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Chad Hudson

Chad Hudson

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010

  • Retail Sales Cool

    Published 17 February 2005 | viewed 2,986 times

    UNEDITED Retail sales in January slipped 0.3% from December, excluding autos, sales increased 0.6%. On a year-over-year basis, retail sales advanced 4.5%, this was the…

  • Bubblin' Crude Lifts Earnings

    Published 10 February 2005 | viewed 3,167 times

    UNEDITED Earnings season finally comes to a close this week. Retailing companies are about the only group that is left to report fourth quarter earnings.…

  • Higher Interest Rates and Slower Earnings Growth

    Published 03 February 2005 | viewed 5,374 times

    UNEDITED The Federal Reserve increased its target rate by 25 basis points to 2.5%. This was the sixth consecutive increase. The Fed only omitted the…

  • Costs Are Pressuring Margins

    Published 27 January 2005 | viewed 3,610 times

    UNEDITED The second week of earnings season is dominating investors interest. Companies have been beating earnings estimates. By Wednesday night, 196 S&P 500 companies had…

  • Will The Economy Continue to Drive Earnings?

    Published 20 January 2005 | viewed 2,395 times

    Investors are focused on fourth quarter earnings this week, but the release of the Federal Reserve's Beige Book and CPI report on Wednesday offered brief…

  • Play Me An iTune

    Published 13 January 2005 | viewed 2,216 times

    UNEDITED Since the fourth quarter started, earnings estimates for the S&P 500 have declined slightly. On October 1, analysts expected earnings to increase 15.5% during…

  • Another Twenty-Five Basis Points

    Published 16 December 2004 | viewed 2,356 times

    UNEDITED Surprising nobody, the Federal Reserve increased the fed funds target rate by 25 basis points to 2.25%. This was the fifth consecutive rate hike.…

  • Waiting For The Sales

    Published 09 December 2004 | viewed 2,275 times

    UNEDITED The breather holiday shoppers took after Black Friday continued during the first full week of holiday shopping. Retail sales increased by 3.3% from the…

  • A Mixed Picture

    Published 02 December 2004 | viewed 1,880 times

    UNEDITED There was a lot of economic data released this week that continued the string of strong economic data. On Monday, third quarter GDP was…

  • Heads - I Win, Tails - You Lose

    Published 25 November 2004 | viewed 2,133 times

    UNEDITED! Several housing indicators were released over the past week that confirmed the housing market remained robust in October. During the beginning of the month…

  • Is Sears a Blue Light Special?

    Published 18 November 2004 | viewed 2,388 times

    Retailers have been in the spotlight this week. Several large retailers reported earnings this week, but it was the announcement that K-Mart will purchase Sears…

  • Another 25 Basis Points, How Many Left?

    Published 11 November 2004 | viewed 2,091 times

    After several months of lackluster labor markets the US economy finally added a significant number of jobs. According to the October employment situation report, 337,000…

  • Investors Exhale

    Published 04 November 2004 | viewed 2,248 times

    UNEDITED With earnings season and the elections over, investors breathed a sigh of relief. The Bush victory is perceived bullish for stocks and third quarter…

  • Earnings Season Winds Down

    Published 28 October 2004 | viewed 1,732 times

    UNEDITED Earnings reports have poured in over the past two weeks, that have generally met or exceeded earnings estimates. Of the 334 S&P 500 companies…

  • Raw Materials Rubbing Companies Raw

    Published 21 October 2004 | viewed 2,208 times

    Third quarter earnings season got in full force this week. There are 179 of the S&P 500 that report earnings this week, and 136 next…

  • Earnings Roll In

    Published 14 October 2004 | viewed 2,003 times

    UNEDITED On Wednesday, prices for base metals plunged. Copper fell 11%, lead dropped 6%, nickel sunk 17%, tin declined 6% and zinc fell 7%. The…

  • Cracks Appear In Housing

    Published 07 October 2004 | viewed 2,985 times

    UNEDITED The second quarter of this year was one of the rare times in recent history that gross private investment contributed more to GDP growth…

  • Revising Down

    Published 30 September 2004 | viewed 1,830 times

    Last week, the National Association of Realtors reported that sales of existing homes fell to a 6.54 million annualized rate from 6.72 million last month.…

  • Is Growth Waning?

    Published 16 September 2004 | viewed 2,060 times

    UNEDITED Retail sales fell 0.3% in August according to the report published by the Commerce Department this week. The drop was due to a 1.9%…

  • Economic Flux

    Published 09 September 2004 | viewed 2,580 times

    UNEDITED Last week was capped off by the August employment report that revealed 144,000 jobs were added. While slightly lower than the 150,000 jobs economists…