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  • Tesla Stock Continues To Soar

    Published 22 January 2020 | viewed 477 times

    In a delightful turn of irony, the relentless short squeeze that has gripped Tesla shares ever since the Fed launched QE4 in October, a squeeze…

  • The Biggest Loser In The China-U.S. Tariff Tit-For-Tat

    Published 20 January 2020 | viewed 842 times

    Market participants’ excess of optimism with the trade agreement between the United States and China is clearly exaggerated, once we have the details. Both the United States…

  • U.S. Restaurants Are Struggling With Rising Labor Costs

    Published 15 January 2020 | viewed 1,343 times

    In the one year since New York City implemented a mandatory $15 minimum wage, businesses have been struggling with the increased labor costs, Fox News reported previously.…

  • SoftBank Sees First Quarterly Loss In 14 Years

    Published 13 January 2020 | viewed 1,192 times

    Japanese conglomerate SoftBank Group is the the 36th-largest public company in the world and second-largest in Japan. SoftBank founder and CEO, Masayoshi Son, was even briefly the wealthiest…

  • China Speaks Out Against U.S. "Space Force"

    Published 24 December 2019 | viewed 1,645 times

    Entirely to be expected, China has slammed Trump's newly established Space Force, calling it an unnecessary first move on the part of Washington to weaponize space. …

  • Iran Looks To Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

    Published 21 December 2019 | viewed 1,429 times

    Iran’s President has proposed to create a Muslim cryptocurrency as one of a number of means to confront the economic dominance of the United States. Speaking at…

  • Elon Musk Claims 250,000 Orders For Cybertruck

    Published 29 November 2019 | viewed 918 times

    With such an impressive unveiling that included audible laughter from the audience and two broken windows, it should come as no surprise that Elon Musk fanboys are falling…

  • China's Boldest Move Yet To Ditch The U.S. Dollar

    Published 25 November 2019 | viewed 1,883 times

    As if the trade war - and soon to be currency war - between China and the U.S. needed another wrench thrown in its gears...…

  • Is The $3.5 Trillion Healthcare Industry About To Get Much More Transparent?

    Published 15 November 2019 | viewed 2,898 times

    In a move that will send shockwaves across the $3.5 trillion US healthcare industry, on Friday the Trump administration unveiled a plan that would -…

  • Trump Prepares For Another Key Tariff Decision

    Published 12 November 2019 | viewed 1,361 times

    After months of threats, the deadline for the White House to impose new tariffs on cars and auto parts manufactured in the EU is fast…

  • Global Debt Soars To $188 Trillion

    Published 08 November 2019 | viewed 1,562 times

    The world is now 188 trillion dollars in debt, and that number continues to grow rapidly each year. It is a form of enslavement that…

  • Hedge Funds Lose $4 Billion In Four Days As California Wildfires Rage On

    Published 05 November 2019 | viewed 1,840 times

    California isn't the only thing that's burning: hedge funds invested in PG&E are slowly watching their cash go up in smoke. Investors in the company lost roughly…

  • China's $10 Trillion Space Play

    Published 04 November 2019 | viewed 2,154 times

    Having already created 12 free trade zones (with 6 more coming soon) in and around major Chinese metro areas... (Click to enlarge) ... Beijing's next…

  • Is SoftBank The Short Of The Century?

    Published 25 October 2019 | viewed 2,266 times

    Take a close look at the following two slides which have been a staple presence in every SoftBank presentation in recent quarters. (Click to enlarge) (Click to…

  • How Airbus Is Taking Advantage Of Boeing's Slide

    Published 24 October 2019 | viewed 1,195 times

    For a little over a year, Florida-based Spirit Airlines was evaluating if it should buy Airbus SE A320neo or Boeing 737 Max planes. Then the…

  • This Is A Disaster: Thousands Fired As WeWork CEO Walks Away With $1.2 Billion

    Published 23 October 2019 | viewed 2,787 times

    Just hours after employee fury is soaring at Neumann's payout (and the reported millions in severance now agreed for the current co-CEOs), The FT reports that WeWork is…

  • Four Big Pharma Companies Reach $250 Million Opioid Settlement

    Published 21 October 2019 | viewed 976 times

    Four large drug companies have reached a last-minute settlement with two Ohio counties to avoid trials blaming them for their part in fueling the ongoing…

  • Reddit Trader Scores 14,000% Returns On Rogue Trade

    Published 18 October 2019 | viewed 2,715 times

    Ever since the dawn of the Internet, like-minded individuals have gathered in online chat rooms (among the more sophisticated, they were known as "forums") to…

  • More And More Americans Believe A Recession Is Looming

    Published 17 October 2019 | viewed 1,429 times

    Do you believe that a recession is coming?  If so, you certainly have a lot of company.  It turns out that more than two-thirds of all…

  • Why Universal Basic Income Won't Work

    Published 12 October 2019 | viewed 2,590 times

    The universal basic income (UBI) is gaining popularity as an alternative to the current welfare system. The idea is to give each citizen the same amount…