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    12/9/2006 10:12:27 AM Underlying shifts in the market are making this an exciting holiday trading season. Stock Barometer Analysis The barometer remains in Sell Mode.…

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    12/4/2006 6:40:51 AM Through our charts we try to confirm seasonal weakness for the first half of the month... WEEKLY WRAP-UP Dear Speculators, Welcome new…

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    Bi-Weekly Stock Barometer No. 148 12/3/2006 10:14:52 AM Dear Subscriber, Just like Budweiser and other beers, traders have born on dates - and you better…

  • US Dollar: Down But Not Out

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    11/25/2006 9:38:51 AM Stock Barometer Analysis The barometer has issued a Sell Signal - and is now in Sell Mode. The Stock Barometer is my…

  • Approaching 11/28: Overbought, but is it done?

    Published 20 November 2006 | viewed 4,574 times

    WEEKLY WRAP-UP Dear Speculators, Coming out of options expiration week, our indicators are overbought but the market is not at its 100% projection yet. Here's…

  • Changes for 2007

    Published 19 November 2006 | viewed 5,258 times

    Bi-Weekly Stock Barometer No. 147 November 19, 2006 11/19/2006 10:52:47 AM Dear Subscriber, Here are 2 changes we will be providing in 2007. First, if…

  • Sell Signal

    Published 12 November 2006 | viewed 6,243 times

    11/12/2006 8:52:36 AM As the market tries to break out of this consolidation, the system gives a secondary sell signal. WEEKLY WRAP-UP Dear Speculators, Welcome…

  • Hammer Time

    Published 06 November 2006 | viewed 4,850 times

    Friday's action put in a hammer at support. Here's what it means. Stock Barometer Analysis The barometer remains in Sell Mode as the market tests…

  • Election Pause?

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  • DT: Weekly Forecast

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    Is this the move into the 9 month cycle low? Dear Speculators, One question I get from my readers is "Jay, there are so many…

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    Here's a look at the future action of the market. Dear Speculators, I apologize for the delay this morning - vacationed in an area with…

  • Bi-Weekly Stock Barometer

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  • Critical Week

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