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  • Is The Fed Getting Desperate?

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    Equity markets are flying, emerging markets are up, bond yields are creeping ever so slightly higher, credit is doing just fine. Good news for the…

  • How Big Will The Next Real Estate Bust Be?

    Published 08 June 2020 | viewed 12,643 times

    So how big is the impending commercial real estate bust in the US? Bigger than the residential mortgage bust of the 2000s and also bigger…

  • 40 Million Jobless As Pandemic Fuels Economic Collapse

    Published 28 May 2020 | viewed 4,998 times

    In the last week 2.123 million more Americans filed for unemployment benefits for the first time (versus the 2.10mm expected). Source: Bloomberg That brings the…

  • COVID-19 Sparked A Bicycle Boom

    Published 26 May 2020 | viewed 2,133 times

    As social distancing is the order of the day, riding a packed subway to get around is not exactly what the doctor prescribed. Add to that the…

  • Insurance Companies Are Turning People Away As COVID-19 Crisis Escalates

    Published 22 May 2020 | viewed 14,044 times

    In yet another unprecedented COVID historic first, insurance companies are actually turning away Americans who want to purchase a life insurance policy. Who would have ever thought insurers would…

  • Social Security Could Dry Up In Less Than A Decade

    Published 21 May 2020 | viewed 3,679 times

    The CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics released some alarming data earlier this week that surprisingly had absolutely nothing to do with Covid for a…

  • Day Trader Loses $9 Million In Oil Price Crash

    Published 09 May 2020 | viewed 8,999 times

    The April 20 historic oil price crash that sent the prompt May WTI contract plunging to the unheard of price of negative $40 per barrel…

  • 52% Of Small Businesses Expected To Close Their Doors Within Six Months

    Published 08 May 2020 | viewed 4,160 times

    Anyone that was hoping for a “quick recovery” for the U.S. economy can forget about that right now.  Yes, many states are attempting to “reopen”, but…

  • U.S. Regulators To Ban Hedge Funds From Small Business Loan Program

    Published 24 April 2020 | viewed 9,630 times

    The US will bar hedge funds from participating in the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), along with private equity firms, as they are primarily engaged in…

  • 50 Million Pints Of Beer Could Be Wasted If UK Pubs Don't Reopen

    Published 15 April 2020 | viewed 2,977 times

    Britain remained in a nationwide lockdown in mid-April as virus-related deaths and confirmed cases climb. A crashed economy and high unemployment risk sending the country into depression.…

  • Oil Stumbles On IMF's Gloomy Economic Forecast

    Published 14 April 2020 | viewed 2,522 times

    As if oil prices needed any more help on their downward spiral towards the teens, The IMF just slashed global growth to the worst since…

  • Amazon To Hire 75,000 New Workers As Delivery Demand Soars

    Published 13 April 2020 | viewed 2,228 times

    Update (1000ET): Shortly after this report on a pause of grocery orders after "unprecedented demand", Amazon has announced this morning it is creating an additional 75,000…

  • WeWork Sues SoftBank For Withdrawing $3 Billion Insider Payoff

    Published 07 April 2020 | viewed 2,062 times

    As WeWork founder Adam Neumann tries to save his billionaire status, and several other shareholders, including Benchmark Capital, a PE firm that retains several seats…

  • Big Banks Could Win Big On Fed Small Business Bailout

    Published 06 April 2020 | viewed 2,143 times

    And just like that, the big banks are about to make a killing (again) thanks to the Fed. As a reminder, as part of the…

  • Priceless Van Gogh 'Spring Garden' Painting Stolen

    Published 30 March 2020 | viewed 3,143 times

    What better time could there be than a global pandemic, that has led to closures of museums and public landmarks across the world, to stage…

  • U.S. Auto Sales Fall By 75%

    Published 26 March 2020 | viewed 2,738 times

    If any company is bracing for the shock of falling U.S. auto sales, it's got to be Group 1 Automotive. The company owns and operates 186…

  • Philippines Halts Stock Trading, 57 Million Quarantined

    Published 16 March 2020 | viewed 4,371 times

    Following two weeks of relentless market turmoil, traders were wondering which country's stock market would be shut down first. Moments ago we got the answer…

  • Is A Banking Crisis Looming?

    Published 12 March 2020 | viewed 7,086 times

    Earlier today, Zerohedge reported that Boeing shocked the investing community when it announced that due to "market turmoil", it would immediately draw down on its full $13.825…

  • How Airbnb Uses Artificial Intelligence To Identify Risky Renters

    Published 05 March 2020 | viewed 7,436 times

    What does the Church of Scientology and Airbnb have in common? If you answered secret risk assessments and personality tests, then give yourself a gold star. If you have…

  • India's Tech Sector Takes A Hit On Supply Issues

    Published 02 March 2020 | viewed 3,222 times

    It was only a matter of time before smartphone and other electronic shortages from top brands, including Apple and Xiaomi, were seen in India amid…