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Ed Bugos

Ed Bugos


Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010


Ed Bugos is a former stockbroker, founder of GoldenBar.com, one of the original contributing editors to SafeHaven.com and former editor of the Gold & Options Trader. He continues to publish commentary on market and economic trends; and provides gold, economic and mining research to private clients worldwide.

  • Running Out of Band-Aids

    Published 21 November 2000 | viewed 3,721 times

    It certainly is interesting to observe the financial 'community' try and tell people that a currency intervention will not work without it being internationally coordinated…

  • The Misinformation Highway

    Published 14 November 2000 | viewed 3,186 times

    Many very correct analyses have been made recently, which point to the similarities between today's financial excess and other historic bubbles. But there is irony…

  • Declining Dollar Utility

    Published 07 November 2000 | viewed 4,570 times

    Objective value is determined by scarcity rather than utility. Forget about the almighty dollar, the oil-producing nations have the currency of the day. The only…

  • Eternal Vigilance

    Published 24 October 2000 | viewed 4,017 times

    "Gold was such an anchor or rule, prior to World War I, but it was first compromised and eventually abandoned because it restrained the type…

  • Easy Money

    Published 16 October 2000 | viewed 5,424 times

    During 1999, only two kinds of traders were able to make the easy money… those who really believed, and those who didn't but profited from…

  • There is no SafeHaven

    Published 09 October 2000 | viewed 4,614 times

    At least not in the stock markets… that may indeed turn out be this week's trepidation as the ticker tape action of the various superficial…

  • Return of the Risk Premium

    Published 02 October 2000 | viewed 7,532 times

    The Equity Risk Premium represents the additional return demanded by an investor to own equity over and above what is considered to be a risk…

  • Not Priced For Disappointment

    Published 25 September 2000 | viewed 4,369 times

    Dow Jones Industrial Average Nasdaq Composite That is the thought, which no doubt dominated traders' minds last week as they watched the market punish their…

  • The Point of Recognition

    Published 18 September 2000 | viewed 4,127 times

    US Dollar Index Goldman Sachs Commodity Index This "remarkable" coexistence reveals how the dollar has been losing purchasing power even as intensifying capital inflows into…

  • Wall Street Kisses Goldilocks Goodbye

    Published 12 September 2000 | viewed 5,900 times

    “Those who scorn inflation today will hail it tomorrow as the last bastion of profitability”...Ed Bugos Rising Wedgies Some market technicians, including myself, view the…

  • Olè...Olè...

    Published 28 August 2000 | viewed 4,912 times

    Observation Talk involving the inevitability of a credit cycle collapse is beginning to sound almost second nature to many analysts. Though bearish sentiment comes nowhere…

  • Inflation versus Deflation

    Published 16 August 2000 | viewed 18,906 times

    “IN MANY WAYS this has been the most remarkably cheerful summer in recent financial history. The stock market speaks for itself. After the serious decline…

  • Please Stand By

    Published 28 July 2000 | viewed 5,272 times

    Although I have made it a career mission to develop my own proficiency at recognizing mainly primary, but also intermediate market reversal points, I have…

  • The Politics of the Dollar

    Published 08 July 2000 | viewed 6,654 times

    Law found that he lived under a despotic government, but he was not yet aware of the pernicious influence that such a government could exercise…

  • A Nation of Story Tellers

    Published 21 June 2000 | viewed 6,435 times

    Section I: Gold Market Update; Something's happening here, but what it is, ain't exactly clear Section II: The Great Productivity Debate; Greenspan versus Gordon Section…

  • Mr. Nixon, What is the 'Value' of a Dollar ?

    Published 06 June 2000 | viewed 5,724 times

    How the Continuing Repatriation of Global Gold Reserves Will Eventually Lead to a Remonetization of Gold Last Friday's $9 gold rally came on the heels…

  • Dare's Gold in Dhem Hills

    Published 30 May 2000 | viewed 4,060 times

    Yesterday at the Hotel Vancouver, 1999 Nobel Laureate in economics and acclaimed "Godfather" of the European Monetary Union, Dr. Robert Mundell rattled off his proposal…

  • Supply Side Economics

    Published 11 May 2000 | viewed 4,628 times

    Yesterday at the Hotel Vancouver, 1999 Nobel Laureate in economics and acclaimed "Godfather" of the European Monetary Union, Dr. Robert Mundell rattled off his proposal…

  • An Irrefutable Case For Gold

    Published 04 May 2000 | viewed 4,965 times

    Consider the fate of a nation that has become obsessed with the pursuit of a money, which in the end becomes worthless. It has happened…

  • The Five Finger Discount and Alan Goldspan Greenspan

    Published 16 April 2000 | viewed 4,915 times

    Rolling correction? Not. What you have got here is a market, which is rolling over onto an unsustainable, unbalanced, growth and credit cycle. Unsustainable,because the…