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  • Key Iranian Economic Officials Replaced Ahead Of Sanctions

    Published 29 October 2018 | viewed 1,127 times

    Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani has replaced several senior economic officials a week before U.S. sanctions against Tehran come into effect, Sputnik reports, citing a statement…

  • A Sober Look At The Biofuel Boom

    Published 24 October 2018 | viewed 5,469 times

    Over the past decade, “biofuel” has been a major buzz word in the world of clean energy and environmental science. As the topic of advanced…

  • China Plans To Launch The First Artifical Moon

    Published 22 October 2018 | viewed 1,185 times

    China wants to launch a world-first ‘man-made moon’ over the southwestern city of Chengdu by 2020 to help illuminate the city at night. If the…

  • Trump Bails On Coal Industry Incentives

    Published 16 October 2018 | viewed 2,764 times

    President Trump has reportedly cancelled a plan proposed by Energy Secretary Rick Perry to provide financial support for troubled coal-fired power plant operators, Politico says,…

  • UK Prepares For Cyberwar As Relations With Russia Deteriorate

    Published 09 October 2018 | viewed 944 times

    The British military has staged war games featuring a large-scale blackout attack on Moscow as they fear a capability shortage amid allegations of Russian cyberattacks…

  • U.S. To Spend Millions On Cybersecurity Upgrade

    Published 03 October 2018 | viewed 3,176 times

    The U.S. Department of Energy is awarding up to US$28 million in research and development of next-generation tools and technologies aimed at improving the cybersecurity…

  • Tesla Rebounds Following Musk Settlement

    Published 01 October 2018 | viewed 643 times

    Elon Musk has agreed to settle the securities fraud charge by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in a settlement that includes removing Musk…

  • Tesla Close To Autonomous Driving Breakthrough

    Published 27 September 2018 | viewed 908 times

    Tesla will release its biggest software update in two years by the end of the week, chief executive Elon Musk, true to himself, said in…

  • Saudis Boost Mining Sector In Diversification Push

    Published 24 September 2018 | viewed 4,066 times

    Mining grew by 6.3 percent year-on-year (y-o-y) in the first quarter of 2018, according to data issued by the General Authority for Statistics on July…

  • Is Tesla "Headed For The Graveyard?"

    Published 20 September 2018 | viewed 1,080 times

    Tesla is an “automobile company that is headed for the graveyard,” as it doesn’t have any advantage over the scores of electric vehicles coming from…

  • This Millennial Brokerage Is Coming To Tesla’s Rescue

    Published 17 September 2018 | viewed 1,004 times

    While they already had their hands full killing mayonnaise, Applebee’s, and countless other industries that make up the cornerstone of American culture, in these past…

  • Is Venezuela Privatizing Some Of Its Oil Fields?

    Published 13 September 2018 | viewed 4,049 times

    Caracas is preparing the return of oil contracts with private companies that were last used in the 1990s before the Chavez era that made PDVSA…

  • Tesla's Biggest Bull Bails After Musk Fiasco

    Published 12 September 2018 | viewed 884 times

    One of the biggest bulls on Tesla among analysts covering the stock is no longer recommending it as a ‘buy’, as he believes that Elon…

  • Is The U.S. Prepared For A Cyberwar?

    Published 10 September 2018 | viewed 1,111 times

    War always goes for the infrastructure: take out the bridges, cut off the electricity and water supplies. All that used to be done with artillery,…

  • Goldman Reiterates 'Sell' Rating On Tesla Stock

    Published 05 September 2018 | viewed 1,043 times

    Goldman Sachs has warned that intensifying competition on the EV market plus Tesla’s high debt load would make life for the company more difficult in…

  • Tesla Struggles To Meet Production Targets

    Published 03 September 2018 | viewed 896 times

    Tesla has failed to ramp up its Model 3 weekly production to its own set target of 6,000 for August, Electrek has learned. However, the…

  • Iran’s Currency Crisis Is About To Get Much Worse

    Published 30 August 2018 | viewed 4,074 times

    In a development that must be hard to stomach for the political elite in Tehran, many Iranians are turning to U.S. dollars to offset the…

  • Saudi King Overrules World’s Largest IPO

    Published 28 August 2018 | viewed 989 times

    Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has demanded that the initial public offering of Saudi Aramco be called off, stepping in to shelve the plans of his…

  • EU Weighs New Payment System With Iran To Skirt U.S. Sanctions

    Published 23 August 2018 | viewed 3,675 times

    The European Union is looking favorably at a proposal by Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas to set a SWIFT-like payment system between the union and…

  • Petro-Yuan Gains Momentum, But It’s A Still Risky Endeavor

    Published 21 August 2018 | viewed 2,976 times

    When the long-awaited yuan-denominated oil futures launched earlier this year, opinions were split: one camp argued with passion that the days of the petrodollar were…