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  • What Web Traffic Trends Can Tell Us About The World

    Published 17 February 2020 | viewed 6,703 times

    For most people, it's hard to imagine a day going by without using the internet. Without it, you wouldn't be reading this. It's estimated that…

  • Goldman Slashes Oil Price Forecast By $10

    Published 15 February 2020 | viewed 5,821 times

    Just days after OPEC slashed its oil demand forecast as a result of the slowdown in China's economy due to the Covid-19, moments ago Goldman…

  • Tesla Raises $2 Billion In Share Selloff

    Published 14 February 2020 | viewed 2,248 times

    Tesla stock is volatile in early trading on Friday morning after the company announced that it priced its recent $2 billion stock offering at an astronomical $767 per…

  • The U.S. Has Charged Huawei With Racketeering And Conspiracy

    Published 13 February 2020 | viewed 2,612 times

    One would think that with the US and China now in a trade war truce, tensions over the key pawn in the global tech war,…

  • Airbnb IPO Under Threat As China's Economy Drags

    Published 12 February 2020 | viewed 4,862 times

    The coronavirus outbreak in China could derail Airbnb Inc.'s attempt to going public in the next several quarters. It's a race against time for the online marketplace…

  • Iran's Space Program Hits Another Snag

    Published 10 February 2020 | viewed 3,734 times

    Iran's attempt to jump start and advance its space program has suffered yet another snag, after on Sunday state television confirmed the latest attempt of an Iranian rocket…

  • Global Superpowers Are Teaming Up To Build Bases On The Moon

    Published 06 February 2020 | viewed 8,089 times

    One year ago in January, a Chinese robot landed on the dark side of the moon. Since then, the Chang’e 4 probe and the Yutu-2 rover…

  • Banker Busted Stealing After Bonus Checks Slashed

    Published 04 February 2020 | viewed 2,871 times

    After the year stocks just had, millions of Americans should be feeling the 'wealth effect.' But for thousands of European bankers who saw their bonuses cut by as…

  • How Bernie Sanders Could Send Gold To $2,000

    Published 30 January 2020 | viewed 4,051 times

    Bernie Sanders has gained in the polls of late and only trails Joe Biden by about three percentage points, according to the latest Fox News…

  • Generation Rent Is Running Out Of Options

    Published 29 January 2020 | viewed 4,885 times

    Generation rent is showing no signs of changing its ways. According to RentCafe's year-end rent report for 2019, the national average rent capped off another year of strong…

  • Huawei Given The Green Light To Build 5G Network In The UK

    Published 28 January 2020 | viewed 3,448 times

    Britain will allow Chinese telecom giant Huawei to build out non-core segments of the country's 5G telecommunication network, a move that will undoubtedly spark security…

  • JPMorgan Urges Investors To Buy The Coronavirus Dip

    Published 27 January 2020 | viewed 4,910 times

    After JPMorgan clocked in its most profitable year in history in 2019 largely on the back of the Fed's QE4 which - as we remind…

  • Tesla Stock Continues To Soar

    Published 22 January 2020 | viewed 2,258 times

    In a delightful turn of irony, the relentless short squeeze that has gripped Tesla shares ever since the Fed launched QE4 in October, a squeeze…

  • The Biggest Loser In The China-U.S. Tariff Tit-For-Tat

    Published 20 January 2020 | viewed 3,710 times

    Market participants’ excess of optimism with the trade agreement between the United States and China is clearly exaggerated, once we have the details. Both the United States…

  • U.S. Restaurants Are Struggling With Rising Labor Costs

    Published 15 January 2020 | viewed 3,492 times

    In the one year since New York City implemented a mandatory $15 minimum wage, businesses have been struggling with the increased labor costs, Fox News reported previously.…

  • SoftBank Sees First Quarterly Loss In 14 Years

    Published 13 January 2020 | viewed 3,731 times

    Japanese conglomerate SoftBank Group is the the 36th-largest public company in the world and second-largest in Japan. SoftBank founder and CEO, Masayoshi Son, was even briefly the wealthiest…

  • China Speaks Out Against U.S. "Space Force"

    Published 24 December 2019 | viewed 3,607 times

    Entirely to be expected, China has slammed Trump's newly established Space Force, calling it an unnecessary first move on the part of Washington to weaponize space. …

  • Iran Looks To Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

    Published 21 December 2019 | viewed 7,441 times

    Iran’s President has proposed to create a Muslim cryptocurrency as one of a number of means to confront the economic dominance of the United States. Speaking at…

  • Elon Musk Claims 250,000 Orders For Cybertruck

    Published 29 November 2019 | viewed 1,834 times

    With such an impressive unveiling that included audible laughter from the audience and two broken windows, it should come as no surprise that Elon Musk fanboys are falling…

  • China's Boldest Move Yet To Ditch The U.S. Dollar

    Published 25 November 2019 | viewed 7,943 times

    As if the trade war - and soon to be currency war - between China and the U.S. needed another wrench thrown in its gears...…