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Chad Hudson

Chad Hudson

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010

  • Is the Retail Rebound Over?

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    UNEDITED With substantially all of the S&P 500 reporting second quarter earnings, earnings growth will be up over 25% for the third consecutive quarter. It…

  • Looking Behind CPI

    Published 19 August 2004 | viewed 2,308 times

    On Tuesday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the Consumer Price Index fell 0.1% in July from the prior month and is 3.0% higher…

  • Looking Behind Earnings Growth

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    Several market pundits have dismissed the notion that the market has sold off during earnings season because companies have lowered their expectations for the second…

  • Will Consumers Bounce Back?

    Published 05 August 2004 | viewed 3,058 times

    UNEDITED! The government's tally of personal spending for June confirmed that spending contracted. In fact, the report published by the Commerce Department showed that spending…

  • From the Horse's Mouth

    Published 22 July 2004 | viewed 2,627 times

    Earlier this month, retailers and automakers reported that June sales slowed significantly from the previous pace. There has also been a recent spate of conflicting…

  • Retailers Weaken

    Published 15 July 2004 | viewed 1,940 times

    UNEDITED Retail sales have been in the spotlight over the past week. Last week, retailers reported June same store sales that were weaker than forecasted.…

  • Mixed Signals

    Published 08 July 2004 | viewed 1,987 times

    UNEDITED After last week's spree of economic data, this is a relatively quiet week as investors await the start of second quarter earnings announcements. Besides…

  • 25 Basis Points Down, How Many More?

    Published 01 July 2004 | viewed 2,801 times

    UNEDITED Just as about everyone expected, the Federal Reserve increased interest rates by 25 basis points. Of the 143 forecasts that comprised Bloomberg's estimate, only…

  • Does Leverage Matter?

    Published 24 June 2004 | viewed 2,174 times

    This has been a quiet week, especially compared to last week's deluge of economic data. Earnings preannouncements and a few earnings reports attempted to keep…

  • Manufacturing Taking the Lead?

    Published 17 June 2004 | viewed 2,500 times

    There were several economic reports released this week that showed the economy remained buoyant in May. In a departure from the recent past, there are…

  • Cracks Starting to Form?

    Published 10 June 2004 | viewed 2,048 times

    UNEDITED Two economic reports released last week showed that economic activity continued to expand in May. The employment report from the Bureau of Labor showed…

  • Incentives Boosts Auto Sales

    Published 03 June 2004 | viewed 2,143 times

    Two surveys recently released showed that the manufacturing sector continued to expand in May and will likely remain robust in the coming months. Last week,…

  • Will History Rhyme?

    Published 27 May 2004 | viewed 2,124 times

    UNEDITED Earnings announcements for the first quarter are mostly complete. As of last Friday, 97% of S&P 500 companies had reported first quarter earnings. Seventy-four…

  • Cracks Appearing In The Consumer

    Published 20 May 2004 | viewed 1,868 times

    UNEDITED Over the past several months economic data and corporate earnings have shown that the economy was expanding rapidly. The last area to recover was…

  • Economy Rolls, Auto Sales Stall

    Published 06 May 2004 | viewed 1,835 times

    Early indications show that the economy continued to fire on all cylinders in April. While the ISM manufacturing survey fell 0.1 points to 62.4 from…

  • Strong Earnings, Stagnant Stocks

    Published 29 April 2004 | viewed 2,098 times

    UNEDITED This week concludes the peak of first quarter earnings season. After this week, investors will have digested earnings announcements for all but 20% of…

  • Rising Earnings, Rising Costs

    Published 22 April 2004 | viewed 2,133 times

    UNEDITED Companies have been reporting first quarter earnings that have generally been above analysts' estimates. So far of the 190 S&P 500 companies that have…

  • The Risk of ARMs

    Published 08 April 2004 | viewed 2,000 times

    UNEDITED Economic data released over the past week showed that the economy has continued to expand. The non-manufacturing ISM survey reached a record high in…

  • Will Rising Prices Retard Growth?

    Published 01 April 2004 | viewed 1,998 times

    March auto sales will be released Thursday and according to analysts it will jump to 16.7 million units from 16.4 last month and 16.2 last…

  • Will Inflation Ever Be Acknowledged?

    Published 25 March 2004 | viewed 3,107 times

    UNEDITED Over the past two years commodity prices have steadily increased, some rather dramatically. Even as the Commodity Research Bureau (CRB) Index has soared almost…