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  • China Prepares New Cybersecurity Law In Retaliation Against The U.S.

    Published 27 May 2019 | viewed 2,671 times

    While China is still debating whether or not to implement rare-earth quotas or use any of the other "nuclear options" it has available in response…

  • Facebook Scrubs Over 2 Billion Fake Accounts

    Published 24 May 2019 | viewed 3,482 times

    On one hand, Facebook - the world's biggest social media company - represented that it has just under 2.4 billion monthly active users from across the globe.…

  • Tesla Slashes Prices Again

    Published 21 May 2019 | viewed 3,120 times

    Tesla is cutting prices yet again, a clear sign that "demand hell" has set in for the embattled automaker, and that the weather in Shortsville…

  • Central Banks Are Stockpiling Gold At The Fastest Rate In Half A Decade

    Published 15 May 2019 | viewed 6,027 times

    Earlier this month the World Gold Council published its quarterly report– and it shows that central banks and foreign governments from around the world are buying…

  • Trader Compares Current Market Environment To 2007

    Published 13 May 2019 | viewed 4,269 times

    Buy the rumor sell the fact. It’s the second time in a week, I’ve used that annoyingly misunderstood phrase. The previous time, it was in…

  • Major Lawsuit Could Derail $1.2 Trillion Leveraged Loan Market

    Published 10 May 2019 | viewed 1,767 times

    Ask any banker (or analyst) what the difference is between a junk bond and a loan, and you'll most likely get a blank start in…

  • Banks Are Doubling Down On Risky Credit Card Debt

    Published 08 May 2019 | viewed 1,718 times

    As each of the seven largest credit-card issuers in the US reported a troubling jump in default rates to levels not seen in the better…

  • Stocks Slip As Trump Ramps Up Trade Deal Rhetoric

    Published 06 May 2019 | viewed 3,573 times

    So much for months and months of constant leaks, headlines, tweets, and press reports that US-China trade talks are going great, and are imminent amid…

  • Silicon Valley's Biggest Backer Could Be Eyeing $100 Billion IPO

    Published 03 May 2019 | viewed 3,717 times

    After establishing its Vision Fund as the world's preeminent marginal investor in Silicon Valley's most overhyped (and overvalued) startups, SoftBank, its CEO Masayoshi Son and…

  • Fake Website Traffic Costs Companies $50 Billion Per Year

    Published 01 May 2019 | viewed 3,552 times

    Advertising fraud online is being called the second largest organized crime scheme globally, according to Digital News Daily. About 3/4 of US fraudulent advertising traffic is…

  • Marriott Looks To Launch "Airbnb-Killer"

    Published 29 April 2019 | viewed 1,298 times

    Just in time to spoil the party ahead of Airbnb's long-awaited IPO (which may or may not happen this year, according to one of its co-founders), Marriott is…

  • A War Is Brewing Between San Fransisco's Rich And Poor

    Published 25 April 2019 | viewed 4,236 times

    San Francisco - thanks to its balmy year-round climate and hospitable reputation - has long suffered from growing homelessness which, despite the city's nosebleed-inducing taxes,…

  • Chinese Banks Are Running Low On Dollars

    Published 24 April 2019 | viewed 5,107 times

    Following the biggest quarterly credit injection in Chinese history, it is safe to say that China's banks are flush with yuan loans. However, when it comes…

  • Pinterest, Zoom Launch Much Anticipated IPOs

    Published 18 April 2019 | viewed 3,436 times

    With short interest now at 60+ percent of its float, Lyft has swiftly become a symbol for disastrous post-IPO performance by the latest batch of…

  • JPMorgan Shares Soar On Solid Earnings Report

    Published 12 April 2019 | viewed 3,552 times

    So much for fears the banks would drag down Q1 earnings season. In a big reversal from the sharp slump in Q4 bank earnings, moments…

  • Wal-Mart To Roll Out Robots In Hundreds Of U.S. Stores

    Published 09 April 2019 | viewed 1,736 times

    Offering yet another lesson in how raising the minimum wage can destroy jobs, particularly for the most poorly compensated workers whom activists had intended to…

  • Goldman: Banning Buybacks Would Be Disastrous

    Published 08 April 2019 | viewed 2,085 times

    Few topics prompt as powerful (and violent) a response from financial professionals as what the role of financial buybacks is in determining stock prices. One…

  • How Long Will Stock Market Euphoria Last?

    Published 05 April 2019 | viewed 4,068 times

    Over the past few weeks, we have been inundated with countless headlines declaring that this is the best start to the year for US stocks…

  • Airbnb In Hot Water Over Hidden Camera Incidents

    Published 03 April 2019 | viewed 1,582 times

      \Travelers staying in Airbnb rentals might want to think twice before traipsing around naked in somebody else's rental property. according to The Atlantic. In fact, one…

  • Russia Is Ditching The Dollar At A Record Pace

    Published 01 April 2019 | viewed 4,540 times

    Nine months ago, as US Treasury yields were drifting lower from a seven-year high reached in May of last year, we pointed out a curious…