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    After months of threats, the deadline for the White House to impose new tariffs on cars and auto parts manufactured in the EU is fast…

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    The world is now 188 trillion dollars in debt, and that number continues to grow rapidly each year. It is a form of enslavement that…

  • Hedge Funds Lose $4 Billion In Four Days As California Wildfires Rage On

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    California isn't the only thing that's burning: hedge funds invested in PG&E are slowly watching their cash go up in smoke. Investors in the company lost roughly…

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    Having already created 12 free trade zones (with 6 more coming soon) in and around major Chinese metro areas... (Click to enlarge) ... Beijing's next…

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    For a little over a year, Florida-based Spirit Airlines was evaluating if it should buy Airbus SE A320neo or Boeing 737 Max planes. Then the…

  • This Is A Disaster: Thousands Fired As WeWork CEO Walks Away With $1.2 Billion

    Published 23 October 2019 | viewed 2,846 times

    Just hours after employee fury is soaring at Neumann's payout (and the reported millions in severance now agreed for the current co-CEOs), The FT reports that WeWork is…

  • Four Big Pharma Companies Reach $250 Million Opioid Settlement

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    Four large drug companies have reached a last-minute settlement with two Ohio counties to avoid trials blaming them for their part in fueling the ongoing…

  • Reddit Trader Scores 14,000% Returns On Rogue Trade

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    Ever since the dawn of the Internet, like-minded individuals have gathered in online chat rooms (among the more sophisticated, they were known as "forums") to…

  • More And More Americans Believe A Recession Is Looming

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    Do you believe that a recession is coming?  If so, you certainly have a lot of company.  It turns out that more than two-thirds of all…

  • Why Universal Basic Income Won't Work

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    The universal basic income (UBI) is gaining popularity as an alternative to the current welfare system. The idea is to give each citizen the same amount…

  • Nasdaq Cracks Down On Small Chinese IPOs

    Published 09 October 2019 | viewed 922 times

    If you spoke to any research desk on Wall Street earlier this year, most were saying the trade war would be resolved by the end…

  • SoftBank Reeling After Questionable WeWork Investment

    Published 07 October 2019 | viewed 1,578 times

    SoftBank Group CEO Masayoshi Son says he is "embarrassed and flustered" by his track record after the valuations of WeWork and Uber plunge, in an…

  • Millions Missing After Marijuana Ponzi Scheme Implodes

    Published 03 October 2019 | viewed 2,727 times

    It's usually at the later innings of an economic cycle when Ponzi schemes unravel. As we've reported on numerous occasions, Ponzi implosions are gaining momentum…

  • Another Retail Giant Bites The Dust

    Published 30 September 2019 | viewed 2,137 times

    Following reports earlier this month that a bankruptcy for the fast-fashion pioneer was imminent, Forever 21 filed for Chapter 11 protection in Delaware Sunday night, becoming the latest brick-and-mortar…

  • Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Hedges Against Looming Market Crash

    Published 23 September 2019 | viewed 2,003 times

    Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer is the founder & CEO of Elliott Management. Singer is preparing to raise additional funds from investors to build…

  • Oil Trader Loses $320 Million On Derivative Bets

    Published 20 September 2019 | viewed 1,084 times

    A Singapore-based subsidiary of Japanese trading giant Mitsubishi recently booked a $320 million loss after several unauthorized derivatives trades went sour, the company revealed in a…

  • UK Credit Card Interest Rates Are Skyrocketing

    Published 19 September 2019 | viewed 1,178 times

    Credit card interest rates in the UK have hit the highest level in 13 years, according to the Financial Times.  Per the report, the average annual…

  • Are Smart TVs Spying On Us?

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    A study by researchers from Northeastern University and Imperial College London found that many popular smart TV models, including models by Samsung and LG, as…