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Tom Kool

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Tom majored in International Business at Amsterdam’s Higher School of Economics, he is now working as news editor for Oilprice.com and Safehaven.com

  • Tesla Tumbles After Battery Day Fails To Impress

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    America’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA), held its much-ballyhooed Battery Day on Tuesday where CEO Elon Musk promised, among other things, cheaper and…

  • How The Stock Market Predicts Electoral Victory

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    The markets would love more than anything to be able to predict whether Trump or Biden will win the elections in November, but with more…

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    The S&P 500 is an exclusive club of the 500 biggest companies by market cap on the NYSE or Nasdaq, and the inclusion Friday of…

  • Apple May Be Worth $2 Trillion, But Its Payment Monopoly Is Under Fire

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    Apple is one of the most thrilling stories of the year as it trounces tech, gaining some 400% this year, reaching a valuation of $2…

  • Uber, Lyft Threatening ‘Strike’ As California Crushes Ride-Hailing

    Published 18 August 2020 | viewed 3,446 times

    Ridesharing giants Uber and Lyft are threatening to shut down operations in California this week until November in response to the state’s sweeping labor bill…

  • 3 Stocks To Watch On Monday Morning

    Published 16 August 2020 | viewed 2,906 times

    Friday was a breakeven day on the markets, with U.S. retail sales for July coming in below Wall Street's expectations and shaving points off the…

  • Don’t Bet On An Airline Recovery Just Yet

    Published 20 July 2020 | viewed 1,589 times

    Once the pandemic is over many industries will surely recover, but the travel--and the airline segment in particular--will be doing it at a pace that…

  • BlackRock Makes A Run On Asian Stocks

    Published 08 July 2020 | viewed 2,170 times

    Now that BlackRock has largely taken over Wall Street, whispers from its corridors are heavily weighted, and the latest two are troubling: It’s downgrading U.S.…

  • Luxury Clothing Isn’t A Priority As Americans Grapple With COVID-19

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    There's nothing like a global pandemic to put fashion into perspective. It’s simply not fashionable to be fashionable anymore.  Among the many ways the COVID-19…

  • A New Trade War Will Send Gold Even Higher

    Published 19 May 2020 | viewed 11,735 times

    Gold is another bender as of Friday amid clearly heightened tensions between the United States and China--tensions that the precious metal bulls are expecting will…

  • Commodities Barely Weather The COVID Storm

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    It’s been a mixed bag for commodities, and it’s mostly been negative, with oil and gas and agriculture taking huge hits from the pandemic, and…

  • Gold’s Shine Is Rather Dull Under COVID-19

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    Gold flew too close to the sun and got its wings singed, and now profit takers are going to punish it.  But while the likes…

  • Can Trump Push Through Payroll Tax Relief?

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    Washington is reportedly considering a zero-payroll tax rate for employers and employees that would last through the rest of this year (or even longer) in…

  • Is This The Tesla Of Motorcycles?

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    The electrification of transportation is picking up with Tesla leading the charge. The U.S. company has seen its share price rocket in recent days as it…

  • Is Tesla Heading To $1,000?

    Published 04 February 2020 | viewed 1,899 times

    Tesla’s stock has surged over 125% in the last month and a half, now chasing Toyota as the world’s most valuable carmaker, with some analysts…

  • General Motors To Spend $2.2 Billion On Detroit Electric Vehicle Plant

    Published 27 January 2020 | viewed 1,596 times

    It isn’t often that Detroit gets a multi-million-dollar reprieve, but this is the auto revolution 2.0, and there is some hope yet for the Motor…

  • Trade War Takes Its Toll On Shipping

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    The trade war is far from over, and for shipping companies reporting on 2019 full-year results, the real battle with shares has just begun. Ships…

  • Last Chance To Buy Apple Before 2020 Run

    Published 02 January 2020 | viewed 1,982 times

    Apple stock right now is trading almost at its 52-week high, and those who saw the tech giant for what it was--not a phone--are being…

  • German Powerhouse Refuses To Bow To US Call For Huawei Ban

    Published 19 December 2019 | viewed 1,748 times

    Trump has failed to convince Europe to steer clear of Huawei in the ongoing tech cold war with Beijing. Germany is a rather large case…

  • Black Friday Breaks Online Shopping Records

    Published 02 December 2019 | viewed 1,535 times

    It’s official: No longer is it necessary to leave the comfort of the couch to take advantage of the best Black Friday deals. No longer…