | viewed 0 times

    We opened 2/3rd of a long position on Friday at 1308.02 and we introduced an order at 1301 for the last third. Why? We are…

  • Pullback Underway

    Published 08 June 2012 | viewed 0 times

    We were targeting for this rebound, the 1335 - 1360 area. As the market traded around 1330 very quickly in the session, we diced to…

  • Breadth Index In Positive Territory

    Published 06 June 2012 | viewed 0 times

    As explained in yesterday's daily, we were ready to open a half (long) position if/when the market would be able to trade for more than…

  • A Short Term Bottom Could Be In Place

    Published 06 June 2012 | viewed 0 times

    As the market was clearly running out of downside momentum, we decided to cut the 2nd half of our short position at 1280.67 [1334.07 -…

  • So Many Positive Divergences

    Published 05 June 2012 | viewed 0 times

    First of all, it is important to notice we had once again a reversal day (hammer) in the United States yesterday. See our Sigma Whole…

  • Going Into Capitulation Mode

    Published 01 June 2012 | viewed 0 times

    There are a lot of things to say about today's session. First of all, as the S&P was testing its 200d MA for more than…

  • Lack of Negative Momentum

    Published 01 June 2012 | viewed 0 times

    After a difficult start, the market ran 2% (reaching 1320) and closed roughly unchanged. We were really surprised that the market didn't accelerate when breaking…

  • Is The Downtrend Still in Place

    Published 31 May 2012 | viewed 0 times

    After a retest of the zero line from our key indicators, the market declined again this Wednesday, telling us the bounce back is probably over.…

  • Testing The Zero Line

    Published 30 May 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Last week we wrote we were expecting a rally in the area 1335 - 1345. Yesterday the SPX had a top @ 1334.93. Following a…

  • The Upswing Seems To Be On Track

    Published 25 May 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Looking at our Sigma Whole Market chart (aggregate of 16 US Indexes), we can notice some interesting things: - The lowest point of today's session…

  • One More Reversal Day, Long Again

    Published 24 May 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Yesterday was a very exciting day, and I think it gave us a lot of information: You can notice on the Sigma Whole Market Index…

  • We Don't Like This Reversal

    Published 22 May 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Following Friday's and Monday's session, we were expecting a bounce back in the 1335-1345 area. Nevertheless, with today's "reversal", we fear that the next downleg…

  • Bouncing Back, No More Short

    Published 22 May 2012 | viewed 0 times

    As we wrote during the week-end, some divergences were in the market at Friday's close. Those divergences were confirmed by an important rally yesterday. We…

  • Daily Divergence with our Breadth Index

    Published 20 May 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Our Breadth index slightly improved on Friday while the market continued to slide. We haven't seen the final "wash out" we were waiting for, but…

  • Close to Capitulation

    Published 18 May 2012 | viewed 0 times

    We start to detect some capitulation signs: some indicators are close to panic level. We need, now, to monitor any reversal day in order to…

  • Medium Term Downtrend, Betting On Short Term Bounce Back

    Published 11 May 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Following Thursday's session, our indicators slightly improved but remain well in negative territory. We are in a tricky situation and we must run up fast…

  • Long Again, Second Attempt

    Published 10 May 2012 | viewed 0 times

    According to our model, the markets reached (for the second consecutive day) intraday panic level. When reaching these levels, there are only 2 solutions: a…

  • Intraday Panic Level and Key Reversal

    Published 08 May 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Our STI reached panic level intraday. In this context, we closed our short position @ 1352.4 => 1369.8 - 1352.4 = 17.4 pts (profit). On…