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  • Big Test Tomorrow for USD CAD

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    Yesterday's action in the U.S. Dollar demonstrated how much of an influence this instrument can have on other markets. Since almost every futures market group…

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    A combination of technical and fundamental factors helped contribute to a huge rise in the U.S. Dollar against all major Forex pairs on Wednesday. This…

  • Investors Shy Away

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    Trading in the financial markets has been light so far this week ahead of Friday's U.S. Non-Farm Payroll Report. Traders seem to be willing to…

  • Toxic Debt Still Present

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    Traders should start to watch the currency markets which have central bank meetings this week. These include the Canadian Dollar, Euro and the British Pound.…

  • Global Investors Express Concerns over U.S. Ability to Fund Deficit

    Published 01 June 2009 | viewed 2,231 times

    The U.S. Dollar finished the month of May sharply lower as investors bought higher-yielding currencies betting on a speedy global economic recovery. On Friday the…

  • Euro and British Pound Approach Key Retracement Prices

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    A strong fundamental report drove the EUR USD higher on Thursday. Following three days of lower-lows, the Euro came back with a vengeance as the…

  • Bullish Euro Investors Exposed to Downside Risks

    Published 28 May 2009 | viewed 2,066 times

    The EUR USD was under pressure from the start on Wednesday. Tuesday's loss following bullish news regarding a better than expected U.S. Consumer Confidence Report…

  • Higher Consumer Confidence Report Weakens U.S. Dollar

    Published 27 May 2009 | viewed 2,363 times

    May 27, 2009 The EUR USD recovered from early selling pressure but still closed lower for the session. Traders were selling the Euro overnight and…

  • Fundamentals Bearish for Dollar But Technical Areas Could Stop Slide

    Published 26 May 2009 | viewed 2,620 times

    Rising Treasury yields are weakening the U.S. Dollar. Traders are also concerned that the growing federal deficit will lead to a reduction of the U.S.…

  • FOMC Minutes Contribute to U.S. Dollar Weakness

    Published 21 May 2009 | viewed 2,355 times

    Investor need for riskier assets continued to support the Euro this afternoon. In addition, the U.S. Dollar extended its losses following the release of the…

  • Bullish Conditions Won't Go Away Overnight

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    Treasuries are trading mixed this morning. There is slight pressure on the June Bonds while June Notes are flat. Growing confidence in the global economy…

  • This Week's Issue? Interest Rates

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    Now that the bank stress tests, the unemployment report and the Treasury auctions are out of the way, Forex traders are likely to return their…

  • Fed Prepares To Buy Back Several Billions of Dollars of Mortgages

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    11 May 2009 Now that the bank stress tests, the unemployment report and the Treasury auctions are out of the way, traders are likely to…

  • Some Relief from the Stress Tests

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    All hail the free market system. When short sellers were pounding Bank of America and Citigroup stock into oblivion in February and prices were nearing…

  • You Can Pretty Much Kiss It Good-Bye ...

    Published 08 May 2009 | viewed 5,463 times

    The key report today is the U.S. Non-Farm Payrolls Report. Pre-Report guesses are for a loss of 600,000 jobs. Earlier in the week the ADP…

  • Bank Stress Tests Much Ado about Nothing

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    In late breaking news, the U.S. Dollar is trading weaker against all major currencies after the Fed's bank stress test results showed none of the…

  • Equity Markets Surge Overnight

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    Equity markets are surging overnight as traders are optimistic that the release of today's bank stress results will yield no major surprises. Rumors have been…

  • Weaker U.S. Dollar Drives Commodity Currencies Higher

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    The U.S. Dollar started the day stronger but early U.S. housing and construction spending reports came out better than expected and triggered a reversal in…

  • Hint of U.S. Economic Recovery Fuels Increased Demand Risk

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    May 04, 2009 The key story this week affecting the Forex markets turned out to be the global economy rather than the U.S. Treasury auction…