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Brewer Futures Group

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010

  • U.S. Stock Indices Trading Lower Because Of Risk Aversion

    Published 06 April 2010 | viewed 1,192 times

    By James A. Hyerczyk The Dollar Index is trading sharply higher as the Dollar is gaining against the European currencies following reports of problems with…

  • Dollar Unable to Recover after Bad ADP Jobs Report

    Published 01 April 2010 | viewed 645 times

    The U.S. Dollar traded sharply lower on Wednesday against the European currencies and gave back most of its gains against the others following a weaker…

  • Euro Finishes Weaker; Uncertainty over Bailout Pressures Market

    Published 16 March 2010 | viewed 484 times

    The Euro finished lower on reports that a few Euro Region finance ministers are rejecting the idea of a bailout for Greece. Over the weekend,…

  • April Gold Feels Pressure Because of Stronger Dollar

    Published 09 March 2010 | viewed 902 times

    The lack of major economic reports today means the direction of the Dollar is likely to exert more influence on the U.S. equity markets. With…

  • Dollar Rises After Forex Traders Flock to Safer Assets

    Published 08 March 2010 | viewed 916 times

    The U.S. Dollar was up sharply against all major currencies as investors flocked to safer assets following a poor housing report and concerns about Greece's…

  • Aggressive Sellers Hit the British Pound

    Published 02 March 2010 | viewed 402 times

    Investor optimism over a resolution to the sovereign debt problem in Greece and improvements in the U.S. economy are helping to boost U.S. equity markets…

  • U.K. Facing Major Economic Problems

    Published 26 February 2010 | viewed 1,133 times

    Sovereign debt issues in Greece and a poor jobs report in the U.S. helped the Dollar finish better against most major currencies. Throughout the day,…

  • Dollar Finishes Mixed in Lifeless Trade; Bernanke Key to Direction

    Published 23 February 2010 | viewed 1,086 times

    The U.S. Dollar traded mixed in a tight and narrow range. The trade weighted Dollar Index finished slightly lower after confirming last Friday's closing price…

  • Euro Tumbles on Renewed Concerns Over Greek Budget Resolution

    Published 18 February 2010 | viewed 2,008 times

    The U.S. Dollar posted strong gains against all major currencies as concerns about Greece's ability to stick to its new strict budget flared up once…

  • Bernanke Scheduled to Testify Before Congress

    Published 10 February 2010 | viewed 1,404 times

    Stock Indices, gold and crude oil are trading relatively flat overnight. Yesterday's strong buying has been met with uncertainty following the inability of the European…

  • Pressure Likely to Remain on EUR USD

    Published 08 February 2010 | viewed 1,474 times

    The trading week ended with traders still fearing a widening and deepening debt situation in the Euro Region. Optimistic traders are looking for some solution…

  • Thinning Trading Conditions

    Published 02 February 2010 | viewed 1,779 times

    The U.S. Dollar is trading mixed against most major currencies after a volatile, two-sided overnight trade. Thinning trading conditions and position squaring ahead of this…

  • Yen Rallies as Investors Shift Assets from Troubled Euro Zone

    Published 29 January 2010 | viewed 1,269 times

    The Japanese Yen rose on Thursday as investors shifted assets out of the troubled Euro Zone on renewed budget turmoil in Greece. A spike in…

  • News Sends Shockwaves Through Global Equity Markets

    Published 20 January 2010 | viewed 3,234 times

    U.S. Stock markets backed off from Tuesday's strong closes overnight as China took moves to limit lending in an attempt to slow down the economy.…

  • U.S. Dollar Posts A Strong Gain Overnight

    Published 12 January 2010 | viewed 1,820 times

    Global stock markets weakened overnight after Alcoa released mixed results following yesterday's close. In addition, news that China may begin raising interest rates is pressuring…

  • Reversal Bottom Sets Up Potential Dollar Rally

    Published 06 January 2010 | viewed 1,930 times

    The U.S. Dollar was able to mount a comeback after early session weakness. A lower than expected U.S. pending home sales report helped raise fears…

  • Weaker Dollar Helps Support February Gold

    Published 05 January 2010 | viewed 1,664 times

    Commodity and stock prices are expected to continue to see support from investors demanding higher yields although short-term overbought conditions may limit upside action. Traders…

  • U.S. Dollar Down Overnight

    Published 28 December 2009 | viewed 2,555 times

    Higher global equity markets are helping to boost demand for higher yielding assets, leading to a rise in U.S. stock index futures. The lack of…

  • Dollar Gains on Upbeat Outlook for Economy

    Published 23 December 2009 | viewed 2,070 times

    The U.S. Dollar rallied following the release of a better than expected existing home sales report and never relinquished its gains. The rise in the…

  • Dollar Bulls Get Their Wish

    Published 13 December 2009 | viewed 2,278 times

    Dollar bulls who wanted to see growth in the labor market and an increase in consumer spending received the latter in the form of a…