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  • Dollar Falls as Dubai Debt Concerns Subside

    Published 02 December 2009 | viewed 1,456 times

    The U.S. Dollar fell to a 15-month low against a basket of currencies on Tuesday as concerns about debt issues in Dubai subsided, leading to…

  • Dollar Tries to Recover but Fails into Close

    Published 01 December 2009 | viewed 2,478 times

    The U.S. Dollar tried to mount a comeback at the mid-session but failed to sustain upside momentum and finished the day down but off the…

  • Speculators Downplay Debt Problems In Dubai

    Published 30 November 2009 | viewed 1,895 times

    The U.S. Dollar is declining overnight as speculators are downplaying the debt problems in Dubai. Over the week-end, the United Arab Emirates central bank said…

  • Dollar Manages to Hold on to Gains

    Published 18 November 2009 | viewed 1,360 times

    The U.S. Dollar managed to close higher today despite late session attempts in New York to erase earlier gains. This is strong evidence that most…

  • Bernanke Expresses Concern For The Dollar

    Published 17 November 2009 | viewed 2,266 times

    The U.S. Dollar is trading higher overnight based on oversold technical conditions. Yesterday's comments from Fed Chairman Bernanke regarding the Dollar may also be triggering…

  • Weak U.S. Economy May Not Mean Weak Dollar This Time

    Published 08 November 2009 | viewed 2,415 times

    The U.S. Dollar closed trading mixed after trading in a range most of the day following the release of a poor October jobs data report.…

  • Investors Dump Higher Risk Assets for Save Haven U.S. Dollar

    Published 28 October 2009 | viewed 2,259 times

    For the fourth straight day, investors dumped higher risk assets for the safety of the U.S. Dollar. Today's weakness reflects a change in sentiment toward…

  • Drop in Demand for Risky Assets Could Hurt Euro the Most

    Published 28 October 2009 | viewed 1,508 times

    The U.S. Dollar finished mixed after a choppy trade on Tuesday. The Dollar began the day weak, but turned around following the release of mixed…

  • Boost in U.S. Equity Markets Drives Investors toward Higher Yielding Currencies

    Published 20 October 2009 | viewed 1,815 times

    The lack of fresh economic reports today gave traders no choice but to look at the trend and resume selling pressure on the U.S. Dollar.…

  • Losses at Bank of America Fuels Equity Market Selloff

    Published 16 October 2009 | viewed 2,430 times

    U.S. equity markets are tumbling this morning after Bank of America reported a loss and General Electric posted less than stellar results. Failed loans at…

  • Dollar Closes Higher Against Selected Currency Markets

    Published 15 October 2009 | viewed 1,879 times

    The U.S. Dollar finished higher against a select few of currency markets in a trading session that was highlighted by volatility and trading surprises. The…

  • Equity Prices Holding Onto Their Gains

    Published 14 October 2009 | viewed 2,254 times

    Retail Sales were a bit disappointing, but equity prices are holding on to their gains. U.S. equity prices are called higher because of stronger earnings…

  • U.S. Dollar Finishes Week Down but Off Low

    Published 12 October 2009 | viewed 2,045 times

    It was a volatile week for the U.S. Dollar. However, a strong comeback on Friday allowed the Dollar to finish lower for the week, but…

  • Strong Move Overnight, Triggered By Unexpected Profit From Alcoa

    Published 08 October 2009 | viewed 2,230 times

    U.S. equity markets are expected to open higher following a strong move overnight, triggered by an unexpected profit from Alcoa. This news made traders more…

  • Investors Look For Increased Earnings And Better Revenues

    Published 07 October 2009 | viewed 1,886 times

    There is very little news to trade off today. Crude inventories will be reported during the morning. Consumer credit and the Treasury budget later in…

  • Weaker Dollar Supporting Gold

    Published 05 October 2009 | viewed 2,145 times

    Look for today's U.S. ISM Non-Manufacturing Index to move the markets today. Traders are looking for a rise from 48.4 in August to 50 in…

  • Friendly IMF Reports Weakens Demand for U.S. Dollar

    Published 01 October 2009 | viewed 2,397 times

    The U.S. Dollar closed lower against most major currencies on Wednesday. The bearish tone was set during the overnight trading session following the release of…

  • Stronger Demand For Higher Risk Assets

    Published 30 September 2009 | viewed 2,226 times

    The U.S. Dollar is down substantially across the board as an International Monetary Fund Report encouraged traders to lighten up their recent long positions. Since…

  • U.S. Dollar Posts Weekly Closing Price Reversal Bottom

    Published 27 September 2009 | viewed 2,575 times

    The U.S. Dollar overcame early weakness to post a weekly closing price reversal bottom. This move doesn't turn the trend to up, but is a…

  • U.S. Dollar Rallies as Forex Traders Pare Short Positions

    Published 22 September 2009 | viewed 3,556 times

    The U.S. Dollar finished up for the day in a move which began on Friday. At that time investors began to pare positions ahead of…