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My goal is to establish the most likely path that the price of a particular asset will undertake and profit through ETF instruments both on the long and short side and mainly with leveraged ones (2 x and 3 x).

  • SPX: Weekly Technical/Elliottwave Analysis

    Published 16 March 2014 | viewed 0 times

    The week ended with a "large" Harami candlestick, which has caused short-term technical damage and casts doubts over a false breakout of the January's high.…

  • EUO:EUR Bearish Setup

    Published 14 March 2014 | viewed 0 times

    Reason: Potential weekly Hammer candlestick (In addition a long tail below the lower BB favours selling exhaustion). In the weekly chart we can see an…

  • XLE: Bearish Setup

    Published 12 March 2014 | viewed 0 times

    Reason: XLE has failed to carry out a thrust following a Triangle. This failure has turned a bullish pattern into a bearish one with a…

  • Technical/Elliottwave Analysis of SPX

    Published 09 March 2014 | viewed 0 times

    I have been discussing that due to the fact that both up legs from the October and February lows are corrective there is a chance…

  • GDX: A Pullback is Due

    Published 26 February 2014 | viewed 0 times

    GDX (Gold Miners ETF): A Pullback is due I am expecting a pullback foe the following reasons: Daily RSI is displaying a negative divergence: If…

  • FXY (Japanese Yen ETF): Bullish Setup

    Published 25 February 2014 | viewed 0 times

    Reason: If we consider USDJPY as a proxy for the Yen we can see in the daily chart below that it is highly probable that…

  • SPX: Weekly Technical and Elliott Wave Analysis

    Published 23 February 2014 | viewed 0 times

    IMPASSE Impasse is defined as a situation in which no progress can be made. This week SPX has made two unsuccessful attempts to achieve a…

  • TMF: Bullish Setup

    Published 17 February 2014 | viewed 0 times

    Entry Date (02/14/14); Long 49.95; Stop 49,25; Target 51 Reasons: Tactical short-term trade based upon the internal structure of the current bounce and the scenario…

  • SPX: Weekly Technical Analysis

    Published 16 February 2014 | viewed 0 times

    The powerful two weeks rally (Hammer + huge Hallow candlesticks) has aborted a larger corrective pattern. Bulls have reclaimed both the 20 and 10 week…

  • SPX: Weekly Technical Analysis

    Published 09 February 2014 | viewed 0 times

    From the November 2012 low, fourth time, the 27-week ma has acted as support preventing a larger decline. As well the weekly hammer with the…

  • FAZ: Short Candidate

    Published 31 January 2014 | viewed 0 times

    Yesterday due to the large gap up of UPRO I missed the suggested bullish setup. Today I will have to leave early for a one…

  • Weekly Technical Analysis

    Published 19 January 2014 | viewed 0 times

    In my last weekly update on December 22 I suggested that a likely bullish signal cross of the weekly stochastic of the NYSE Summation Index…

  • SPX: Follow Up of the Short Term EWP

    Published 12 January 2014 | viewed 0 times

    SPX has ended the week with a bullish Hammer candlestick reducing the odds of a larger correction from the December 31 high, which, would have…

  • DAX Update of the LT EWP

    Published 09 January 2014 | viewed 0 times

    Lets suppose that from the March 2000 top price has formed a Triangle, which was completed on September 2011. Since the advance off the September…

  • Follow Up of the EUR/USD Short Term EWP

    Published 22 December 2013 | viewed 0 times

    I Maintain the Triangle wave (B) scenario. If this count is correct price is unfolding the wave (E). The equality extension target of a potential…

  • Weekly Technical Analysis

    Published 22 December 2013 | viewed 0 times

    THE LARGER CORRECTIVE SET UP HAS BEEN ABORTED Despite there were plenty of technical reasons that were suggesting a larger correction bears have failed to…

  • Weekly Technical Analysis

    Published 15 December 2013 | viewed 0 times

    I EXPECT A LARGER CORRECTION In my last weekly update I have changed my view regarding the "big picture". Despite the pattern unfolded by price…

  • Weekly Technical Analysis

    Published 01 December 2013 | viewed 0 times

    I MAINTAIN UNCHANGED THE SCENARIO OF A PULLBACK I have to admit that it has been a major mistake underestimating the strength of this "bull"…

  • Weekly Technical Analysis

    Published 24 November 2013 | viewed 0 times

    A PULBACK IS DUE Lets begin the analysis with a monthly chart highlighting the following: The pattern from the March 2009 is corrective. If price…

  • Weekly Technical Analysis

    Published 17 November 2013 | viewed 0 times

    BULLS HAVE BEEN SAVED ONCE AGAIN The sell signals discussed in my last weekly update have not materialized. Instead SPX continues to resist with boldness…