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Erik Swarts

Erik Swarts

Contributor since: 04 Apr 2011


Erik is an active trader, who has always taken a broad perspective when approaching the markets.

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    I would like to think that although I may pen a strongly worded perspective, I am still approachable to the flip side of the argument.…

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    For the better part of the past year, I have maintained a bearish perspective towards what was once one of the more favorable corners of…

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    When I think about where the equity markets are today, it's apparent that a large catalyst needs to occur to break the bond market's flood…

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    Although they rarely replicate along completely congruent parameters, long term analogs - when properly applied, can be excellent roadmaps for interpreting pivots. Here is the…

  • 586 Billion Caution Flags

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    Over a month ago I constructed the following chart that described the two previous occasions where the largest market cap company in the world went…

  • Waiting for Godot

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    "But that is not the question. Why are we here, that is the question. And we are blessed in this, that we happen to know…

  • Irrationally Supersized

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    After completing our annual pilgrimage to those sucrose-laden shores of Disney World last week, I can attest that the American consumer is both present in…

  • a Confession

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    Consider me still an atheist here. A chosen sinner - so to speak. Bereft of faith and comfort in the equity markets almost endless and…

  • Kumbaya

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    As they add another log, this time from the Norwegian central bank (the 65th in six months), to the global easing fire now sweeping the…

  • Magnetic Fields

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    As many of us try and grasp the ever growing divergence/conundrum between the equity markets and the Treasury market, I went off on a tangent…

  • Is the Market Vulnerable? Silver says - Yes

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    One of the greatest challenges in reading a market cycle or comparative trading environment, is estimating timeframes of a pivot. And although many traders will…

  • The Terrarium

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    Is there a better environment then a global credit crisis to replicate the arc of emotions and reflexes in the markets as credit is squeezed…

  • Where the Wild Things Are

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    "And now," cried Max, "let the wild rumpus start!" - Where the Wilds Things Are - Maurice Sendak For many different reasons, silver has been…

  • The Maker

    Published 26 February 2012 | viewed 0 times

    Here's a new video (with a special appearance by Tom Demark) explaining some of the methodology and significance behind my Meridian charts.  

  • The Jig is Up

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    There will always be an abundance of information to choose from to bolster your respective market posture. But as the old adage goes, just follow…

  • Transcendental Blues

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    Steve Earle's, "Careful what you wish for - you don't know till you try", is the standing refrain in my mind these days. Apparently my…

  • The Illusion of Strength

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    Here's something I have been keeping an eye on as a possible guide coming out of the next pivot. It is the retracement blowoff that…

  • Return To 'Normalcy'

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    I like to remind myself every now and then why the analogy has worked so well between silver and the Nasdaq market - circa 2000…

  • The 37th Parallel

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    Another day, another marginal high for the SPX. Since the low on December 19th, the market has put in a positive showing a total of…

  • Ephemeral High

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    It's been a lonely start to 2012 - here in the bear's den. Solitude has its virtues, but after a while your thoughts start to…