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  • Google Opens Up About "Project Dragonfly"

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    Having tried obscuring the scope of "Project Dragonfly" in communications with both the public and its own employees - lies that were laid bare by an…

  • IMF Warns Of Potential Economic Meltdown

    Published 04 October 2018 | viewed 2,331 times

    The world economy is at risk of another financial meltdown, following the failure of governments and regulators to push through all the reforms  needed to protect the system…

  • The 5G Rollout No One Wanted, But Everyone Expected

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    On Monday October 1st, Sacramento, Houston, Indianapolis and Los Angeles became the first cities to gain access to Verizon’s 5G Wireless service. The City of Sacramento…

  • 15 Bullish Assumptions To Be Wary Of

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    If all goes well for nine more months, the post-financial crisis economic expansion will become the longest economic expansion in recent U.S. history. The U.S.…

  • Qualcomm Accuses Apple Of Stealing Chip Secrets, Giving Them To Intel

    Published 25 September 2018 | viewed 1,038 times

    The latest episode in the years-long legal drama between Qualcomm and Apple was unveiled today, when CNBC's David Faber reported that Qualcomm has lobbed "explosive"…

  • Debunking The A.I. Productivity Myth

    Published 19 September 2018 | viewed 1,297 times

    Automation seems to be a never-ending source of fear-mongering. Judging from the commentary, robots will “replace us” and cause large-scale unemployment. With the entry of artificial…

  • Zuckerberg Outlines Facebook's Plan To Combat 'Fake News'

    Published 13 September 2018 | viewed 1,374 times

    Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg won praise for her testimony before Congress last week (though her confused responses to questions about hate speech on the company's…

  • The Death Of Retail In NYC

    Published 11 September 2018 | viewed 4,479 times

    One of the more remarkable aspects of US late cycle fiscal easing is that it has attempted to smooth the business cycle ahead of the…

  • S&P's New "Custom Credit Ratings" For Chinese Debt

    Published 07 September 2018 | viewed 1,733 times

    S&P is reportedly working on developing a custom credit rating scale for China, but some investors are worried that it could do more harm than good. Unlike S&P's custom…

  • Which Emerging Markets Will Run Out Of Funding First?

    Published 31 August 2018 | viewed 4,480 times

    For years, in fact for the duration of the U.S. dollar's use as a global carry currency, Emerging Markets - especially those with a currency…

  • Dollar Dominance In Global Finance Is Fading Fast

    Published 29 August 2018 | viewed 4,201 times

    The U.S. has been highly successful at pursuing financial warfare, including sanctions. But for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. As the U.S.…

  • U.S., Mexico Wrap Up NAFTA Talks On A Positive Note

    Published 27 August 2018 | viewed 658 times

    A Mexican official told CNBC on Monday that NAFTA trade talks with the U.S. have wrapped up, and President Donald Trump has signed off on…

  • American Dream In Jeopardy As Student Loan Defaults Soar

    Published 22 August 2018 | viewed 1,518 times

    More than one million American student loan borrowers default on their debt each year, a new report says. That means by 2023, approximately 40 percent of borrowers…

  • Venezuela Undergoes “One Of The Greatest Currency Devaluations Ever”

    Published 21 August 2018 | viewed 6,171 times

    As previewed yesterday, on Monday Venezuela officially slashed five zeros from prices and its currency as part of what has been dubbed one of the greatest currency…

  • Venezuela’s Gold Reserves Are Reaching Critical Levels

    Published 17 August 2018 | viewed 3,600 times

    Has coffee become an unattainable luxury? It is if you live in Venezuela’s capital of Caracas. In July, the price of a cup of coffee was…

  • Tesla’s Board Delivers A Stern Message To Elon Musk

    Published 15 August 2018 | viewed 1,787 times

    One of the key questions to emerge from Elon Musk's "funding secured" fiasco is where the board was before, during and after the series of…

  • Turkey’s Currency Crisis Sends Shockwaves Through Global Markets

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    The Turkish currency crisis is finally here and it is sending shockwaves around the globe. After weeks of a slow, but controlled collapse, investors finally…

  • Is This Why Bitcoin Prices Dropped?

    Published 03 August 2018 | viewed 2,798 times

    We may have found the reason for Bitcoin's persistent weakness over the past week. After hitting a price above $8,000 thanks to recent Blackrock ETF…

  • “Buffet Indicator” Suggests Stock Market Crash Is Looming

    Published 02 August 2018 | viewed 3,997 times

    Warren Buffett’s favorite indicator is telling us that stocks are more overvalued right now than they have ever been before in American history.  That doesn’t mean…

  • Twitter In A Tailspin On Disappointing Earnings Report

    Published 27 July 2018 | viewed 972 times

    It's deja vu all over again as Jack Dorsey pulled a Zuckerberg and reported a miss - and a drop - in user growth, while…