• 1 hour The Fed’s Slippery Slope
  • 3 hours Precious Metals Pulled Ahead Of The Pack In The First Half Of 2020
  • 4 hours Tesla Faces $20 Billion In Short Interest
  • 5 hours China's Economic Recovery Remains Tepid
  • 7 hours Silver Inches Closer To $20
  • 8 hours The Secret Life Of Lithium
  • 23 hours The Pandemic Proof $53 Billion Industry Wall Street Can’t Ignore
  • 1 day Will Gold Hit $2,000?
  • 1 day Trump’s Proposed Regulation Could Slow The ESG Boom
  • 2 days India To Auction 41 Coal Assets
  • 2 days Eldorado Sees Gold Production Soar In Second Quarte
  • 3 days Do Gold Stocks Still Have Upside Potential?
  • 4 days The S&P 500’s Top Companies Hold $2.5 Trillion In Debt
  • 4 days Electric Vehicle Rebound Bolsters Battery Metal Growth
  • 5 days BlackRock Makes A Run On Asian Stocks
  • 5 days Gold Prices Surge Above $1,800
  • 6 days Chinese Stocks Soar On Bullish Economic Data
  • 6 days Apple’s “Holy Grail Of Data” Leaves Energy Traders Disappointed
  • 6 days Gold Rally Adds $250 Billion To Top 50 Miners' Market Cap
  • 7 days TikTok Is Becoming A New Battleground For Tech Politics

Greg Silberman

Greg Silberman

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010


Greg qualified as the youngest Chartered Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) in South Africa in 1998 at 25 years old. After completing his traineeship with Grant Thornton he moved to London where he worked for JP Morgan Chase in their Fixed Income Swaps Division. Sick of the grey skies and cold weather Greg relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where he spent the next 4 years freelancing as a management consultant. His targeted clients were fast growing mid size US based companies and he worked across many industries including credit cards, health insurance and energy trading. Greg has recently returned from Sydney Australia where he spent the last 2½ years working in Equity Derivative Structuring for Perpetual investments a major Australian Asset Management Company.

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