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Ashraf Laidi

Ashraf Laidi


Contributor since: 18 Mar 2011


Ashraf Laidi is the author of "Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis: How to Profit from the Shifting Currents in Global Markets" - Wiley Trading.

  • ECI Enforces USD Dynamics

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    Despite the several US economic releases this week (July ADP on private sector jobs, Q2 GDP, Fed decision and July non-farm payrolls and unemployment), the…

  • Sterling Strength and 'Real' Differentials

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    The British pound is the best performing currency so far this quarter (+2.0% vs USD) as well as over the last 6 months (+5.7% vs…

  • Draghi Boosts Euro, Rebuffs Disinflation

    Published 06 March 2014 | viewed 0 times

    Another euro-positive ECB presser highlights the reasons for lower inflation, with the implication that low prices are of temporary nature. The conference re-affirms the ECB…

  • Spain Exits Bailout, China Enters Downgrade Speculation

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    In the week when Spain exited its debt bailout program, UK posted its biggest drop in unemployment in 17 years and margins on Italian govt…

  • Bernanke Tapers, Tinkers and Leaves

    Published 19 December 2013 | viewed 0 times

    Fed Chairman Bernanke tapers by $10 bln, tinkers with forward guidance and leaves Janet Yellen with the possibility of an inflation target. By reducing monthly…

  • Euro's October Seasonals

    Published 03 October 2013 | viewed 0 times

    Euro rallies across the board on breaking political and monetary news as: Italian PM Letta wins a confidence vote in the Senate following Berlusconi's U-turn…

  • US Dollar: Time to Worry?

    Published 09 August 2013 | viewed 0 times

    Four weeks ago, the USD index hit 3-year highs, metals licked their wounds from the biggest decline in decades and the US growth story stood…

  • Draghi's Guidance Light is NFP Train at End of Tunnel

    Published 05 July 2013 | viewed 0 times

    US June non-farm payrolls rose by 195K, surpassing forerecasts of 165K, with the unemployment rate remaining unchanged at 7.6%. You'd have to go back to…

  • US Dollar Ends Another 9-Yr Down Cycle

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    Recent rallies in Non-USD currencies resulting from poor US data have not lasted long. And those rallies resulting from strong US figures via the indirect…

  • Damaged Gold/Stocks Ratio, Yen Next?

    Published 12 April 2013 | viewed 0 times

    Gold's safe haven allure takes a beating as Cyprus seeks to raise about € 400 mln in gold sales to fill the €13 bn portion…

  • Gold Bullion and Miners' Race to the Bottom

    Published 01 March 2013 | viewed 0 times

    Since equities had reached bottom in June 2012, major indices have rallied 21% to today, compared to -1% for gold bullion and -20% for the…

  • Currency Wars and ECB's Shrinking Balance Sheet

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    Are the euro's gains just starting as the ECB balance sheet shrinks further from LTRO repayment? 278 European banks have repaid €137 bn in the…

  • $1.35 Euro Target Revised Up

    Published 06 December 2012 | viewed 0 times

    The ECB's final press conference of the year triggered euro selling on a combination of downward revisions in growth and inflation as well as Draghis…

  • Intermarket Flows on FX, Gold, Oil and Equities

    Published 17 October 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Fresh four-year highs in monthly US building permits and housing starts at 894K and 872K respectively, are consistent with the 43% and 36% increase in…

  • Draghi Buys Bonds, Fed Buys Time

    Published 06 September 2012 | viewed 0 times

    ECB president Draghi has succeeded in reducing the relevance of the Bundesbanks opposition to bond purchases by making bond-purchases dependent upon ESM conditionality. And by…

  • How Long More for Equities?

    Published 20 July 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Equity indices may be selling off after 3 consecutive rising days, but this weeks shrugging of poor data by equities cannot be ignored. Equities resilience…

  • Charting Momentum in Latest Forex Cycles

    Published 24 May 2012 | viewed 0 times

    More evidence of the German locomotive dragged down by the rest of the European continent as German manufacturing PMI dips to 45.0, its lowest figure…

  • April Fears Ahead of Fed, Spain and China

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    Forced Liquidation or Improved Sentiment? Recent intermittent bounces in EURUSD in the face of surging Eurozone spreads are said to be reflecting possible liquidation by…

  • Stocks Thump Yields as Growth Looks On

    Published 27 January 2012 | viewed 0 times

    It is not a new development for US GDP growth to be largely driven by a build- up inventories (+1.9% contribution is highest since Q1…

  • Tackling Liquidity, Policy, Geopol and Solvency

    Published 30 November 2011 | viewed 0 times

    Today's coordinated central bank liquidity injections coincide with liquidity concerns (USD LIBOR nearing the highs of June 2010 at 0.53%); policy concerns (EFSF & austerity…