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Chad Hudson

Chad Hudson

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010

  • Patiently Waiting For Jobs

    Published 18 March 2004 | viewed 1,911 times

    UNEDITED To nobody's surprise the Federal Reserve left its target for federal funds at 1%. Additionally, it Fed maintained that "it can be patient in…

  • Four Years and 3,000 Points Later

    Published 11 March 2004 | viewed 1,856 times

    UNEDITED Wednesday, marked the fourth anniversary of the top in the NASDAQ Composite Index. On March 10, 2000 the NASDAQ traded as high as 5,132.52…

  • All Eyes on Friday

    Published 04 March 2004 | viewed 2,194 times

    UNEDITED It seems everyone is focused on employment. It is the driving political football and the markets are fixated on any clues that offer insight…

  • Confidence Down, Earnings Up

    Published 26 February 2004 | viewed 1,949 times

    UNEDITED This week the Conference Board reported that consumer confidence dropped 9.5 points to 87.3 in February; this was the lowest level since October of…

  • Is Stimulated Growth Sustainable Growth?

    Published 19 February 2004 | viewed 2,401 times

    Over the past couple of months, I have been asked if I am still bearish or even if I have turned bullish. I admit that…

  • Short and Ugly

    Published 12 February 2004 | viewed 2,159 times

    UNEDITED The stock market has continued to be a difficult environment for short sellers. Short dedicated hedge funds experienced the worst year since at least…

  • Inflation On The Horizon

    Published 05 February 2004 | viewed 2,455 times

    UNEDITED The manufacturing and service sectors of the economy continued to expand in January according to the surveys from the Institute for Supply Management. The…

  • Dropping "Considerable"

    Published 29 January 2004 | viewed 1,768 times

    UNEDITED The Federal Reserve surprised investors by dropping the phrase "considerable period" in the statement announcing its decision on interest rates. Instead of saying that…

  • Earnings Lead Market Higher

    Published 22 January 2004 | viewed 1,829 times

    UNEDITED This week marks the first week big of peak earnings season. Almost 25% of the S&P 500 has reported earnings. Of the 123 companies…

  • Are Expectations Too High?

    Published 15 January 2004 | viewed 2,379 times

    UNEDITED Fourth quarter earnings season is underway. The pre-announcement period was one of the most positive in recent history. The negative / positive ratio was…

  • Will the Momentum Continue?

    Published 08 January 2004 | viewed 1,988 times

    UNEDITED Last year was marked by a surge in investors' appetite for risky assets. The S&P 500 added 28.7% last year after declining in each…

  • Has Housing Topped?

    Published 18 December 2003 | viewed 2,866 times

    Retail sales continue to be the focus point for investors. As expected, retail sales rebounded last week after being depressed the prior week due to…

  • "Considerable" Justification

    Published 11 December 2003 | viewed 2,039 times

    The focus for the week was the Federal Reserve's FOMC meeting on Tuesday. The Fed not only left the Fed Funds rate at 1%, but…

  • Is Focusing on Productivity Productive?

    Published 04 December 2003 | viewed 2,413 times

    UNEDITED More economic data was released this week pointing to an expanding economy. The ISM manufacturing survey jumped 5.8 points to 62.8, which was the…

  • Boomtime Again?

    Published 27 November 2003 | viewed 2,007 times

    UNEDITED There was a lot of economic data already released during this shortened trading week, with almost all of it indicating the economy continues to…

  • Is Housing the Differentiating Factor?

    Published 20 November 2003 | viewed 2,273 times

    UNEDITED The residential construction report released by the Commerce Department on Wednesday provided four positive data points for the housing sector. Housing starts jumped 3.2%…

  • The Cost of Auto Incentives

    Published 13 November 2003 | viewed 2,962 times

    UNEDITED Revenue growth in the third quarter was up 9.5% for the S&P 500 according to the latest estimate from First Call. This is substantially…

  • Is The US Economy Overheating?

    Published 06 November 2003 | viewed 3,221 times

    UNEDITED Last weeks release of third quarter GDP gave further evidence that the economy has been stimulated beyond anything healthy. The fact that the Federal…

  • Housing Bubbles

    Published 30 October 2003 | viewed 3,845 times

    UNEDITED There are virtually no signs of weakness in the housing sector. Aggregate sales data along with results from individual homebuilders continue to outpace estimates.…

  • Déjà Vu

    Published 23 October 2003 | viewed 2,114 times

    UNEDITED During the first two week of October the market rallied about 5% coming into earnings season. Investors clearly were anticipating third quarter results to…