• 1 hour For American Businesses, The Fairy Tale Is Already Over
  • 4 hours Market Mayhem Sparks Worries Of A Looming Recession
  • 6 hours Closure Of World's Most Important Waterway Could Be An Economic Disaster
  • 22 hours Would You Give Up Your Privacy For A Few Bucks From Facebook?
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  • 2 days The Billion-Dollar Brands Behind The Street Fashion Coup
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  • 3 days Colorado Rakes In $1 Billion In Pot Revenue
  • 3 days London Metals Exchange Bars Day Drinking On Trading Floor
  • 4 days Tax Cuts And Cheap Money Push The U.S. Budget Deficit Closer To The Edge
  • 4 days Fake “Made In Vietnam” Certificates On The Rise As China Looks To Skirt Tariffs
  • 4 days Kremlin Moves To Dump The Dollar
  • 4 days How Climate Change Could Lead To A Global Economic Crisis
  • 5 days What Happens When Beijing Is Biggest Owner Of US Debt?
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  • 5 days Why China Won't Back Down In Trump's Trade War
  • 5 days Los Angeles Ports Are Overflowing With Inventory
  • 6 days Google Just Killed One Of Crypto’s Biggest News Sites
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  • 6 days Big Tech Bounces Back After Regulatory Worries

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  • Kremlin Moves To Dump The Dollar

    Published 13 June 2019 | viewed 507 times

    This is twice that Russian President Putin has said on the global stage the Federal Reserve Note no longer deserves the status and privilege of “world reserve currency” that…

  • Los Angeles Ports Are Overflowing With Inventory

    Published 12 June 2019 | viewed 715 times

    President Trump's trade war has produced a logistical nightmare for American importers at Southern California ports. Marisa Bedrosian Kosters, an executive at an Anaheim, Calif.-based…

  • Why Have Americans Stopped Moving?

    Published 10 June 2019 | viewed 576 times

    A new study identifies powerful psychological factors that connect people to places, and mean more to them than money... Mobility in the United States has fallen…

  • World's Central Banks Scramble To Buy Gold As Confidence In U.S. Slips

    Published 07 June 2019 | viewed 1,898 times

    Central banks are among the largest purchasers of gold. So far in 2019, they have bought 145.5 tons of gold, which is more, in a quarter of a year, than…

  • China’s Unconventional Trade War Weapon

    Published 05 June 2019 | viewed 603 times

    Travel from China to the U.S. fell 5.7% in 2018 to 2.9 million visitors, according to the National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO) data first…

  • Mexican Tariffs Could Cause Corona And Modelo Beer Prices To Spike

    Published 04 June 2019 | viewed 590 times

    Last Thursday, President Trump tweeted he would impose a 5% tariff on all goods coming from Mexico starting next Monday [June 10] "until such time as illegal…

  • The Worst-Case Trade War Scenario

    Published 03 June 2019 | viewed 467 times

    While economists, having finally taken the threat of trade war seriously, are trying to calculate whether a worst case scenario in the Chinese trade war…

  • Beijing’s Plan To Disrupt Rare-Earth Exports

    Published 31 May 2019 | viewed 693 times

    Despite last night's disappointing PMI print, the latest sign that the trade-war backlash is hurting the mainland economy (especially since the credit injections from earlier this…

  • Is Asia About To Create Its Own Common Currency?

    Published 30 May 2019 | viewed 1,493 times

    For years, gold bulls had speculated that China has been quietly piling up physical gold, awaiting the moment to unveil a gold-backed currency, either after…

  • Amazon Set To Leave Many Of Its Long-Time Vendors

    Published 28 May 2019 | viewed 578 times

    Amazon is set to purge many of its small suppliers over the next few months, according to Bloomberg. The purge could shatter the generally favorable relationship…

  • China Prepares New Cybersecurity Law In Retaliation Against The U.S.

    Published 27 May 2019 | viewed 2,009 times

    While China is still debating whether or not to implement rare-earth quotas or use any of the other "nuclear options" it has available in response…

  • Facebook Scrubs Over 2 Billion Fake Accounts

    Published 24 May 2019 | viewed 2,763 times

    On one hand, Facebook - the world's biggest social media company - represented that it has just under 2.4 billion monthly active users from across the globe.…

  • Tesla Slashes Prices Again

    Published 21 May 2019 | viewed 2,812 times

    Tesla is cutting prices yet again, a clear sign that "demand hell" has set in for the embattled automaker, and that the weather in Shortsville…

  • Central Banks Are Stockpiling Gold At The Fastest Rate In Half A Decade

    Published 15 May 2019 | viewed 4,762 times

    Earlier this month the World Gold Council published its quarterly report– and it shows that central banks and foreign governments from around the world are buying…

  • Trader Compares Current Market Environment To 2007

    Published 13 May 2019 | viewed 3,284 times

    Buy the rumor sell the fact. It’s the second time in a week, I’ve used that annoyingly misunderstood phrase. The previous time, it was in…

  • Major Lawsuit Could Derail $1.2 Trillion Leveraged Loan Market

    Published 10 May 2019 | viewed 1,187 times

    Ask any banker (or analyst) what the difference is between a junk bond and a loan, and you'll most likely get a blank start in…

  • Banks Are Doubling Down On Risky Credit Card Debt

    Published 08 May 2019 | viewed 1,295 times

    As each of the seven largest credit-card issuers in the US reported a troubling jump in default rates to levels not seen in the better…

  • Stocks Slip As Trump Ramps Up Trade Deal Rhetoric

    Published 06 May 2019 | viewed 3,262 times

    So much for months and months of constant leaks, headlines, tweets, and press reports that US-China trade talks are going great, and are imminent amid…

  • Silicon Valley's Biggest Backer Could Be Eyeing $100 Billion IPO

    Published 03 May 2019 | viewed 3,392 times

    After establishing its Vision Fund as the world's preeminent marginal investor in Silicon Valley's most overhyped (and overvalued) startups, SoftBank, its CEO Masayoshi Son and…

  • Fake Website Traffic Costs Companies $50 Billion Per Year

    Published 01 May 2019 | viewed 2,917 times

    Advertising fraud online is being called the second largest organized crime scheme globally, according to Digital News Daily. About 3/4 of US fraudulent advertising traffic is…