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  • China Is Taking Data-Mining To The Next Level

    Published 13 December 2018 | viewed 149 times

    China is deploying emotional surveillance technology that mines data from the minds of its citizens. Essentially, they’re data mining by reading their brains. The light-weight…

  • Market Uncertainty Creates A Buying Opportunity For Gold

    Published 06 December 2018 | viewed 1,075 times

    From 2000 through 2012, the price of gold increased every year, rising from around $280 an ounce to nearly $1,700. It was an unprecedented run. Then,…

  • Russia Will "Respond Appropriately" If U.S. Ditches Nuclear Deal

    Published 05 December 2018 | viewed 354 times

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that the Kremlin would "respond appropriately" if the United States pulls out of the Cold War-era nuclear weapons…

  • $3 Billion Italian Bond Sale Shocks Markets

    Published 28 November 2018 | viewed 1,185 times

    In the clearest indication yet of just how severe the recent spike in Italian yields has been on the country's financial institutions, Italy's largest bank,…

  • What’s Behind China’s Tightening Grip On Global Gold Markets?

    Published 20 November 2018 | viewed 3,696 times

    With Western-educated economists embedded in China’s administration, has China retained the collective nous to understand the flaws, limitations and dangers of the West’s fiat money…

  • New A.I. Virtual Assistant Gives Traders An Edge

    Published 14 November 2018 | viewed 584 times

    Three things are certain: death, taxes, and that the already thin gap between human trader and algo is narrowing ever further. AllianceBernstein's new virtual assistant can…

  • Low Oil Prices Weigh On Stock Market

    Published 12 November 2018 | viewed 1,588 times

    The near WTI futures price is down 23 percent since peaking on October 3rd as traders front ran the Iranian oil sanctions, which went in…

  • Bitcoin Volatility Falls To Two-Year Low

    Published 08 November 2018 | viewed 693 times

    Bitcoin, like most cryptocurrencies, has experienced tremendous pain in 2018, but there is a silver lining developing - in stark contrast to the violent swings…

  • What Will The Next Global Economic Crisis Look Like?

    Published 07 November 2018 | viewed 827 times

    With the 10th anniversary of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy having just passed and the recent stock market drop, the fear of a new financial crisis is…

  • What Happens When China's Debt Bubble Explodes?

    Published 31 October 2018 | viewed 1,670 times

    The great Chinese growth slowdown has been proceeding in stages for the past two years. The reason is simple. Much of China’s “growth” (about 25 percent…

  • How The World’s Most Bearish Fund Will Play The Next Crash

    Published 22 October 2018 | viewed 839 times

    After a painful stretch of five consecutive down months, September couldn't come fast enough for Horseman Global, which we previously dubbed "the world's most bearish…

  • Italy Budget "Not Compatible With Commitments That Exist In The EU"

    Published 17 October 2018 | viewed 535 times

    Earlier this morning, we reported that according to Deutsche Bank economists - and virtually everyone else except for those who were apparently waving in BTPs…

  • Google Opens Up About "Project Dragonfly"

    Published 16 October 2018 | viewed 665 times

    Having tried obscuring the scope of "Project Dragonfly" in communications with both the public and its own employees - lies that were laid bare by an…

  • IMF Warns Of Potential Economic Meltdown

    Published 04 October 2018 | viewed 1,410 times

    The world economy is at risk of another financial meltdown, following the failure of governments and regulators to push through all the reforms  needed to protect the system…

  • The 5G Rollout No One Wanted, But Everyone Expected

    Published 02 October 2018 | viewed 686 times

    On Monday October 1st, Sacramento, Houston, Indianapolis and Los Angeles became the first cities to gain access to Verizon’s 5G Wireless service. The City of Sacramento…

  • 15 Bullish Assumptions To Be Wary Of

    Published 26 September 2018 | viewed 847 times

    If all goes well for nine more months, the post-financial crisis economic expansion will become the longest economic expansion in recent U.S. history. The U.S.…

  • Qualcomm Accuses Apple Of Stealing Chip Secrets, Giving Them To Intel

    Published 25 September 2018 | viewed 642 times

    The latest episode in the years-long legal drama between Qualcomm and Apple was unveiled today, when CNBC's David Faber reported that Qualcomm has lobbed "explosive"…

  • Debunking The A.I. Productivity Myth

    Published 19 September 2018 | viewed 839 times

    Automation seems to be a never-ending source of fear-mongering. Judging from the commentary, robots will “replace us” and cause large-scale unemployment. With the entry of artificial…

  • Zuckerberg Outlines Facebook's Plan To Combat 'Fake News'

    Published 13 September 2018 | viewed 929 times

    Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg won praise for her testimony before Congress last week (though her confused responses to questions about hate speech on the company's…

  • The Death Of Retail In NYC

    Published 11 September 2018 | viewed 1,591 times

    One of the more remarkable aspects of US late cycle fiscal easing is that it has attempted to smooth the business cycle ahead of the…