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  • Chinese Panic Buying Could Fuel A Copper Rally

    Published 27 August 2020 | viewed 5,847 times

    Copper was once again approaching the psychologically important $3 a pound level on Wednesday on the back of falling inventories, booming Chinese demand and pandemic…

  • What's Next For Glencore's Biggest Cobalt Mine?

    Published 22 August 2020 | viewed 6,011 times

    A year ago Glencore announced it was halting operations at its Mutanda copper-cobalt mine in the Congo, breathing life into a market that was trading…

  • Europe Overtakes China As World's Largest EV Market

    Published 19 August 2020 | viewed 3,192 times

    Europe has now overtaken China – not long ago responsible for every other electric car sold worldwide – as the globe’s largest EV market.  Over…

  • Copper Could Help Recycle Carbon Dioxide

    Published 17 August 2020 | viewed 2,261 times

    Researchers at Brown University have found a way to fine-tune a copper catalyst to efficiently produce complex hydrocarbons — known as C2-plus products — from…

  • China Approves Massive Coal Company Merger

    Published 15 August 2020 | viewed 5,841 times

    China has approved the merger of two of Shandong province’s top state-owned coal miners, Shandong Energy Group and Yankuang Group, a decision that effectively creates a new…

  • Russia Aims To Become World's Top Gold Producer

    Published 10 August 2020 | viewed 6,355 times

    Despite some disruptions caused by the covid-19 pandemic, Russia is expected to surpass China as the world’s top gold producer by 2029, achieving average annual…

  • Massive Losses Force Russian Commodities Giant To Slash Dividends

    Published 07 August 2020 | viewed 5,796 times

    Miner and commodities trader giant Glencore (LON: GLEN) posted a $2.6 billion loss for the first half of the year and scrapped its dividend, as…

  • UK To Invest In Europe's First Geothermal Lithium Recovery Plant

    Published 06 August 2020 | viewed 4,623 times

    The UK government announced plans to invest, through its Getting Building Fund, in the construction of Europe’s first geothermal lithium recovery pilot plant at a…

  • The Deep-Sea Mining Debate

    Published 03 August 2020 | viewed 5,444 times

    The world is hungry for resources to power the green transition. As we increasingly look to solar, wind, geothermal and move towards decarbonization, consumption of…

  • Russian Billionaire Bails On Mid-Sized Gold Miner

    Published 01 August 2020 | viewed 2,070 times

    Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is selling his stake in local mid-sized gold miner Highland Gold (LON: HGM), the latest in a series of mining deals…

  • What Is Behind Gold's Astonishing Rally?

    Published 31 July 2020 | viewed 3,079 times

    While gold has been on a generally positive trend for the past few years, the onset of the global pandemic has made bullion’s relevance as…

  • Indonesia Moves To Bolster Mining Sector

    Published 29 July 2020 | viewed 5,467 times

    Government policy in Indonesia will remain focused on moving the mineral industry up the value chain in the coming years, and the mining industry will…

  • Gold Prices Soar To Record Highs As Dollar Dips

    Published 28 July 2020 | viewed 2,383 times

    Gold continued its upward climb on Monday and made history by touching record prices as worries over the coronavirus pandemic and intensifying US-China tensions weighed…

  • Tesla Looks To Incentivize Nickel Miners With Massive Contract

    Published 23 July 2020 | viewed 6,647 times

    Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) boss Elon Musk is calling miners to produce more nickel, a key ingredient in the batteries that power his company’s electric cars,…

  • The Gold Rally Isn't Over Just Yet

    Published 21 July 2020 | viewed 2,875 times

    The rally in the gold price regained momentum on Monday as investors continue to pile into hard assets amid a flood of easy money on…

  • BMW Signs $2.3 Billion Battery Deal With Swedish Producer

    Published 20 July 2020 | viewed 7,442 times

    German luxury vehicle maker BMW this week signed a $2.3 billion long-term deal with Swedish battery maker Northvolt, the latest of such deals, as European…

  • Rethinking Mining: A $10 Trillion Opportunity

    Published 15 July 2020 | viewed 3,671 times

    Putting nature above business considerations has the potential to generate 395 million jobs and $10.1 trillion in business opportunities by 2030, the latest report by World Economic…

  • Gold Remains Strong Amid Increasing Economic Uncertainty

    Published 14 July 2020 | viewed 3,921 times

    Gold held firm above the $1,800 per ounce level on Monday as uncertainties surrounding the impact of surging coronavirus cases continue to steer investor attention…

  • The Secret Life Of Lithium

    Published 13 July 2020 | viewed 3,632 times

    The Sun is likely to produce lithium in the future, according to a new study by scientists at the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese…

  • Eldorado Sees Gold Production Soar In Second Quarte

    Published 11 July 2020 | viewed 1,371 times

    Eldorado Gold (TSX:ELD)(NYSE:EGO) announced on Friday a Q2 2020 preliminary production of 137,782 ounces of gold, a 50% increase over Q2 2019.  Gold production at Kisladag mine…