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      The uncertainty continues. The U.K. government faces a vote of no-confidence, while the shape of Brexit is still unknown after parliament rejected Prime Minister…

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    Hackers broke into the U.S. electric grid with spearphishing techniques targeting contractors with system access. The Wall Street Journal has a detailed report out regarding…

  • 78% Of American Workers Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck

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      In just a few days, this will officially be the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, and there is no end in sight.  (Click…

  • Chinese App Collects Data On 10 Million Users Without Permission

    Published 08 January 2019 | viewed 2,190 times

    TCL, a Chinese producer of consumer electronics, has been collecting data without permission from mobile phones that have downloaded its free weather forecast smartphone app. This app…

  • Morgan Stanley Predicts First Slump In Global Auto Sales In 10 Years

    Published 03 January 2019 | viewed 6,652 times

    Morgan Stanley's auto analyst Adam Jonas - formerly one of the biggest Tesla cheerleaders - predicts that global auto sales will be down 0.3 percent…

  • Macron To Crack Down On Tax Avoiding Executives

    Published 31 December 2018 | viewed 2,188 times

    As the Yellow Vest demonstrations lose steam as the movement enters its seventh week, French President Emmanuel Macron is offering still more concessions to the demonstrators as…

  • Worst December For Stocks Since The Great Depression

    Published 18 December 2018 | viewed 3,383 times

    U.S. stocks have not fallen this dramatically during the month of December since the Great Depression of the 1930s. On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial…

  • China Is Taking Data-Mining To The Next Level

    Published 13 December 2018 | viewed 2,992 times

    China is deploying emotional surveillance technology that mines data from the minds of its citizens. Essentially, they’re data mining by reading their brains. The light-weight…

  • Market Uncertainty Creates A Buying Opportunity For Gold

    Published 06 December 2018 | viewed 4,867 times

    From 2000 through 2012, the price of gold increased every year, rising from around $280 an ounce to nearly $1,700. It was an unprecedented run. Then,…

  • Russia Will "Respond Appropriately" If U.S. Ditches Nuclear Deal

    Published 05 December 2018 | viewed 2,169 times

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that the Kremlin would "respond appropriately" if the United States pulls out of the Cold War-era nuclear weapons…

  • $3 Billion Italian Bond Sale Shocks Markets

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    In the clearest indication yet of just how severe the recent spike in Italian yields has been on the country's financial institutions, Italy's largest bank,…

  • What’s Behind China’s Tightening Grip On Global Gold Markets?

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    With Western-educated economists embedded in China’s administration, has China retained the collective nous to understand the flaws, limitations and dangers of the West’s fiat money…

  • New A.I. Virtual Assistant Gives Traders An Edge

    Published 14 November 2018 | viewed 3,286 times

    Three things are certain: death, taxes, and that the already thin gap between human trader and algo is narrowing ever further. AllianceBernstein's new virtual assistant can…

  • Low Oil Prices Weigh On Stock Market

    Published 12 November 2018 | viewed 5,494 times

    The near WTI futures price is down 23 percent since peaking on October 3rd as traders front ran the Iranian oil sanctions, which went in…

  • Bitcoin Volatility Falls To Two-Year Low

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    Bitcoin, like most cryptocurrencies, has experienced tremendous pain in 2018, but there is a silver lining developing - in stark contrast to the violent swings…

  • What Will The Next Global Economic Crisis Look Like?

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    With the 10th anniversary of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy having just passed and the recent stock market drop, the fear of a new financial crisis is…

  • What Happens When China's Debt Bubble Explodes?

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    The great Chinese growth slowdown has been proceeding in stages for the past two years. The reason is simple. Much of China’s “growth” (about 25 percent…

  • How The World’s Most Bearish Fund Will Play The Next Crash

    Published 22 October 2018 | viewed 2,275 times

    After a painful stretch of five consecutive down months, September couldn't come fast enough for Horseman Global, which we previously dubbed "the world's most bearish…

  • Italy Budget "Not Compatible With Commitments That Exist In The EU"

    Published 17 October 2018 | viewed 2,079 times

    Earlier this morning, we reported that according to Deutsche Bank economists - and virtually everyone else except for those who were apparently waving in BTPs…