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Michael Ashton

Michael Ashton


Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010

  • I Don't Know Why They Swallowed The Fly

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    I waited to write my "Friday" comment until Sunday for a couple of reasons, the most important of which was that I wanted to see…

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    With some markets closed tomorrow - pit trading of interest rates closed, electronic markets open, equity markets open, cash bond markets closed - the ones…

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    With little on the calendar for today, trading started out sluggishly but began to get more interesting as the day wore on. I am writing…

  • Chairman H-E-Double-Hockeysticks

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    There is nothing quite like a national holiday on a Thursday for sapping market activity. I actually got a vacation response to an email I…

  • Hold Your Horses

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    Wow, the Employment number was a mess. I don't know that I have ever seen the Establishment survey and the Household survey more at odds…

  • Do As I Say, No Matter What I Do

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    On Thursday, the markets acted as if they were surprised by the Fed's action yesterday. Stocks leapt higher, along with bonds and (especially) commodities as…

  • Cool The Engines

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    It will take some time for investors to finish reading the huge volumes of analysis that will be and have been written about the events…

  • C-SPAN/CNBC Effect?

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    Nearly 20 years ago, economists introduced a new term into the English lexicon. The "CNN Effect" was meant to help explain why consumer spending dropped…

  • Brewster's Trillions And The Week Ahead

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    Well, at long last the week we have been waiting for has arrived, and with it we can expect a degree of volatility that has…

  • Less Reason To Be Bored, But Bored Still

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    The bond market continues to worry, while the stock market continues to be bored by the whole lead-in to the election and Fed policy meeting…

  • Negative Real Yields Are Nothing New

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    It gets increasingly difficult to write a comment about the macroeconomy and the market implications thereof when the macroeconomic developments have ceased to have any…

  • One More Turn Before The Home Stretch

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    On a Friday with no economic data, and with one more turn to go before the home stretch to Election 2010 and QE 2010, the…

  • Many Indictments, No Conviction

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    One day after reversing recent trends, due to what appeared to be a sudden realization that something-could-still-go-wrong, markets were back in the reflation trade today.…

  • We've Had Better Days

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    Stocks took it on the chin on Tuesday, the extended position being exposed by a couple of fairly innocuous developments. Bank of America reported a…

  • Fire When Ready, Sir!

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    We now have had a weaker Employment number than was expected, and a softer CPI figure than was expected. Bernanke is sounding increasingly strident about…

  • The Root Of The Problem

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    Your view of something often depends on the position from which you view it. I don't mean this in the Theory-Of-Relativity sense that a moving…

  • Hunkering Down

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    This was a depressing way to start the Columbus Day weekend. The Employment Report made for dismal reading. It tells a story about job-seekers hunkering…

  • Norway Or The Highway

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    Who says that inflation instruments are boring? Today TIPS and inflation swaps went on a wild ride, with yields more than 20bps lower early in…

  • This Ain't Pismo Beach!

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    Stocks edged back -0.8% today, on (do we even need to say it?) light volume. Some observers feel the pullback evinces concern about the earnings…

  • How To Make $1bln And Not Pay Taxes

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    I did not write a comment yesterday because I was attending a conference for inflation-linked markets geeks, co-sponsored by Credit Suisse, BNP, Deutsche Bank, Morgan…