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Ashraf Laidi

Ashraf Laidi


Contributor since: 18 Mar 2011


Ashraf Laidi is the author of "Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis: How to Profit from the Shifting Currents in Global Markets" - Wiley Trading.

  • NYSE Margin Debt Raise Key Questions

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    It's happening again. The amount of margin debt balances at New York Stock Exchange member firms fell to $473,412 billion in August, down 2.9% from…

  • VIX Golden Cross Not Seen Since 2007

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    The VIX may be 60% below the six-year highs reached last month, but the confluence of medium-trend measures shows a technical development seen only in…

  • Comparison of Sep and Jul Fed Statements

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    The Fed kept rates unchanged with an unambiguously dovish statement, focusing on weakening inflation, rising market turbulence and a new reference to foreign developments. The…

  • Fed Must Avoid Bank of Japan Errors

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    Act Exp Prev GMT BoJ Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes Sep 17 23:50 No, the US is not Japan and the Federal Reserve is not the…

  • Empire Fed, Retail Sales, Industrial Production All Miss

    Published 15 September 2015 | viewed 0 times

    A trifecta of misses in today's US economic releases may not be a game-changer in Thursday's Fed decision because the game is already "unchanged". The…

  • VIX: From Insurance to Assurance

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    Heading into next week's highly anticipated Fed decision and assessing the prospects for further market volatility, we take a look at futures' traders commitments in…

  • Fed Tightening Cycles and USD Performance

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    Is the peak of the US dollar behind us? Depending on your USD measure of choice, the dollar may have already peaked, when using EUR…

  • China FX Reserves and CNY Implications

    Published 07 September 2015 | viewed 0 times

    China FX reserves fell $94 bn to $3.56 tn in August, posting the biggest decline on record, tell us a little more than just China…

  • Yields vs Stocks and The Fed

    Published 07 September 2015 | viewed 0 times

    Act Exp Prev GMT Change in Nonfarm Payrolls (AUG) 173K 217K 245K Sep 04 12:30 Change in Manufacturing Payrolls (AUG) -17K 5K 12K Sep 04…

  • ECB Preempts Fed Inaction, PBOC Action

    Published 03 September 2015 | viewed 0 times

    The ECB succeeded in weakening the euro and bund yields with an aggressive downgrade of 2015-2017 forecasts for GDP and CPI, while announcing an increase…

  • Sell in Beijing, Buy in Ankara, Sell after Lima

    Published 02 September 2015 | viewed 0 times

    It's been just over three weeks since China rocked the world with its devaluation announcement, prompting fears of an ominous drop in demand from the…

  • Forget Decoupling

    Published 01 September 2015 | viewed 0 times

    Act Exp Prev GMT PMI Manufacturing 51.5 51.9 51.9 Sep 01 8:30 PMI Construction (AUG) 57.5 57.1 Sep 02 8:30 Markit Manufacturing PMI (AUG) 53.0…

  • Is this it for Dollar Bulls?

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    US dollar bulls couldn't have asked for a better scenario -- Just as the USD index (basket of 6 currencies largely weighed vs EUR) was…

  • Why it's Worse than October 2014

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    Fed funds futures are coming around to the idea of no September rate hike, a position we long held since last December based on the…

  • US BreakEven Inflation at 5-Year Lows

    Published 20 August 2015 | viewed 0 times

    US BreakEven Inflation at 5-Year Lows - by Ashraf Laidi - Aug 20, 2015 Neither higher than expected Philly Fed survey at 8.3 in August…

  • Shanghai and DAX-30 Dance around 200-DMA

    Published 20 August 2015 | viewed 0 times

    Originally published October 19, 2015. Overnight, China central planners saved the 200-DMA in the Shanghai Composite, with an intraday 6.7% recovery following an earlier 5%…

  • UK CPI and Diverging TWI-Cable Rates

    Published 18 August 2015 | viewed 0 times

    Act Exp Prev GMT CPI (JUL) (m/m) -0.2% -0.3% 0.0% Aug 18 8:30 CPI (JUL) (y/y) 0.1% 0.0% 0.0% Aug 18 8:30 Core CPI (JUL)…

  • Why has Druckenmiller Dived in Gold and Copper

    Published 17 August 2015 | viewed 0 times

    Four weeks after gold tumbled to 5-year lows on revelation of far lower Chinese gold holdings than previously anticipated, gold bulls find out that one…

  • Fed will Cut 'Transitory' in September

    Published 14 August 2015 | viewed 0 times

    A Russian saying goes "nothing is more permanent than temporary". At the Federal Reserve, "transitory" may mean "permanently", or could also mean "we have no…

  • German-US Yield Spread Breaks Out

    Published 13 August 2015 | viewed 0 times

    Act Exp Prev GMT Advance Retail Sales (JUL) 0.6% 0.6% -0.3% Aug 13 12:30 Retail Sales (ex. Autos) (JUL) 0.4% 0.4% 0.4% Aug 13 12:30…