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    9/22/2011 10:09:32 AM Dollar and Bonds Reaction Is Bad For Stocks, But... First, let me say, I would be a buyer of today's lows. That…

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    9/21/2011 9:02:43 AM Warning Signals Start Flashing If you're new to my philosophy on the markets, you'll know that I'm not into news much. I…

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    9/20/2011 9:21:17 AM The rally survives test 1 As I always say, it's not so much how the market opens, most important is how it…

  • Post Expiration Hangover

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    9/19/2011 9:37:28 AM The key to any rally is how it handles real selling. Visually, this looks like a top. We're coming out of expiration,…

  • Options Expiration

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    9/16/2011 7:53:49 AM Always makes me a little nervous... When the market is stretched inline with an expiration date, my internal alarm goes off watching…

  • Escape Velocity

    Published 15 September 2011 | viewed 0 times

    9/15/2011 9:20:41 AM The scenario supports further upside. We remain long, looking for the markets to move higher into 9/25 (and possibly further). Why did…

  • De Ja Vu

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    7/22/2011 7:50:47 AM We've been here before, why expect something different now? This is the third time the markets have been up testing this level.…

  • The Retest Of Highs

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    7/21/2011 9:20:58 AM Market's (QQQ) should retest highs today, what's next? Wednesday was a nice consolidation following a strong surge higher. This morning's futures are…

  • Got What We Wanted

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    7/20/2011 8:36:45 AM What's next? Tuesday didn't disappoint. It was a perfect gap up, pause and trade higher type day. Then apple came out with…

  • The Bottom Of The Range

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    7/12/2011 9:30:06 AM Monday's action likely established the bottom of the current range. I will remain on vacation this week, with internet access. I will…

  • Expiration Week

    Published 09 July 2011 | viewed 0 times

    7/9/2011 8:44:52 AM The next week will set up the next move. As a heads up, I will be on vacation next week. Not sure…

  • Monumental Extreme Sentiment

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    6/20/2011 9:45:51 AM We've reached a level of extreme sentiment that we haven't seen since the 2008 lows. Even if this is that start of…

  • Dizzy Yet?

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    6/17/2011 9:48:08 AM This expiration week has been extremely volatile. Here's what it means. There have been some wild swings this week - and volatility…

  • Short Term Buy Signal

    Published 16 June 2011 | viewed 0 times

    6/16/2011 9:44:02 AM Wednesday's trade suggests an up day today. But... ...Friday is quadrouple expiration. It has a history of volatility. I also believe that…

  • The Shake Out

    Published 15 June 2011 | viewed 0 times

    6/15/2011 9:36:31 AM Market bottoms come in all shapes. This one is... When a market tries to set a bottom, there are a few different…

  • Off The Bottom

    Published 14 June 2011 | viewed 0 times

    6/14/2011 8:14:20 AM Futures signal a move higher. All eyes were focused on China overnight. While the expectations were that if China's inflation came out…

  • A Beautiful Set Up

    Published 23 May 2011 | viewed 0 times

    5/23/2011 8:10:01 AM While the world didn't end on 5/21, there may have been something to it... Ok, now that I have your attention, here's…

  • Intra Day Update

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    5/6/2011 1:04:57 PM Here's a quick update on market action. Wow... This market volatility is great. As discussed this morning, we've been keeping an eye…

  • Dollar, Bonds and Stocks - Oh My

    Published 06 May 2011 | viewed 0 times

    5/6/2011 9:46:37 AM Job's surprise - Here's what we're looking for. I may over use this quote, but life is like a box of chocolates,…

  • More Selling

    Published 05 May 2011 | viewed 0 times

    5/5/2011 9:38:41 AM As the dollar strengthens... Market sell offs normally initiate in legs - with the first leg appearing to be a normal retracement,…