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  • Hong Kong Billionaire Loses Big On Canadian Energy Play

    Published 22 August 2019 | viewed 535 times

    While Aramco is signaling that the preparation for its long-awaited IPO is still underway, another big oil company may soon go private. Canada’s Husky Energy…

  • Tesla Scrambles To Salvage Its Stumbling Solar Business

    Published 21 August 2019 | viewed 319 times

    Solar power is poised for a major boom. Solar panel technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and the industry’s infrastructure has never been so…

  • Corn Industry Reeling After Shocking Ethanol Decision

    Published 18 August 2019 | viewed 1,569 times

    The Trump administration has tried to thread the needle between the corn ethanol and oil refining industries, as the two battle it out over federal…

  • Solar Tech Breakthroughs Spark Surge In Adoption

    Published 15 August 2019 | viewed 1,411 times

    Time is running out. If the global community has any chance of meeting the climate change caps set by the Paris Agreement, fossil fuels will…

  • Washington's $400 Billion Emissions Plan

    Published 11 August 2019 | viewed 634 times

    A controversial proposal by the Trump administration to freeze greenhouse gas emissions standards at 2020 levels for all cars made between 2021 and 2026 could…

  • Currency War Weighs On Energy Sector

    Published 08 August 2019 | viewed 1,251 times

    Oil prices plunged on Wednesday as fears of economic recession rose after a wave of interest rate cuts from around the world. In rapid succession,…

  • Tightening Nickel Supply Threatens Electric Vehicle Boom

    Published 06 August 2019 | viewed 3,481 times

    For Tesla and its chief competitors in the race for global domination of electric vehicle sales, it ain’t all about lithium ion. There are other…

  • Mexico To Use Billion Dollar Oil Fund To Plug Budget Shortfall

    Published 04 August 2019 | viewed 1,318 times

    Mexico may use up nearly half of the money in its rainy-day oil fund to plug a shortfall in budget revenues, after that fund declined…

  • Why Consumers Aren't Buying Electric Cars

    Published 01 August 2019 | viewed 1,746 times

    Enthusiasm among drivers is lacking about autonomous vehicles and even electric cars, J.D. Power’s latest Mobility Confidence Index has revealed. The results of the survey…

  • Tesla's Chief Innovator Just Left

    Published 31 July 2019 | viewed 816 times

    Tesla, Inc., just lost one of the most respected innovators in the electric vehicle business, which brings up competitive implications for the future of what…

  • Nuclear Fusion Could Come Too Late

    Published 29 July 2019 | viewed 1,059 times

    In order to keep globally rising temperatures from increasing more than 1.5 degrees Celsius this century, the international community will have to cut carbon emissions…

  • India Moves To Create Its Own Gigafactory

    Published 28 July 2019 | viewed 595 times

    India may be planning its own EV battery gigafactory, LiveMint reports, citing an unnamed government official. According to the report, the facility would cost US$4…

  • Money Managers Jump Back Into Oil Markets

    Published 24 July 2019 | viewed 563 times

    As market participants continue to weigh two decisively bearish factors for oil prices—slowing oil demand growth and soaring non-OPEC oil supply—two potentially bullish drivers have…

  • Widespread Power Outages Hit New York City

    Published 22 July 2019 | viewed 460 times

    Some 30,000 Con Ed customers in New York City were left without power temporarily yesterday as the utility fought a string of outages caused by…

  • It’s Time To Spend More On Clean Energy R&D

    Published 18 July 2019 | viewed 2,021 times

    Late last year, a study by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) looked into exactly how much it will take to meet the climate…

  • EV Giants Duke It Out For Battery Dominance

    Published 16 July 2019 | viewed 1,471 times

    While researchers seek alternatives to lithium ion dominance in the battery space and European carmakers and governments pour billions into local battery production capacity to…

  • Why Saudi Arabia Won't Give Up On The Aramco IPO

    Published 14 July 2019 | viewed 988 times

    Last week Saudi Arabia announced that it is to launch its first Euro-denominated bonds shortly, following the recent bond issue from Saudi Aramco. At around…

  • Will The World's First Trillion Dollar Company Ever Bounce Back?

    Published 11 July 2019 | viewed 1,306 times

    China’s biggest oil and gas producer PetroChina—the first company in the world to reach a US$1-trillion valuation more than ten years ago—is now so cheap…

  • Musk Bullish On Tesla Despite Executive Exodus

    Published 09 July 2019 | viewed 575 times

    Tesla fans who plan on buying a Tesla in the future might want to hurry up as the EVs could become a lot more expensive…

  • Wavering Investor Sentiment Weighs On Energy Sector

    Published 04 July 2019 | viewed 832 times

    U.S. oil production rose by another 246,000 bpd in April, compared to a month earlier, according to the EIA. But the industry outlook continues to…