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Alex Wallenwein

Alex Wallenwein

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010

  • The Dow-Gold Crossover, Part Two

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    The financial press sees the 2005 London G-7 statement essentially as a non-event and reports "no change"in China's Yuan policy. All of this is widely…

  • US Congressional Budget Office: Gold to Keep Rising!

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    Well, the CBO didn't say that exactly - but it might as well have. On January 25, 2005, the CBO released a short, less than…

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    The Trouble with Money The trouble with money is that people believe in their hearts that everything other than earning, saving, and spending money is…

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    Is the $60.3 billion November trade deficit now "paid for" as recent foreign capital-inflow numbers ($81 billion) suggest? Is the dollar's bear market over? Are…

  • Are Gold Reserves the Only Way Out?

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    A very simple case can be made to show that world central banks will soon be forced to return to a pure gold-reserve system. If…

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    Published 28 December 2004 | viewed 2,908 times

    The name of the game has changed. Completely. While during the nineties gold-control was designed to support the dollar, since 2003 it has actually allowed…

  • Fundamentals and Stones ...

    Published 14 December 2004 | viewed 3,108 times

    ... will break your bones, but charts will never hurt you. We are living in "fundamental" times, Ladies and Gentlemen. Momentous events and powerful secular…

  • Economic Heroin

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    Debt-based fiat money is the economic equivalent of heroin. It has the same effect on personal, national, and global economies as heroin has on the…

  • Gold - and the US Savings Bomb

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    Americans aren't saving anymore. The US personal savings rate has gone out the window. Already decried as "too low" in 1996, when it still boasted…

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    As the dollar continues its breathtaking descent, gold-bulls are getting a case of the jitters - because the metal isn't moving up as fast as…

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    You can hold a lighter under a one-ounce gold bar for hours, or until it runs out of gas. Nothing will happen. Now try the…

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    Fighting an opponent doesn't always mean opposing his force. When faced with overwhelming power, good fighters often use their attacker's force to their advantage, like…

  • Gold Shuttle II: Resuming Countdown!

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    Please re-read our essay The Gold-Shuttle from March 31, 2004. As anticipated, it did take "months" before the actual liftoff, but that liftoff is now…

  • Can Gold Stop Wars?

    Published 01 November 2004 | viewed 2,873 times

    All wars are deficit-financed. Please read that again: All wars are deficit-financed! This simple five-word sentence brings home a truth that is so profound, so…

  • The Dollar - Poison for the Dow?

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    After anticipating the coming Dow-Gold Crossover in the last essay, let's take a look at the Dow-Dollar crossover that has already happened in mid-2003. There…

  • Dow - Gold Crossover?

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    In previous essays I noted that, since early 2003, the Dow and the gold price seemed to have been trending together. That has remained true…

  • Gold - And the Parabolic Plateau

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    What on earth is a "parabolic plateau"? Isn't that a contradiction in terms? In the investment world, when an asset price trend experiences a parabolic…

  • Riding the Volcano

    Published 13 September 2004 | viewed 2,696 times

    Is Gold really being "controlled"? Look at the price of gold that the London Gold Pool tried to maintain: about $35 an ounce. How successful…