• 10 mins Ontario Moves To Slow Cannabis Drive
  • 2 hours The Tech That Will Shape The Future Of Megaprojects
  • 4 hours What Role Will The Saudis Play In Tesla's Private Listing?
  • 20 hours Investors Flee Emerging Markets Amid Lira Crisis
  • 21 hours Startup Aims To Attract Young Renters With Savvy Tech
  • 22 hours The Last Frontier For Artificial Intelligence
  • 23 hours EU Companies Struggle To Pick Sides In U.S.-Iran Dispute
  • 1 day Turkey’s Currency Crisis Raises Fears Of Contagion
  • 1 day Could Gold Fall Below $1,000?
  • 1 day Markets Open Higher Despite Ongoing Turkish Crisis
  • 2 days Why Gold Investors Should Ignore The Swings
  • 3 days Stock Buybacks Poised To Eclipse $1 Trillion
  • 4 days Google Accepts Chinese Censorship For Big Payout
  • 4 days Baltics Want to Pull The Plug On Russian Power
  • 4 days Gold Demand In Iran Hits Record Levels
  • 4 days Ride-Sharing: The Next Hotbed For Cybercrime?
  • 4 days Turkey’s Currency Crisis Sends Shockwaves Through Global Markets
  • 4 days Why Rising Inflation Won’t Help Gold Prices This Time
  • 5 days Emerging Markets Hit Hard By Fed’s Trillion Dollar Experiment
  • 5 days What Is Vanadium And Why Did Its Price Just Skyrocket?

Damir Kaletovic

Damir Kaletovic

Writer, Safehaven.com

Contributor since: 27 Mar 2018


Damir Kaletovic is a veteran investigative journalist covering Europe and the Middle East, and a senior consultant for Divergente Research.

  • The Last Frontier For Artificial Intelligence

    Published 13 August 2018 | viewed 788 times

    Millions of people may need to switch occupations and acquire new skills as AI begins to replace huge numbers of jobs over the next decade.…

  • Millennials Are Picking Bitcoin Over Stocks

    Published 09 August 2018 | viewed 2,954 times

    Bitcoin is not just a kind of innovative payment--lately it’s become a way to grow your future savings, and Millennials like it best because it…

  • U.S.-Turkey Tensions Take A Dangerous Turn

    Published 03 August 2018 | viewed 552 times

    The escalation of tensions and verbal war between the U.S. and Turkey has reached a new level with the U.S. Department of Treasury slapping sanctions…

  • Poll: 70% Of Investors Have No Interest In Bitcoin

    Published 02 August 2018 | viewed 345 times

    A new survey shows that three-quarters of US-based investors surveyed still think bitcoin is a “very risky” investment. Wells Fargo/Gallup asked 2,000 U.S.-based investors with…

  • Iran Faces Economic Meltdown

    Published 02 August 2018 | viewed 405 times

    Iran’s current economic crisis is worse than anything in past few decades: Inflation is running at over 10 percent and the price of imported items,…

  • Forget Ransomeware, This Is The Newest Cybercrime Trend

    Published 02 August 2018 | viewed 442 times

    For all you know, you’re mining crypto right now—even though you have no idea how to do it, or in some cases, what that even…

  • Google Wins Bragging Rights With New Subsea Cable

    Published 24 July 2018 | viewed 337 times

    Google is trying to make history again, this time with a massive subsea cable project that would be the first one traversing the Atlantic and…

  • BMW’s Car-Sharing Stumble Doesn’t Mean It’s Game Over

    Published 24 July 2018 | viewed 338 times

    So much for BMW’s challenge to ride-sharing giant Uber—at least for right now: The British luxury label’s DriveNow car-sharing company has halted operations in Stockholm,…

  • Major League Baseball Turns To Blockchain Tech

    Published 21 July 2018 | viewed 472 times

    Sports collectibles are a multi-billion dollar industry and a segment worth $370 billion globally and $5 billion just in the U.S. Now we’re just a…

  • Iraq Unplugged: No Internet, No Protests, No Money

    Published 20 July 2018 | viewed 26,057 times

    As southern Iraq reels from snowballing protests that threaten oil facilities at a critical political weak point, the outgoing prime minister is taking dangerous measures…

  • Gold Investors In A Frenzy Over Sunken Russian Warship

    Published 19 July 2018 | viewed 25,145 times

    A Russian warship rumored to be carrying $130 billion in gold treasure sunk over a century ago. Now, it’s been found, near an island off…

  • The New King Of Electric Cars

    Published 19 July 2018 | viewed 20,142 times

    Tesla might have set the rules of the road when it comes to electric car manufacturing, but this monarchy isn’t going to last forever. There…

  • Americans Grow Weary Of U.S. Trade Policy

    Published 18 July 2018 | viewed 290 times

    Starting out at 15 percent in May, the number of U.S. consumers who are concerned about the Trump Administration’s trade policy increased to 21 percent…

  • The World Is Drowning In $247 Trillion Debt

    Published 13 July 2018 | viewed 902 times

    Global debt has reached an alarming $247 trillion in the first quarter of 2018, according to a report from the Institute of International Finance (IIF),…

  • UK Regulators Hit Facebook With £500,000 Fine

    Published 12 July 2018 | viewed 407 times

    Citing non-transparency and failure to safeguard private user data, British regulators are slapping a £500,000 fine on Facebook, which stands accused of two breaches of the…

  • Pentagon Courts Tech Giants For Artificial Intelligence

    Published 10 July 2018 | viewed 319 times

    Google’s planned exit from the controversial “Maven” project doesn’t mean the Pentagon’s artificial intelligence aims will go bust. It just opens up a new window…

  • Controversial European Internet Law Rejected

    Published 09 July 2018 | viewed 397 times

    When the European Parliament rejected a major EU copyright law proposal last week, it was a significant victory for big tech companies, and possibly—as some…

  • This $450 Million Deal Could Change Football Forever

    Published 06 July 2018 | viewed 716 times

    With the World Cup enthralling millions of watchers worldwide, much of the game is about recruitment—and rumors that Portugal football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo—the highest-paid in…

  • Europe’s Looming Pension Crisis

    Published 06 July 2018 | viewed 1,008 times

    It may surprise everyone to know that when it comes to corporate pension plans, the U.S. and Europe have some of the worst-funded schemes in…

  • Which World Cup Team Is Worth The Most?

    Published 04 July 2018 | viewed 923 times

    Globalization usually starts with America, but not this time: The World Cup has now become the world’s definitively biggest sporting event, with more than 3…