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Ed Bugos

Ed Bugos


Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010


Ed Bugos is a former stockbroker, founder of GoldenBar.com, one of the original contributing editors to SafeHaven.com and former editor of the Gold & Options Trader. He continues to publish commentary on market and economic trends; and provides gold, economic and mining research to private clients worldwide.

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    The crackdowns are well under way. Regulators are all over Wall Street's mess. Here's the story. Not long after the US government cracked down on…

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    It is apparent that Wall Street is walking through the valley of the shadow of death, as the well meaning public is increasingly becoming aware…

  • Inflation Breakdown Nears

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    Technically, we can now say that the Amex Gold Bugs Index has entered into a new primary bull market. We only need the other indexes…

  • Converging Crossroads

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    It seemed at that time as if the whole nation had turned stockjobbers. Exchange Alley was every day blocked up by crowds, and Cornhill was…

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    The Dow Industrials fell through the second of several key supports that still lay ahead, and bulls spent the rest of Monday clawing their way…

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    Mr. Greenspan, would you please do something about this (see chart) before it gets outta' hand? Greenspan says, "What would you suggest son?" ?: Well…

  • Capitalism's Paradox, the Fed

    Published 24 March 2002 | viewed 2,358 times

    In all ages, pioneers of new ways of thinking and acting could work only because private property made contempt of the majority's ways possible -…

  • Bush Abandons Strong Dollar

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    The Bush administration has been undermining the pillars of dollar policy under the management of his associates - Mr. O'Neill and Mr. Greenspan - even…

  • The 'Wind-Up'?

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    WEEKLY GLOBAL MARKET REVIEW 08 February 2002 - 22 February 2002 Global Equities LAST ± CHANGE % CHANGE Nikkei 10357 + 671 6.9% Dow Industrials 9968…

  • Here Come the Bad News Bulls...

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    Summary: strong bullish rally emerges out of nowhere in Dow's blue chip cyclicals (after 3pm EST); commodity markets lively despite lagging indexes; Cocoa drinkers switch…

  • Prisoner's Dilemma Has Been Resolved...

    Published 05 February 2002 | viewed 2,945 times

    SUMMARY: Anglogold, and fresh bearish winds in US equities breathe new life into the gold markets; Gold prices only $4 away from $300, while gold…

  • The Money is No Good

    Published 31 January 2002 | viewed 3,924 times

    Originally published November 16, 2001 It has been said, and if not, let it be said here today that the sound money principle as defined…

  • Loonie Susceptible to Panic Sell Off...

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    SUMMARY: CAD could fall faster than the USD; Dow components gradually going the way of EK, MRK, or SBC, as post earnings sell off may…

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    A Treasury coup, with some help from the Bank of Japan Wall Street has been waiting for tomorrow all month long. What's going on tomorrow?…

  • Legacy of 1864

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    "If the American People ever allow the banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks, and…