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  • 604 days Are NFTs About To Take Over Gaming?


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  • Jeff Clark

    Contributed: 173 articles

    Having worked on his family's gold claims in California and Arizona, as well as a mine in a place to remain nameless, Jeff's research and writing skills are utilized in his role as editor and one of the primary writers of Casey's Gold & Resource Report. Whether it is researching…

  • Jeff Thomas

    Contributed: 9 articles

    Jeff Thomas is British and resides in the Caribbean. The son of an economist and historian, he learned early to be distrustful of governments as a general principle. Although he spent his career creating and developing businesses, for eight years, he penned a weekly newspaper column on the theme of…

  • Jeff Neal

    Contributed: 9 articles

    Jeff Neal has been actively and successfully trading the markets since 1996. He holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Indianapolis and a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Indiana University. Jeff is a veteran trader consistently posting profits by strategically applying options to the stock and ETF…

  • Jeff Thomas

    Contributed: 14 articles

    Jeff is British and resides in the Caribbean. The son of an economist and historian, he learned early to be distrustful of governments as a general principle. Although he spent his career creating and developing businesses, for eight years, he penned a weekly newspaper column on the theme of limiting…

  • Jeff Berwick

    Contributed: 119 articles

    The Dollar Vigilante is a free-market financial newsletter focused on covering all aspects of the ongoing financial collapse.

  • Jeffrey Christian

    Contributed: 2 articles

    Founder of The CPM Group, New York, Jeffrey Christian is considered to be one of the world's most knowledgeable experts on precious metals markets and commodities. The author of Commodities Rising, Mr. Christian has advised many of the world's largest corporations and institutional investors on commodities prices and market exposures.

  • Jeffrey Kennedy

    Contributed: 3 articles

    Jeffrey Kennedy is the Chief Commodity Analyst at Elliott Wave International (EWI). With more than 15 years of experience as a technical analyst, he writes and edits Futures Junctures, EWI's premier commodity forecasting package.

  • Jeffrey Tucker

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Jeffrey Tucker is a writer and speaker who has devoted his life to advancing the ideals of liberty and free markets. He was an architect of the mises.org website. He's also built a successful online venture called Laissez Faire Books and is in the midst of starting up another venture,…

  • Jeffrey Harding

    Contributed: 3 articles

  • Jem Berkes

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Jem Berkes holds a BSc (Manitoba) and MASc (Waterloo) in Electrical Engineering, and works in technology and finance.

  • Jennifer Weybridge

    Contributed: 1 articles

  • Jerry Minton

    Contributed: 2 articles

    Alpha's investment philosophy is simple: Take our fair share in bull markets, and don't give profits back in bear markets. Our duty to our clients is to deliver superior long-term results without the heart-stopping volatility that often accompanies traditional equity investments.

  • Jerry Western

    Contributed: 2 articles

    Mr. Western teaches classes about sound money and the silver and gold markets.

  • Jes Black

    Contributed: 40 articles

    Jes Black, hedge fund manager at Black Flag Capital Partners, specializes in foreign exchange and global macro trends. Prior to organizing the fund he helped MG Financial Group launch Forexnews.com. In the summer of 2004 Mr. Black formed FX Money Trends, a research firm catering to professional traders. Mr. Black…

  • Jill Noble

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Socionomics is a field of study deriving from the hypothesis that social mood motivates the character of social action.

  • Jim Curry

    Contributed: 20 articles

    Jim Curry is the editor and publisher of The Gold Wave Trader, which specializes in using cyclical analysis and various technical methods to time the markets.

  • Jim Wyckoff

    Contributed: 2 articles

    Jim Wyckoff is the proprietor of the "Jim Wyckoff on the Markets" analytical, educational and trading advisory service (www.jimwyckoff.com). He is also a technical analyst for Dow Jones Newswires and the senior market analyst with TradingEducation.com and Wisdom Financial. Jim is also a consultant with the highly respected "Pro Farmer"…

  • Jim Patterson

    Contributed: 4 articles

  • Jim Karger

    Contributed: 3 articles

    Jim Karger is a lawyer who has represented American businesses against incursions by government and labor unions for 30 years. He has been the subject of many feature articles, including, "Outlandish Labor Lawyer Gets No Objections From Staid Clients," published in The Wall Street Journal, and most recently was featured…

  • Jim Mosquera

    Contributed: 31 articles

    Jim Mosquera is a Principal at Sentinel Consulting, a small business debt restructuring and capital acquisition firm. He is also the author of E$caping Oz: Navigating the crisis.

  • Jim Nelson

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Jim brings a broad range of skills and experience to Euro Pacific Capital. Prior to joining Euro Pacific, Jim was a research analyst at Roth Capital Partners, where he gained extensive experience in analyzing the market opportunities of both domestic and foreign companies.

  • Jim Pritchard

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Swan Consulting, Inc. Founded in 1997 to provide investment management services not available to most investors. Our goal is to provide superior risk adjusted returns via various hedging techniques.

  • Jim Letourneau

    Contributed: 1 articles

  • Joan Veon

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Joan Veon is an independent international reporter and a businesswoman. In 1994, she covered her first United Nations conference with the idea that it would be the only one. Now, 13 years later and 90 other meetings, she has interviewed and queried the world's movers and shakers, presidents and prime…

  • Joe Dancy

    Contributed: 4 articles

    Joseph R. Dancy, is manager of the LSGI Technology Venture Fund LP, a private mutual fund for SEC accredited investors formed to focus on the most inefficient part of the equity market. The goal of the LSGI Fund is to utilize applied financial theory to substantially outperform all the major…

  • Joe Hung

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Joe Hung is a Research Analyst at Casey Research specializing in quantitative analysis and statistical modelling. He has been working alongside Marin Katusa for the past two years and helps produce the Casey Energy Opportunities and the Casey Energy Confidential. Joe was the youngest actuarial science graduate from Simon Fraser…

  • Joel Griffith

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Joel Griffith is an equities trader in Chicago, IL. As a trader, he focuses primarily on the banking sector. He acquired additional firsthand knowledge of the banking industry during his years as an account executive for wholesale lenders.

  • John Law

    Contributed: 5 articles

  • John Winston

    Contributed: 3 articles

    John Winston, Chief Investment Strategist of Active Trading Partners.com. is a recognized industry expert who specializes in providing financial advisors, hedge funds and individual traders with accurate market forecasts and trading opportunities. John's mission is to bring a unique combination of relevant market news, experience, and dynamic crowd behavioral trading…

  • John Mauldin

    Contributed: 526 articles

    John Mauldin is president of Millennium Wave Advisors, LLC, (MWA) a registered investment advisor.