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Chad Hudson

Chad Hudson

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010

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    The government released its tally of August retail sales last week, which can best be described as interesting. Instead of the 1.5% increase economists were…

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    UNEDITED Retailers reported August sales last Thursday, which were very strong, but very disjointed. According to a research report published by CSFB, general merchandisers did…

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    UNEDITED The financial services industry received another black eye at the hand of New York Attorney General, Elliot Spitzer. At a news conference today, Spitzer…

  • Enjoying the Outdoors

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    Hewlett-Packard derailed the technology train, at least for a couple of hours this morning. One year following the historic merger of HP and Compaq, it…

  • Consumption Junction

    Published 14 August 2003 | viewed 64,077 times

    Retailers started reporting second quarter earnings this week. From the limited sample that have already reported, the results appear favorable as margins have held up…

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    This week's economic data continued to depict an economy gaining strength. However, the stock market has not been impressed as the S&P 500 closed at…

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    This week started the flurry of corporate earnings reports. While still too early to draw conclusions, companies have reported better than expected earnings. First Call…

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    The stock market has been a dangerous environment for short sellers. The liquidity tap has been wide open for several months, which has helped fuel…

  • Goodbye Second Quarter

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    (UNEDITED Company announcements quieted down during this shortened trading week. Most of the news this week showed that the economy was at least treading water…

  • 100 Basis Points Left

    Published 25 June 2003 | viewed 2,782 times

    The Federal Reserve lowered the target rate for federal funds by 25 basis points to 1.0%. Furthermore, the Federal Reserve said, "the probability, though minor,…

  • Pre-announcements Heating Up

    Published 18 June 2003 | viewed 2,004 times

    (UNEDITED) Earnings pre-announcements started last week with a few companies announcing sales would be lower than forecasted due to SARS. The SARS theme continued this…

  • Consumers Continue To Pull The Economy

    Published 11 June 2003 | viewed 1,989 times

    Retailers reported May sales last week that were generally within analysts expectations. As a group, same store sales increased 1.8% year-over-year. Discount stores continue to…

  • Stop Making Sense

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    (UNEDITED) May auto sales came in at an annual rate of 16.1 million units, which was a little better than expected and just a bit…

  • Buy a Home and a Homebuilder

    Published 29 May 2003 | viewed 2,204 times

    (UNEDITED) The S&P Homebuilding index is up almost 45% year-to-date and several homebuilders are trading at all-time highs. It is far and away the best…

  • Kohl's Turns Cold

    Published 22 May 2003 | viewed 2,434 times

    Last week, retailers started reporting first quarter earnings and several had disappointing results. Not only have sales been below plan, but a large number ended…