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Chad Hudson

Chad Hudson

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010

  • Is the Economy Accelerating?

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    UNEDITED Throughout the first half of the year, the economic data has been ambiguous. Growth in the manufacturing sector has moderated from the rapid growth…

  • Will the Fed Remain "Measured"

    Published 30 June 2005 | viewed 3,213 times

    UNEDITED First quarter GDP was revised higher by 10 basis points to 3.8% matching the pace from the fourth quarter 2004. Additionally, inflation was more…

  • If It Looks Like a Bubble...

    Published 23 June 2005 | viewed 6,746 times

    UNEDITED Earlier this month, Bear Stearns published a research report that analyzed past asset bubbles and found there were quite a few similarities. Using these…

  • Slower Economy = Refi Time

    Published 16 June 2005 | viewed 2,906 times

    The price of oil had a large affect on several of the economic indicators that were released this week. During May, the price of crude…

  • More Conflicting Data

    Published 09 June 2005 | viewed 2,179 times

    UNEDITED! The performance of the U.S. stock market was mixed. For the week, the Dow gained about 0.5%, with the S&P500 posting a small advance.…

  • The Economy Needs Extra Innings

    Published 02 June 2005 | viewed 2,238 times

    First quarter GDP growth was revised up to 3.5% from the preliminary estimate of 3.1%, and slightly below the consensus forecast of 3.6%. The narrowing…

  • Housing Bubbles

    Published 26 May 2005 | viewed 4,478 times

    UNEDITED Corporate earnings during the first quarter were substantially better than investors anticipated. About 96% of the S&P 500 companies have reported first quarter earnings,…

  • Inflation Rising

    Published 19 May 2005 | viewed 3,566 times

    Over the past week, there has been a little bit of news that everyone can hang their hat on. Last week, the government reported that…

  • Blame a Wet Easter Bunny

    Published 12 May 2005 | viewed 3,029 times

    UNEDITED! Last week, the Labor Department reported that 274,000 jobs were created in April. This was significantly better than the 174,000 increase economists were expecting.…

  • Can The Fed Really Stop Soon?

    Published 05 May 2005 | viewed 3,403 times

    UNEDITED Economists didn't needed anymore data that showed the economy slowed during the last part of the first quarter, but there was plenty that was…

  • Has the Economy Stalled?

    Published 28 April 2005 | viewed 2,626 times

    Economic data and corporate earnings reports released this week continued to indicate that economic activity was mixed in March. After months of strong growth, the…

  • Investors Suffer Whiplash

    Published 21 April 2005 | viewed 3,576 times

    UNEDITED! The past couple of weeks have witnessed some severe swings in investor sentiment. At the beginning of the month, investors were thinking that the…

  • Consumers Remain Buoyant

    Published 14 April 2005 | viewed 2,963 times

    The pace of consumer spending has been a hot topic ever since the late 90s. During the recession, consumer spending never retrenched in order to…

  • Payrolls Increased at a "Measured" Pace

    Published 07 April 2005 | viewed 2,841 times

    Last Friday provided a slew of economic data with the March employment report taking top billing. The economy added 110,000 jobs, the lowest number created…

  • Will GM Spoil Economic Growth?

    Published 31 March 2005 | viewed 4,579 times

    UNEDITED Consumer confidence slightly dropped in March according to the latest survey by the Conference Board. This came after four consecutive monthly increases that eclipsed…

  • Fed Acknowledges Inflation

    Published 24 March 2005 | viewed 3,642 times

    UNEDITED The Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 25 basis points to 2.75%. While, the rate increase was widely expected, the statement was more hawkish…

  • GM Faces Reality

    Published 17 March 2005 | viewed 4,210 times

    UNEDITED The government reported that retail sales in February increased 0.5%. This was slightly worse than the 0.6% growth economists expected, but January was revised…

  • Beige Book Hints At Inflation

    Published 10 March 2005 | viewed 3,369 times

    Last week, we mentioned that Ed Hyman raised his GDP growth forecast throughout the month of February. Bloomberg reported this week that Hyman was not…

  • Fed Tightening = Financial Crisis?

    Published 03 March 2005 | viewed 5,179 times

    UNEDITED! While personal income dropped in January from December, wages and salaries increased 0.6%. Overall income soared in December due to the dividend that Microsoft…

  • How Long Until Higher Prices Hit Consumers?

    Published 24 February 2005 | viewed 3,665 times

    UNEDITED Consumer confidence slipped in February according to the latest surveys. The Consumer Confidence Index from the Conference Board dropped 1.1 points to 104, but…