• 2 days Markets Unfazed As Inflation Hits 13-Year High
  • 3 days How the Token Economy is Disrupting Financial Markets
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  • 7 days Fed Ends Corporate Credit Emergency Lending Program
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  • 11 days China Lifts Cap On Births, Allows Three Children Per Couple
  • 13 days The Market Is Ripe For Another GameStop Saga
  • 16 days Senate Grills Big Banks Over Pandemic Opportunism
  • 17 days Cannabis Has A Major Cash Problem
  • 18 days Ransomware Netted Criminals $350M In 2020 Alone
  • 19 days Russia Is Taking On Google
  • 20 days Chinese Regulators Deal Another Big Blow To Bitcoin
  • 21 days Ohio Residents Brave Vaccine for Chance To Win $1M
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  • 24 days Travel Might Get Another Supersonic Disruption
  • 25 days The World Is Running Out Of 6 Key Resources
  • 26 days $15/Hour Minimum Wage Might Happen Naturally
  • 28 days Money-Laundering Binance Probe Report Adds To Bitcoin Woes

Michael Ashton

Michael Ashton


Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010

  • Slowly Escaping Gravity

    Published 31 January 2011 | viewed 0 times

    I thought there was a decent chance that the riots in Egypt would blow over during the weekend. Not so - the protests continue apace…

  • Why Egypt Matters

    Published 28 January 2011 | viewed 0 times

    Warning: There are political opinions expressed along with market opinions below. If your sensibilities are inflamed by reading political opinion, please do not read the…

  • What To Make Of This?

    Published 27 January 2011 | viewed 0 times

    Initial Claims at 454k? This is a curveball! We are reaching the end of the most difficult period of seasonal adjustment, so this jump is…

  • Recovery On 30 Houses Per Day

    Published 26 January 2011 | viewed 0 times

    It has always been amazing to me the way that investors will confuse levels and changes. When I was new in the finance industry, I…

  • Keep Your Bonds

    Published 26 January 2011 | viewed 0 times

    The volumes ended up higher today, albeit still weak, and after trading down all day stocks ended up unchanged. Momentum is ebbing, but to that…

  • Sputtering

    Published 24 January 2011 | viewed 0 times

    In Ireland, the government is collapsing (I am not a scholar of Irish politics; the correct verb tense may be "has collapsed") as Prime Minister…

  • Don't Call Me Stupid

    Published 23 January 2011 | viewed 0 times

    Equities eked out another small gain, and fixed-income bounced as well, as another patch of unseasonably-cold weather headed for the east coast. This weather itself…

  • The Hypnosis Is Wearing Off

    Published 20 January 2011 | viewed 0 times

    Economic data today took a turn for the better, but should be placed properly in context. An important fact, though, is that for the first…

  • Recovering Our Senses

    Published 19 January 2011 | viewed 0 times

    Markets recently have been reversing Mackay's classic observation that "Men...think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only…

  • Ripples Of Inflation Concern

    Published 18 January 2011 | viewed 0 times

    Another quiet, weather-dampened day as a minor ice/slush storm trickled across the Northeast. Traders easing back from the holidays defaulted to the recent, easy trade…

  • The Outlook For Inflation

    Published 16 January 2011 | viewed 0 times

    Retail Sales was softer-than-expected (+0.6%, +0.5% ex-auto, plus downward revisions, versus 0.8%/0.7% expected), Industrial Production stronger-than-expected (+0.8% versus +0.5%), and CPI a smidge above expectations…

  • Perfect Drugs From Perfect Pharmacists

    Published 13 January 2011 | viewed 0 times

    We prepare to head into the long Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend with some interesting data today and some even more interesting data tomorrow.…

  • The Farce Is With Us

    Published 12 January 2011 | viewed 0 times

    The stock market leapt anew today, breaking out of the tedious range that has frustrated bulls for a whole week and a half. Ostensibly an…

  • Happy Binary Day! (1/11/11)

    Published 11 January 2011 | viewed 0 times

    Earnings season has begun again, and investor ebullience is in high froth. This isn't to say that every announcement, even announcements of "beats," is being…

  • Better To B

    Published 10 January 2011 | viewed 0 times

    It was a reasonably quiet Monday, as expected considering there was no economic data due. Stocks sagged in the morning, and both stocks and bonds…

  • It Depends What You Mean By 'Somewhere In Between'

    Published 08 January 2011 | viewed 0 times

    Aren't December Payrolls fun? The economy generated 103,000 new jobs in December. While upward revisions of 32k to November's data and 38k to October's data…

  • Surprise, Surprise? Or Not

    Published 06 January 2011 | viewed 0 times

    In December, the Employment number was a dismal disappointment, weak on almost every count. And yet, a month later, we prepare for the next Employment…

  • Stoking The Engine With Paper

    Published 05 January 2011 | viewed 0 times

    The bond market was higher overnight, and the stock market lower, largely on news that the Swiss National Bank said they will no longer accept…

  • Santa Claus Came To Town

    Published 04 January 2011 | viewed 0 times

    I think it is good to start the new year, when possible, with a proper dose of humility. Back in early September (in this comment),…

  • Portfolio Projections For The New Year

    Published 18 December 2010 | viewed 0 times

    Bonds lifted off today, with the 10y rate all the way back to 3.33%, but this time with TIPS underperforming. We really have seen it…