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  • Four Big Pharma Companies Reach $250 Million Opioid Settlement

    Published 21 October 2019 | viewed 362 times

    Four large drug companies have reached a last-minute settlement with two Ohio counties to avoid trials blaming them for their part in fueling the ongoing…

  • Reddit Trader Scores 14,000% Returns On Rogue Trade

    Published 18 October 2019 | viewed 917 times

    Ever since the dawn of the Internet, like-minded individuals have gathered in online chat rooms (among the more sophisticated, they were known as "forums") to…

  • More And More Americans Believe A Recession Is Looming

    Published 17 October 2019 | viewed 725 times

    Do you believe that a recession is coming?  If so, you certainly have a lot of company.  It turns out that more than two-thirds of all…

  • Why Universal Basic Income Won't Work

    Published 12 October 2019 | viewed 1,309 times

    The universal basic income (UBI) is gaining popularity as an alternative to the current welfare system. The idea is to give each citizen the same amount…

  • Nasdaq Cracks Down On Small Chinese IPOs

    Published 09 October 2019 | viewed 521 times

    If you spoke to any research desk on Wall Street earlier this year, most were saying the trade war would be resolved by the end…

  • SoftBank Reeling After Questionable WeWork Investment

    Published 07 October 2019 | viewed 903 times

    SoftBank Group CEO Masayoshi Son says he is "embarrassed and flustered" by his track record after the valuations of WeWork and Uber plunge, in an…

  • Millions Missing After Marijuana Ponzi Scheme Implodes

    Published 03 October 2019 | viewed 1,866 times

    It's usually at the later innings of an economic cycle when Ponzi schemes unravel. As we've reported on numerous occasions, Ponzi implosions are gaining momentum…

  • Another Retail Giant Bites The Dust

    Published 30 September 2019 | viewed 1,169 times

    Following reports earlier this month that a bankruptcy for the fast-fashion pioneer was imminent, Forever 21 filed for Chapter 11 protection in Delaware Sunday night, becoming the latest brick-and-mortar…

  • Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Hedges Against Looming Market Crash

    Published 23 September 2019 | viewed 1,525 times

    Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer is the founder & CEO of Elliott Management. Singer is preparing to raise additional funds from investors to build…

  • Oil Trader Loses $320 Million On Derivative Bets

    Published 20 September 2019 | viewed 829 times

    A Singapore-based subsidiary of Japanese trading giant Mitsubishi recently booked a $320 million loss after several unauthorized derivatives trades went sour, the company revealed in a…

  • UK Credit Card Interest Rates Are Skyrocketing

    Published 19 September 2019 | viewed 878 times

    Credit card interest rates in the UK have hit the highest level in 13 years, according to the Financial Times.  Per the report, the average annual…

  • Are Smart TVs Spying On Us?

    Published 18 September 2019 | viewed 1,027 times

    A study by researchers from Northeastern University and Imperial College London found that many popular smart TV models, including models by Samsung and LG, as…

  • The Retail Apocalypse Is Accelerating

    Published 16 September 2019 | viewed 1,682 times

    As the economy cycles down through fall, there is new, alarming data by professional services firm BDO USA LLP, first reported by The Wall Street Journal,…

  • McDonalds To Roll Out Robot Drive-Thru Clerks

    Published 12 September 2019 | viewed 1,406 times

    What doesn't cost $15 an hour and talk back to customers? AI.  McDonald's announced on Tuesday the acquisition of Mountain View-based voice tech startup Apprente in order…

  • SoftBank Urges WeWork To Pause IPO Plans

    Published 10 September 2019 | viewed 1,095 times

    Once upon a time, SoftBank was best known for making happy slides, such as the one below, which showed a variety of multi-colored unicorns jumping…

  • New Anti-Trust Probe Launched Against Big Tech

    Published 06 September 2019 | viewed 1,083 times

    Not long after Facebook reached a record $5 billion settlement with the FTC in a federal antitrust probe (while the DoJ continues to build its…

  • Investors Are Dumping Emerging Market Funds As Trade War Escalates

    Published 02 September 2019 | viewed 2,022 times

    Lipper's Emerging Markets Funds have experienced their worst-ever net outflows during 3Q19. The mass exodus is due to a combination of factors, likely caused by an…

  • Global Markets Bounce Back On Trade War Optimism

    Published 30 August 2019 | viewed 1,240 times

    For the second day in a row, global markets and US equity futures are a sea of green with stocks pushing higher as trade headlines…

  • Google Moves Smartphone Production To Vietnam

    Published 28 August 2019 | viewed 1,222 times

    Google has reportedly become the latest company to aggressively move production out of China and into Vietnam as it hopes to create a "low-cost supply…

  • Zombie Foreclosures On The Rise In The U.S.

    Published 26 August 2019 | viewed 2,401 times

    Attom Data Solutions has published its Vacant Property and Zombie Foreclosure Report that shows over 1.5 million (1,530,563) homes and condos vacant in 3Q19, which represents about 1.6 percent…