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    2/26/2014 5:52:42 AM Good Morning Traders, We're in a hurry up and wait market, awaiting a catalyst, which leaves both sides vulnerable. If there are…

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    3/25/2013 8:31:55 AM So far, so good... Don't forget, if you signed up for the webinar today, it's start time changed to 3:55. It should…

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    3/14/2013 9:20:55 AM What about bonds? The media is fun to listen to, and then compare to the reality: Here is the link for my…

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    12/12/2012 8:55:47 AM We remain bullish... All systems are about to get set off as the stage is set to move into a liquidity advance.…

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    10/24/2012 8:10:56 AM As Sell Pressure Picks Up... Real quick update on our trade here: If you'd like to sign up for our service, you…

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    We're getting close, but no cigar. Thursday was good start for the bulls, but a better end for the bears. In Japanese terms, they call…

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    10/10/2012 9:17:51 AM Here's what I mean... I don't believe the selling is done. In fact, I believe we have a ways to go. The…

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    9/21/2012 9:49:28 AM Options Expirations And it's impact on the market. We're approaching a key reversal date next Tuesday. And as you know, I'm a…

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    9/13/2012 9:38:44 AM Finally... Today is huge - and maybe even tomorrow as institutions may take some time to digest the data from the fed.…

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    9/5/2012 2:26:51 PM When will she break? Early weakness on Tuesday recovered and closed the day roughly flat - this type of action is still…

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    8/1/2012 9:15:35 AM Jobs surprise...math Futures were up ahead of today's payroll report. When the number came out stronger, there were some fluctuations, but for…

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    7/12/2012 9:05:56 AM My view on the markets. Markets are weak this am. That's good for us. What happens next is critical... What do I…

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    6/21/2012 8:52:17 AM How to interpret it. By many counts, the market is getting into over bought territory. If a market can remain overbought, it's…