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Ed Bugos

Ed Bugos


Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010


Ed Bugos is a former stockbroker, founder of GoldenBar.com, one of the original contributing editors to SafeHaven.com and former editor of the Gold & Options Trader. He continues to publish commentary on market and economic trends; and provides gold, economic and mining research to private clients worldwide.

  • Inflation Breakout

    Published 23 May 2001 | viewed 2,385 times

    Monetary policy of the pre-liberal era was either crude coin debasement, for the benefit of (the) financial administration (only rarely intended to cancel out outstanding…

  • Nominal Net Worth

    Published 12 May 2001 | viewed 3,142 times

    "They use trickery and deceit because they are weak…" …a quote I pinched from the movie: Attila the Hun, where Attila assesses the crafty Roman…

  • Inflation Drives GDP

    Published 03 May 2001 | viewed 3,410 times

    On the surface, real U.S. Gross Domestic Product grew by 0.5%, or at an annualized rate of 2% for the first quarter (2001). That was…

  • The Quiet before the Storm

    Published 26 April 2001 | viewed 2,535 times

    The US Treasury (Bond) market is ready to submit to the inflation argument, the gold price is about to reveal a physical shortage of gold…

  • Tsunami

    Published 19 April 2001 | viewed 2,795 times

    What would happen if one person, from each of the roughly 100 million households in the United States of America, went out and bought a…

  • Inflation Paradox

    Published 11 April 2001 | viewed 2,582 times

    Paradox here means an economic dogma that is absurdly unreasonable The Fed's McTeer says: Focus on Growth not Inflation! Goldenbar's Bugos replies: Only if he…

  • Bull Trap

    Published 30 March 2001 | viewed 4,014 times

    From the top of a mountain, Senator, all roads lead down… Mr. Greenspan, after a Humphrey Hawkins congressional testimony, replying to a pat on the…

  • When The Bell Tolls

    Published 23 March 2001 | viewed 2,402 times

    Question for CNBC's morning Bond Bell: when does a Surplus turn into a Deficit? The answer: when Monetary Policy no longer works. When we're through…

  • The Final Breakdown

    Published 15 March 2001 | viewed 2,633 times

    Here's a thought: how much (Fiat credit) money could you place on a Monopoly board before everything else becomes scarce relative to it? No wonder…

  • Resolute Persuasion

    Published 05 March 2001 | viewed 2,595 times

    Thank you in advance for considering our subscription, which is offered starting with this week's GIC. Our introductory offer is US $50 per annum for…

  • Monetary Statism

    Published 20 February 2001 | viewed 2,852 times

    "They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."  - Benjamin Franklin   Nevertheless liberty is precisely what…

  • Dead Reckoning

    Published 31 January 2001 | viewed 3,729 times

    Some people believe rhinoceros horns have medicinal properties. We might doubt this, and study might prove we are correct in our doubts. But as long…

  • Bear Market Rally is Over

    Published 24 January 2001 | viewed 4,034 times

    If you have nothing intelligent to say it is better to say nothing at all… a thought that crossed my mind as I was muting…

  • Dollar/Yen = Dollar/Gold

    Published 17 January 2001 | viewed 3,057 times

    The key to a sudden resurgence in investment demand for gold is the "perception" that the dollar cannot hold its purchasing power, or its objective…

  • Operation SafeHaven

    Published 01 January 2001 | viewed 4,253 times

    "Operation SafeHaven!" was the U.S. Treasury Department's effort to trace the movement of stolen Nazi booty towards the end of the Second World War ……

  • The Stress Test

    Published 10 January 2001 | viewed 2,782 times

    When Arthur Burns (allegedly in 1973) said that this process can take 25 years, or it can take 100 years, before it destroys mankind, he…

  • The Quest for Economic Freedom

    Published 19 December 2000 | viewed 3,608 times

    All market manipulations are essentially manifestations of the socialist mentality, as the intervention necessarily dictates the misallocation of scarce resources. Thus, so long as governments…

  • On the Utility of FedSpeak

    Published 12 December 2000 | viewed 3,127 times

    The more I think about the physical portion of Schrödinger's theory, the more repulsive I find it...What Schrödinger writes about the visualizability of his theory…

  • The Golden Bull

    Published 06 December 2000 | viewed 3,745 times

    The difficulty with scheming to deflate a bubble of this order and magnitude is that it will still be impossible to inflate it over again…

  • Turkeys Can't Fly Far

    Published 28 November 2000 | viewed 4,901 times

    Always-look-on-the-bright-side-of-life… …Melody from Monty Python's, The Life Of Brian Crude Light (1992-present) Dollar Index (1992-present) Sure, but which side is going to shine next year…