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  • Australia Considers $100 Million Investment To Kickstart Mining Industry

    Published 26 May 2020 | viewed 4,175 times

    The Minerals Council of Australia is calling on the federal government to adopt a series of measures that, in the group’s view, would guarantee the…

  • Mining Exploration To Drop By Nearly 30% Despite Gold Boom

    Published 22 May 2020 | viewed 3,410 times

    The rally in the gold price will not be enough to prevent 2020 turning into the worst year in 15 for global exploration spending. According…

  • Major Diamond Mine Slashes Production

    Published 21 May 2020 | viewed 3,469 times

    Angola’s Sociedade Mineira de Catoca, which operate the namesake diamond mine in the sub-Saharan Africa’s country, has reduced mining and processing operations as demand remains weak…

  • Barrick Gold Launches Exploration Program In Japan

    Published 20 May 2020 | viewed 2,406 times

    Barrick (TSX: ABX) (NYSE: GOLD) and Japan Gold (TSX-V: JG) have kicked off their joint exploration program in the Asian country under an alliance formed in February, which…

  • Gold Soars To 7-Year Highs

    Published 18 May 2020 | viewed 2,271 times

    Gold climbed to a fresh seven-year high Monday after the US Federal Reserve said in a report last Friday that stocks and asset prices could “suffer a…

  • The Countries With The Largest Diamond Reserves

    Published 13 May 2020 | viewed 3,942 times

    Diamonds reserves in Russia, Congo and Botswana combined account for at least 80.6% of the world’s total, estimated at about 1.1 billion million carats, a report…

  • Demand For Battery Metals To Surge By 500%

    Published 11 May 2020 | viewed 2,547 times

    Production of so-called battery metals, such as graphite, lithium and cobalt, will have to increase by nearly 500% by 2050 to meet the growing demand…

  • Gold ETFs On The Rise

    Published 07 May 2020 | viewed 1,575 times

    Global holdings in gold-backed ETFs continued to rise in April even as stocks and bonds regained some traction, according to data released by the World Gold Council.…

  • Gold Likely To Soar Even Higher

    Published 05 May 2020 | viewed 2,126 times

    Gold price recovered Monday from last week’s drop as investors keep embracing safe-haven assets during a tumultuous economic environment hit by the covid-19 pandemic. The logistics of transporting…

  • Mining Industry Loses $6.9 Billion In Production

    Published 01 May 2020 | viewed 2,398 times

    Covid-19 has impacted the mining industry across the globe as governments enforce lockdowns and quarantines and companies halt operations because workers and contractors can’t get…

  • Gold Prices Stuck In Limbo Ahead Of Key Fed Decision

    Published 29 April 2020 | viewed 2,002 times

    Gold declined for the third day in a row on Tuesday, as the prospect of a gradual reopening of economies directed investors’ attention away from…

  • Battery Metals Remain Relatively Strong Despite Market Downturn

    Published 24 April 2020 | viewed 3,534 times

    2020 was supposed to be the breakout year for electric vehicles around the globe. After a serious dent mid-2019 when Beijing cut subsidies, the Chinese…

  • Is This A Turning Point For Fuel-Cell Powered Vehicles?

    Published 20 April 2020 | viewed 1,719 times

    Researchers at Northwestern University in the US, in collaboration with computational modellers at the Colorado School of Mines and colleagues at the National Institute for…

  • Lithium Batteries Remain Critical Despite EV Sales Slump

    Published 14 April 2020 | viewed 1,971 times

    A report by market analyst Roskill states that the slowdown in the Chinese EV market during H2-20‌19 and the covid-19 pandemic have had a significant…

  • Illegal Mining Could Be Spreading Coronavirus To Indigenous Communities

    Published 13 April 2020 | viewed 5,451 times

    Five NGOs that work for Indigenous rights in Venezuela issued a statement asking authorities to take immediate action against illegal miners operating in the Venezuelan and Brazilian…

  • The Coronavirus Crisis Can’t Put A Lid On Coal Production

    Published 11 April 2020 | viewed 1,960 times

    Global coal production is expected to grow only marginally in 2020, from 8.13 billion tonnes in 2019 to 8.17 billion tonnes in 2020, a growth…

  • Russia Condemns Trump’s Space Mining Order

    Published 10 April 2020 | viewed 3,012 times

    Russia’s space agency Roscosmos has condemned US President Donald Trump’s order signed this week, which encourages citizens to mine the moon and other celestial bodies…

  • Researchers Create Organic Battery

    Published 06 April 2020 | viewed 1,379 times

    Researchers at Uppsala University have developed an all-organic proton battery that can be charged in a matter of seconds using a solar cell. The battery…

  • What Does CHina’s EV Slowdown Mean For The Battery Metals Sector?

    Published 03 April 2020 | viewed 1,982 times

    The slowdown in China’s electric vehicle sector could have knock-on effects on the battery metals market in both the short and long run, commodities analysts…

  • COVID-19 Could Be The End Of U.S. Coal

    Published 30 March 2020 | viewed 1,794 times

    The fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic may too heavy of a burden for the already struggling coal miners in the United States, with three companies announcing operations…