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Toby Connor

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    I can't tell you how many talking heads I've watched in the media recently touting the strong dollar. Sometimes I really wonder whether Homo sapiens…

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    While I suspect this is probably the furthest thing from what most investors expect, I think the dollar index is very close to forming another…

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    For months and months now I've been warning traders that QE3&4 were going to have a major effect on stocks. I knew that analysts claiming…

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    The stock market has known all along that the fiscal cliff issue was going to be pushed out to the last minute. This is just…

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    Well how was that for the start of a new intermediate cycle? While many analysts were calling for continued losses or even a market crash…

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    Well how was that for the start of a new intermediate cycle? While many analysts were calling for continued losses or even a market crash…

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    In my last couple of articles I mentioned that I was waiting for the S&P to form a swing low as the first confirmation that…

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    I'm just going to do a quick post today. The relevant factors are that gold appears to have put in an intermediate degree bottom last…

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    If you aren't already in, Monday or Tuesday should represent an exceptional buying opportunity as gold moves into its final intermediate cycle bottom. Now that…

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