• 21 mins Venezuela’s Gold Reserves Are Reaching Critical Levels
  • 16 hours Brexit Woes Weigh On The British Pound
  • 17 hours Forget Turkey, This Is The Biggest Threat To European Finance
  • 18 hours There’s No Hiding From Google
  • 19 hours Turkish Lira Bounces Back After Qatar Bailout Pledge
  • 20 hours What Happens If Tesla Goes Private?
  • 22 hours China's Most Powerful Weapon In The Trade War
  • 1 day Can The S&P 500 Shake Off Negative Sentiment?
  • 2 days Standards Go Out The Window As Employers Struggle To Fill Jobs
  • 2 days The Two Trillion Dollar Markets Amazon Hasn’t Conquered
  • 2 days Digital Supermodels Outperform Humans
  • 2 days France Could Lose Billions In EU Trade Route Redirection
  • 2 days Beer Giants Are Striking Out With Millennials
  • 2 days What Is Bakkt And Can It Take Bitcoin Mainstream?
  • 2 days Tesla’s Board Delivers A Stern Message To Elon Musk
  • 3 days Bitcoin Could Challenge Gold As Major Asset Class
  • 3 days Google In Talks With Tencent Over Cloud Business
  • 3 days Tech Giants Charge Deeper Into $8 Trillion Healthcare Industry
  • 3 days Lockheed Stock Soars On $480M Pentagon Contract
  • 3 days Ontario Moves To Slow Cannabis Drive
Time To Buy A Lada? Russian Auto Sales Are Booming

Time To Buy A Lada? Russian Auto Sales Are Booming

Russia’s flagship carmaker was once…

U.S.-Turkey Tensions Take A Dangerous Turn

U.S.-Turkey Tensions Take A Dangerous Turn

U.S.-Turkey tensions have reached a…

Gordon Long

Gordon Long

Mr. Long is a former senior group executive with IBM & Motorola, a principle in a high tech public start-up and founder of a private…

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John Rubino

John Rubino

John Rubino edits DollarCollapse.com and has authored or co-authored five books, including The Money Bubble: What To Do Before It Pops, Clean Money: Picking Winners…

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Velocity of Money and the Coming cRaCK-uP BOOM!


32 Minutes, 34 Slides

The Next Post-Bubble Debacle

If you're a banker, you were traumatized by the 2009 crash and have been unwilling to lend to marginal customers. Now you're seeing:

    • Customers' homes becoming more valuable
    • Stock portfolios going up
    • Business valuations rising

In short, your customers are becoming a lot more creditworthy.

Meanwhile, you're sitting on massive reserves and are starting to feel like you're missing the boat, and worried that your competitors are going to ramp up lending more quickly than you, report better numbers, and make you look incompetent.

Difference Between Total Bank Deposits and Loans

SOLUTION: Go for it, start lending to anyone with a pulse and collecting the resulting fees.

Meanwhile, the Fed is in a box. It can't let interest rates rise to historically normal levels because that would cause federal interest expense to explode when short term debt is rolled over. So they have to maintain QE even in the face of a ramp-up in bank lending.

RESULT: Massive amounts of money slamming into a system where stocks and home prices are already at near record levels. A Crack up boom?

The Burning Dollar

Money flows where it is perceived to be safest or of most value based on weakening currency value.

The Places where VALUE can be STORED and PRESERVED


  • Physical Assets
  • Hard Currency Assets
  • Financial Dividend Paying Equity Instruments
  • Food and Staples

Deflationary Bust and Fiat Currency Collapse


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