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  • The Retail Apocalypse Is Accelerating

    Published 16 September 2019 | viewed 3,541 times

    As the economy cycles down through fall, there is new, alarming data by professional services firm BDO USA LLP, first reported by The Wall Street Journal,…

  • McDonalds To Roll Out Robot Drive-Thru Clerks

    Published 12 September 2019 | viewed 2,752 times

    What doesn't cost $15 an hour and talk back to customers? AI.  McDonald's announced on Tuesday the acquisition of Mountain View-based voice tech startup Apprente in order…

  • SoftBank Urges WeWork To Pause IPO Plans

    Published 10 September 2019 | viewed 5,881 times

    Once upon a time, SoftBank was best known for making happy slides, such as the one below, which showed a variety of multi-colored unicorns jumping…

  • New Anti-Trust Probe Launched Against Big Tech

    Published 06 September 2019 | viewed 2,825 times

    Not long after Facebook reached a record $5 billion settlement with the FTC in a federal antitrust probe (while the DoJ continues to build its…

  • Investors Are Dumping Emerging Market Funds As Trade War Escalates

    Published 02 September 2019 | viewed 4,530 times

    Lipper's Emerging Markets Funds have experienced their worst-ever net outflows during 3Q19. The mass exodus is due to a combination of factors, likely caused by an…

  • Global Markets Bounce Back On Trade War Optimism

    Published 30 August 2019 | viewed 3,300 times

    For the second day in a row, global markets and US equity futures are a sea of green with stocks pushing higher as trade headlines…

  • Google Moves Smartphone Production To Vietnam

    Published 28 August 2019 | viewed 3,990 times

    Google has reportedly become the latest company to aggressively move production out of China and into Vietnam as it hopes to create a "low-cost supply…

  • Zombie Foreclosures On The Rise In The U.S.

    Published 26 August 2019 | viewed 11,483 times

    Attom Data Solutions has published its Vacant Property and Zombie Foreclosure Report that shows over 1.5 million (1,530,563) homes and condos vacant in 3Q19, which represents about 1.6 percent…

  • Trade Tensions Weigh On South Korea, Japan Relations

    Published 22 August 2019 | viewed 2,970 times

    Most Americans could be forgiven for thinking that the 'trade war' is really only impacting the US and (maybe) China. After all, it was President…

  • Hong Kong Residents Are Fleeing To Taiwan At A Record Pace

    Published 20 August 2019 | viewed 2,913 times

    Hong Kong was already one of the world's most unaffordable cities before the unrest over the extradition bill started 11 weeks ago. But now, it's both…

  • Alibaba Exec Sets Record With $3.5 Billion Brooklyn Nets Purchase

    Published 17 August 2019 | viewed 1,943 times

    Alibaba Executive Chairman Joe Tsai is reportedly planning to pay $3.5 billion to buy out Mikhail Prokhorov's stake in the Brooklyn Nets and the Barclays…

  • WeWork Reveals Huge Losses Ahead Of IPO

    Published 14 August 2019 | viewed 2,980 times

    As expected, WeWork - or "the We Company", as its struggling to rebrand itself - published on Wednesday the prospectus for its hotly anticipated IPO,…

  • Inflation Is Creeping Up In Consumer Goods

    Published 12 August 2019 | viewed 2,555 times

    When it comes to aimlessly bemoaning about how inflation is a giant mystery that nobody will ever figure out, the Federal Reserve are experts. When it…

  • UK Economy Shrinks As Brexit Worries Grow

    Published 09 August 2019 | viewed 2,386 times

    Though it wasn't entirely unexpected, the UK economy contracted in Q2 for the first time in seven years as the cloud of uncertainty brought on…

  • Opioid Distributors Push To Shut Down Lawsuits In $10 Billion Deal

    Published 07 August 2019 | viewed 2,245 times

    Three major opioid distributors have offered to pay $10 billion to settle claims that the helped fuel the ongoing US opioid epidemic, as nearly 2,000 lawsuits loom against…

  • Trump Weighs Full Economic Blockade On Venezuela

    Published 02 August 2019 | viewed 1,964 times

    How much more US "pressure" can be brought to bear on Venezuela after Washington early this year went so far as to back a failed…

  • The World's Lowest Cost Gold Mines

    Published 01 August 2019 | viewed 4,944 times

    Gold has been a medium of exchange for thousands of years. It is easy to carry, and its very rarity makes it a valuable commodity.…

  • Gold Sales Could Be Maduro's Lifeline

    Published 29 July 2019 | viewed 2,873 times

    As oil revenue for Venezuela continues to stagnate, the Maduro regime is more reliant than ever on illegal gold exploited from lawless jungles in the south of the country, according to…

  • Soft Bank Locks Down $108 Billion For Vision Fund 2

    Published 26 July 2019 | viewed 2,467 times

    For a minute there, it looked like the investors who had helped finance Soft Bank's original Vision Fund were finally beginning to question the strategy…

  • Another Surprising Industry Falls Victim To Ongoing Trade War Chaos

    Published 24 July 2019 | viewed 3,330 times

    Trade war crosscurrents have damaged the American manufacturing sector, and within, a lot of stress is building up in the RV industry, according to discussions with industry…