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Chad Hudson

Chad Hudson

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010

  • Economists Must Live on Communes

    Published 19 April 2007 | viewed 3,161 times

    Economic data released over the past week was much friendlier to those hoping for the Fed to start easing. The bond market cheered the March…

  • Inflation Remains a Concern

    Published 12 April 2007 | viewed 3,038 times

    Last week, the Labor Department reported that 180,000 jobs were created in March, which was significantly more than the 130,000 economists forecasted. Additionally, the revisions…

  • The S-word Has Started Popping Up

    Published 05 April 2007 | viewed 6,247 times

    Economic growth continued to show signs of moderating this week. The ISM manufacturing index fell 1.4 points to 50.9 in March. There has been a…

  • Spring Doesn't Bloom for Homebuilders

    Published 29 March 2007 | viewed 3,423 times

    Evidence continued to pile up that the housing sector remains in turmoil. There was a brief reprieve last week as the National Association of Realtors…

  • Economic Growth Appears Vulnerable

    Published 08 March 2007 | viewed 2,708 times

    Almost all the S&P 500 companies have reported fourth quarter earnings and the tally now shows earnings increased 11.7%. While this was higher than estimates…

  • Inflation Concerns Return

    Published 23 February 2007 | viewed 2,591 times

    FOMC minutes for the January meeting were released on Wednesday. Inflation was cited as the "predominant concern." The Fed noted that it "did not yet…

  • Manufacturing Starts to Slow Along with Earnings

    Published 16 February 2007 | viewed 2,619 times

    Recent economic data along with corporate results have signaled that economic activity was more robust in December than previously reported, but has waned since the…

  • Earnings Start to Slump

    Published 02 February 2007 | viewed 1,829 times

    Fourth quarter earnings are not as rosy as they have been over the past several quarters. Just over half of the 500 companies in the…

  • Earnings Growth Decelerates

    Published 19 January 2007 | viewed 2,371 times

    Earnings season is upon us once again. Over the past two weeks, analysts have lowered their estimates for fourth quarter earnings growth. Analysts now forecast…

  • Consumers Remain Resilient

    Published 17 November 2006 | viewed 2,453 times

    Last week, investors became very cautious of retail stocks after the majority of retailers reported lackluster October results. These concerns were short-lived as retailers started…

  • Do Retail Sales Point to a Slowdown?

    Published 10 November 2006 | viewed 2,613 times

    Early last week, Wal-Mart announced that its same store sales increased 0.5% in October, which was less than the 1.5% gain analysts were expecting. This…

  • Manufacturing Slows, Earnings Remain Strong

    Published 26 October 2006 | viewed 2,019 times

    There have been some indications that economic growth has sputtered over the past several months. Over the summer, consumers balked as energy prices soared. Just…

  • Earnings Point to Stronger Growth

    Published 20 October 2006 | viewed 3,144 times

    Consumer prices dropped 0.5% in September, mostly due to a 7.2% decline in energy prices. While lower energy prices helped tame the headline number, the…

  • Housing Remains Under Pressure

    Published 29 September 2006 | viewed 3,252 times

    Existing home sales dropped slightly in August to a 6.3 million unit annualized pace. The median price dropped to $225,000, 1.7% less than last year.…

  • Lower Energy Prices Energize Investors

    Published 14 September 2006 | viewed 2,501 times

    Corporate earnings have been increasing at a double-digit rate over the past twelve quarters. This has bolstered corporate balance sheets and companies have not been…

  • Close Call

    Published 31 August 2006 | viewed 3,752 times

    The minutes of the August FOMC meeting were released on Tuesday. The minutes revealed that the decision to "keep policy unchanged at this meeting was…

  • Housing Weighs on the Economy

    Published 25 August 2006 | viewed 2,450 times

    There was little surprise that the housing market remained weak in July. Existing homes sales fell 4% from June to an annual rate of 6.33…

  • Inflation Fears Slip

    Published 19 August 2006 | viewed 2,242 times

    Inflation fears eased after the Labor Department reported that producer prices increased only 0.1% in July. Economists were expecting an increase of 0.4%. Additionally, the…

  • Homebuilders Start Fessing Up

    Published 27 July 2006 | viewed 3,865 times

    Corporate earnings have continued to exceed analysts' expectations. With just over half of the companies in the S&P 500 having reported second quarter earnings, 69%…

  • Consumers are Starting to Look Tired

    Published 13 July 2006 | viewed 4,054 times

    The employment report released last Friday gave economists reason to forecast that the Fed will stop after one more hike. After the ADP report caused…