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Brewer Futures Group

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    April 30, 2009 The primary theme in the Forex markets on Wednesday was increased appetite for risk as investors punished the U.S. Dollar following the…

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    The Euro reversed early weakness and finished higher at the close of the New York session. Before the opening traders were looking for the Euro…

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    During this global outbreak of Swine Flu, traders are likely to exhibit extreme risk aversion and may show an extraordinary demand for the safety of…

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    Only two days after the Bank of Canada announced that the economy was contracting by 3% instead of the forecast of 1.2 % in January…

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    The Australian Dollar could be looking at a sharp selloff as signs are out there that investors are focusing more on the Australian economy than…

  • Problems in the U.S. Banking System Resurface

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    The general theme this week could be risk aversion as problems in the U.S. banking system resurfaced after several weeks of hibernation and triggered a…

  • Euro Investors Lose Confidence as ECB Schism Develops

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    The weak close in the EUR USD has this market in a position to breech the 1.3088 support and send this market to at least…

  • Where Have All the Spenders Gone?

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    The U.S. Dollar regained its status as the world's reserve currency on Tuesday as risk averse traders bought the Dollar in defense of the falling…

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    Financial market trading should be a little crisper today as the bigger players return after long Easter holiday break. The focus this morning will be…

  • Trichet Comments Spark Selling in Euro

    Published 10 April 2009 | viewed 3,103 times

    The Euro started the overnight session lower because of continued flight-to-safety selling as risk averse traders were seeking safety in the U.S. Dollar. Furthermore, news…

  • FOMC Minutes Indicate U.S. Dollar Likely to Remain Strong

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    Wednesday's release of the minutes from the March FOMC meeting showed growing concern by members that the U.S. economy would experience a steep drop in…

  • U.S. Benefits from Fear in Fragile Financial Markets

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    The U.S. Dollar benefited again on Tuesday as global investors fled risky assets for a second straight day. This current flight to safety rally is…

  • Mayo Spreads Doom and Gloom on Banking Sector

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    The U.S. Dollar rose against most major currencies on Monday following a sharp sell-off in the U.S. equity markets which began after Mike Mayo of…

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    The U.S. Dollar fell sharply lower after news leaked that the G-20 had decided on a financial aid package designed to rescue the weaker nations…

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    Unlike other G-(insert number) meetings this one will be more than a photo-op as policymakers face some of the worst financial problems in history. There…

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    Most futures markets are being driven higher by the weaker Dollar this morning. The first break in the Dollar overnight was triggered by traders who…