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Chris Ciovacco

Chris Ciovacco

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010


Chris Ciovacco is the Chief Investment Officer for Ciovacco Capital Management, LLC.

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  • Long-Term Case for Stocks and Commodities Stronger than Case for Bonds

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    In their understandably concerned state of mind in the present day, investors may have lost sight of the longer-term drivers of asset prices. Bonds, especially…

  • Reading Between The Lines: James Bullard's Seven Faces of 'The Peril'

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    Preprint Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis September-October Issue 2010 July 29, 2010 After reading James Bullard's twenty-three page paper on possible monetary responses to…

  • Weak Job Creation Not A Surprise To Markets

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    We are all familiar with the common expression, markets do not like surprises. As it relates to the current state of the labor markets, the…

  • Hedge Funds Care, So Should You

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