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Chad Hudson

Chad Hudson

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010

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    The obvious big news for the week is the 25 basis point cut. Will the eleventh consecutive cut for a total of 4.75%, influence companies…

  • NAPM's blip

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    Today, Wall Street’s fears were eased by the Non-Manufacturing NAPM survey came in higher than economists expectations and actually signaled some expansion. I would be…

  • NBER plays Grinch

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    Retailers must really hate the timing of the NBER declaring a recession. Just in time to kick off the holiday shopping season. Coupled with lower…

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    Economic statastics released this week show that the economy continued to weaken even before the attack on September 11th. The Index of Leading Indicators fell…

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    The tragic attack in New York City and Washington D.C. really puts economic and capital market analysis in its proper perspective. I'm sure I'm not…

  • Do as I Say, Not as I DO

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    Dallas Fed president Robert McTeer met with the editors and writers of the Dallas Morning News last week and the interview ran over the weekend,…

  • No Rebound Yet

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    Sun Microsystems just announced that it would not meet the $3.7 billion revenue target set last month. Sun also stated that it doubts it will…

  • Retailers Starting to Show Cracks

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    Retail stocks have held up amazingly well. However, they are starting to experience weakness as investors are starting to realize that the economic slowdown is…