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Ed Bugos

Ed Bugos


Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010


Ed Bugos is a former stockbroker, founder of GoldenBar.com, one of the original contributing editors to SafeHaven.com and former editor of the Gold & Options Trader. He continues to publish commentary on market and economic trends; and provides gold, economic and mining research to private clients worldwide.

  • Decoupled

    Published 29 November 2001 | viewed 2,667 times

    Introduction: A new book is out, or at least I've just discovered it. It's called “Crashmaker, A Federal Affaire”. Victor Sperandeo, a Wall Street author,…

  • Don't Mess with Mother Nature

    Published 26 October 2001 | viewed 3,488 times

    An interview with David Tice At the early stages of a new price trend, the majority of investors still remain committed to the old price…

  • If Not Inflation, Then What?

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    FULL VERSION of a June 8, 2001 Report In (a) libertarian society, since everyone would know that false stories are legal, there would be far…

  • Dear (sweet) Oil

    Published 27 September 2001 | viewed 2,468 times

    Markets have character. Our job is to spot it. Sometimes they are deceptive and sometimes they are very revealing. This is the objective of technical…

  • The Enemy Within

    Published 21 September 2001 | viewed 2,467 times

    Allow me to summarize our position on world monetary affairs by saying that there is no economy that has ever needed, needs, or will need,…

  • V-Loss-ity

    Published 20 September 2001 | viewed 2,403 times

    We're now looking for a $400 gold price to coincide with our near term objective for Dow 7000. Gold Prices Dow Industrials I'd like to…

  • Why is it So Hard to Stay Free?

    Published 25 August 2001 | viewed 2,416 times

    I predict that one day mankind will be free of government, so long as the Internet remains free of intervention... and I am not even…

  • Hot Air and Voodoo Economics

    Published 16 August 2001 | viewed 2,686 times

    Memo To: Jude Wanniski From: Ed Bugos, The Goldenbar Report Re: Hot Air and Voodoo Economics Below is a reprint of our recent email communication,…

  • Memo To: Jude Wanniski

    Published 15 August 2001 | viewed 2,745 times

    From: Ed Bugos Re: Monetary Deflation With all due respect, a concept of yours with which I have grave difficulty is the idea of monetary…

  • Fool's Gold

    Published 14 August 2001 | viewed 3,023 times

    Get braver... it's a brave new world out there! - D. Bruce Stratton, associate US Dollar Index Dow Jones Industrial Average Cheryl Strauss Einhorn had…

  • Bear Ambush

    Published 09 August 2001 | viewed 2,844 times

    The Best Defense… is Offense... Will he, or won't he… and if he does, which he will at some point, by how much? We are…

  • Inflation Paradox - Full Version

    Published 26 July 2001 | viewed 3,629 times

    A Reprint from a GoldenBar Report April 11, 2001 The Fed's McTeer says: Focus on Growth not Inflation! Goldenbar's Bugos replies: Only if he will…

  • Goodbye Stock Market Economy...

    Published 25 July 2001 | viewed 3,439 times

    The only sector, which was up in yesterday's grizzly trading session, was the gold sector… right on schedule. This is it… the moment we've been…

  • Boiler Plate

    Published 20 July 2001 | viewed 2,724 times

    What if General Electric decided to sell its interest in CNBC to say, Newmont? Wouldn't the irony tickle you just a little? What message would…

  • Dollar Reversal

    Published 11 July 2001 | viewed 2,700 times

    Sooner or later, the matter of central banking will again come up for review. But not until we have come to that day when people…

  • But Deflation Argument is Not Real Deflation

    Published 30 June 2001 | viewed 2,386 times

    Are we getting off track? Let's review our expectations: we called for a Dow plunge in May/June and it's now July. The Fed inspired April…

  • Deflation Argument is Gaining

    Published 22 June 2001 | viewed 2,557 times

    A few reasons: one is that perceptions of declining demand are rising, particularly in the manufacturing sector. The NAM (the National Association of Manufacturers) has…

  • Gold Prices Ready to Soar

    Published 12 June 2001 | viewed 3,008 times

    Despite the year's heavy handed dollar induced commodity deflation, gold prices have been acting generally well. Copper prices, however, broke down from a broadening pattern…

  • If Not Inflation... then What?

    Published 08 June 2001 | viewed 2,801 times

    In (a) libertarian society, since everyone would know that false stories are legal, there would be far more skepticism on the part of the reading…

  • As Good as Gold

    Published 02 June 2001 | viewed 2,691 times

    Having spent the past few years doing their best to increase the value of our assets they are becoming increasingly concerned with how to protect…