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Chad Hudson

Chad Hudson

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010

  • Worldcons

    Published 26 June 2002 | viewed 2,834 times

    After the fall of Enron, we had little doubt it would be an isolated incident or "company specific." The great bull market changed the rules…

  • US Fund Managers are an Optimistic Group

    Published 20 June 2002 | viewed 2,852 times

    Merrill Lynch's recent survey of portfolio managers indicates that US equities have lost their luster. Not only do more fund managers think that the earnings…

  • Nothing Super About SuperComm

    Published 13 June 2002 | viewed 2,913 times

    SuperComm, the telecommunications industry's big annual conference, was last week. It didn't have the pizzazz as in the past and this year attendance was down…

  • Weighing On The Market

    Published 06 June 2002 | viewed 2,798 times

    Pundits have been asking why the market is not perking up with the increasingly optimistic economic data that has been coming out recently. The usual…

  • Dominos Falling

    Published 29 May 2002 | viewed 2,897 times

    Economists have gotten more optimistic about the prospects of the U.S. economy. The latest survey of professional forecasters published by the Federal Reserve Bank of…

  • Is There Risk to the Risk Premium?

    Published 23 May 2002 | viewed 4,012 times

    It is obvious now to almost everyone that the stock market returns of the late 1990s were drastically above average. Investors are starting to lower…

  • Strong Retail Sales, But for How Long?

    Published 15 May 2002 | viewed 2,960 times

    It appears that the economy has started to recover and the recession is almost a distant memory. Retail sales in April were up a strong…

  • Venture Capital Dries Up

    Published 08 May 2002 | viewed 3,602 times

    Money raised by venture capital firms in the first quarter fell by 56% compared to last year. While this is not surprising given the performance…

  • Capx Spending to the Rescue?

    Published 01 May 2002 | viewed 3,739 times

    The general consensus for the economy recovery rests on the belief that companies will increase capital spending, which will lead the economy to recovery. As…

  • Cautiously Optimistic

    Published 25 April 2002 | viewed 3,102 times

    The flurry of corporate earning releases is winding down. Industrial companies concentrated their statements to three over-riding themes. Companies were generally "cautiously optimistic." They saw…

  • Microcosms

    Published 17 April 2002 | viewed 2,810 times

    Reading through the first batch of earnings releases confirms that the economy is running on two separate tracks. Consumer related companies are experiencing business levels…

  • Big (Black n') Blue

    Published 10 April 2002 | viewed 2,993 times

    The big earnings news this week was the pre-announcement from IBM. IBM announced revenue would be on the light side for the first quarter by…

  • The Survey Says...

    Published 03 April 2002 | viewed 2,710 times

    The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) released the results its March surveys this week. On Monday, the manufacturing survey had the second consecutive reading over…

  • Consumers Exceed Expectations, and CFAs - Vote NO

    Published 27 March 2002 | viewed 2,746 times

    Once again the U.S. consumer amazed Wall Street by having more confidence in the economy than it expected. Consumer confidence jumped over 15 points in…

  • Cash Me Out

    Published 21 March 2002 | viewed 3,181 times

    Several items out this week confirm that the consumer is still bulletproof. Today, housing starts for February rose 2.58% to 1.769 million unit rate. Not…

  • Poor Retail Sales?

    Published 14 March 2002 | viewed 3,033 times

    Today's release of retail sales surprised the market. The Commerce Department released that retail sales grew only 0.3% in February, well below the 1% economists…

  • All Hail the Consumer

    Published 07 March 2002 | viewed 4,170 times

    The past week has been filled with all kinds of goods news. First, the preliminary GDP report indicated much stronger growth than expected. This was…

  • Where Does the Money Go?

    Published 27 February 2002 | viewed 2,856 times

    This week has seen the usual amount of mixed data. First we learn existing home sales set a record in January, and then new home…

  • Finding La Cucarachas

    Published 20 February 2002 | viewed 3,021 times

    Bull markets have a way of obscuring irregular activities. Bending accounting conventions and related-party transactions are the most typical ways for managers to benefit from…

  • Can't Cut All Expenses

    Published 13 February 2002 | viewed 2,913 times

    Capital markets have gained a newfound interest in companies that have heavy debt loads. Unfortunately, this is a very large list and list is not…