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Trading On The Mark

Trading On The Mark

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Our work is grounded in several technical methods. We make use of Elliott Wave, Gann techniques, Fibonacci relationships in price and time, cycles, and other approaches. Most members have several years or decades of trading experience, but we also provide an environment where the dedicated newer trader can learn much that is not available in published books or found in courses.

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    A potential shorting opportunity may be coming up in the S&P/ASX 200 Index (INDEXASX:XJO), which reflects the top 200 stocks in the Australian Securities Exchange.…

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    When a sizeable correction happens in U.S. equity markets, the major indices usually do not all make their tops in the same way or at…

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    Traders who have ridden U.S. stock indices as they climbed up from 2012 should congratulate themselves for sticking with it, and they should consider taking…

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    After having looked at the Australian Dollar recently, it makes sense to consider the Australian stock market as well. The S&P/ASX 200 (INDEXASX:XJO) is comprised…

  • Australian Dollar Might Be Ready to Begin Next Leg of Descent

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    The monthly chart for the Australian Dollar (NYSEARCA:GDAY) (NYSEARCA:CROC) has a three-wave move into a 1 x 1 measurement up from the 2001 low. We…

  • Gold Probably Still Seeking a Lower Low

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    In recent months, we have been tracking three different scenarios for gold prices, and have been numbering them scenarios #1, #2, and #3. Our scenario…

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    At a time when many of the world's major stock indices are showing signs of topping, the Shanghai Composite Index (SHA:000001) is poised to continue…

  • European Stocks Ripe For a Correction

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    One of the crucial steps toward becoming a successful trader or investor is learning to evaluate opportunity in conjunction with risk. A novice sees only…

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    For slightly more than a year, we have been following what we believe is a developing bearish triangle in copper prices. Our first article about…

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    The Japanese Yen has been on a tear downward since 2011, and the challenge for swing traders has been to find the safe entry points…

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    The running theme in gold markets last year was for price to keep finding ways to move lower than most traders thought it could. We…

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    It's clear that dangerous bubbles in home prices have appeared in a variety of developed and developing nations. Is the United States among them, or…

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    Although the price for silver is typically more volatile than for gold, technical analysis of the former can sometimes be predictive for the latter. We…

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  • Yen May Be Easiest Of Upcoming Currency Trades

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    Successful trading doesn't require that you know where the market will go. It depends a great deal more on recognizing high-probability set-ups, where entries are…