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  • Why Are Solar Investments Plummeting?

    Published 20 January 2019 | viewed 1,143 times

    Global spending on solar energy declined by almost a quarter last year to US$130.8 billion, mainly on the back of a regulatory policy overhaul in…

  • Automakers Go All-In On Electric Vehicles

    Published 15 January 2019 | viewed 1,688 times

    Global automakers are going all-in on electrification with plans to spend a combined $300 billion on EVs over the next decade, according to a Reuters…

  • Can The New Cadillac Rival Tesla?

    Published 13 January 2019 | viewed 1,031 times

    General Motors will make Cadillac its first electric car under the BEV3 platform, according to unnamed sources talking to Reuters. The electric Cadillac will become…

  • Fuel Shortages Wreak Havoc On Mexico City

    Published 09 January 2019 | viewed 585 times

    The gasoline shortages sparked by the Mexican government’s offensive against fuel theft have now spread to the capital, Sputnik reports, citing a local correspondent who…

  • Tesla Breaks Ground On First Factory Outside The U.S.

    Published 08 January 2019 | viewed 644 times

    Elon Musk joined the mayor of Shanghai on Monday for the groundbreaking ceremony of Tesla’s first factory outside the U.S. and in the world’s largest…

  • How Big Data And A.I. Are Transforming The Energy Industry

    Published 03 January 2019 | viewed 4,969 times

    The oil industry, it seems, has gone all-in on digital technology, having gotten an early taste of how much various solutions can influence its cost…

  • New Regulations Could Boost Lagging Solar Growth

    Published 29 December 2018 | viewed 1,895 times

    Solar makes sense. It’s cost efficient, it’s eco-friendly and has no carbon footprint, electricity is generated in the same grid where it is consumed, and…

  • California Moves To Electrify All Busses

    Published 19 December 2018 | viewed 1,777 times

    California just passed a rule that will phase out diesel and gas-powered public transit buses by 2040. The powerful California Air Resources Board (CARB), which…

  • Tesla Cuts Prices As China Suspends Auto Tariffs

    Published 17 December 2018 | viewed 1,045 times

    Tesla has reduced the prices of its Model X and Model S vehicles sold in China, after the Chinese authorities suspended additional tariffs on U.S.-manufactured…

  • This Billion Dollar Project Is Reshaping The LNG Business

    Published 13 December 2018 | viewed 4,442 times

    Houston-based LNG player Tellurian Inc. said last Thursday that its subsidiary has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Vitol, a British energy and…

  • Saudi Aramco Hit With New Variant Of Old Cyberattack

    Published 12 December 2018 | viewed 1,089 times

    A variant of the Shamoon malware that hit Saudi Aramco’s servers six years ago is back, Axios reports, citing a release from the cybersecurity unit…

  • The Mystery Behind Tesla's Chinese Sales Hiccup

    Published 05 December 2018 | viewed 821 times

    A week after a report that Tesla’s sales in China crumbled in October and the EV maker refuting it as ‘wildly inaccurate’, an auto industry…

  • Emerging Economies Set To Snag $29 Trillion In "Climate Cash"

    Published 04 December 2018 | viewed 2,099 times

    The world’s rapidly growing urbanization helps lift global economic growth, but it also generates most of the global energy demand which, at present, is met…

  • Flying Cars Are Closer Than You Think

    Published 29 November 2018 | viewed 975 times

    Flying cars were thought to be coming as soon as four years from now, but actually commercial models are coming up sooner than what had…

  • Tesla’s Chinese Sales Are Plummeting

    Published 27 November 2018 | viewed 895 times

    Tesla’s sales in China nosedived by 70 percent last month in the latest demonstration of the adverse impact the U.S.-Chinese trade war is having on…

  • Saudi Aramco Abandons $40 Billion Bond Sale

    Published 21 November 2018 | viewed 1,366 times

    Saudi Aramco has changed its mind about a bond sale of about US$40 billion that would have funded the bigger part of its planned acquisition…

  • Salesforce CEO Reaches Out To Musk To Dig A Tunnel Under San Francisco

    Published 08 November 2018 | viewed 919 times

    Salesforce’s chief executive, Marc Benioff asked in a tweet Elon Musk to dig a tunnel under San Francisco, days after the Tesla CEO, who is…

  • China Ready For Trade Negotiations

    Published 06 November 2018 | viewed 902 times

    China is ready to negotiate a trade deal with the United States as both economies stand to lose from a prolonged trade war, Vice President…

  • Analysts See Upside In Energy Stocks

    Published 05 November 2018 | viewed 2,261 times

    Just as energy stocks began to cautiously recover from the lows during the worst of the oil price crash in 2015-2016, equity markets and oil…

  • One Of Canada's Biggest Industries Has No Long-Term Strategy

    Published 01 November 2018 | viewed 2,552 times

    “Canada has no energy plan beyond pedal-to-the-metal export of its non-renewable energy assets.” That’s the bottom line of a recent opinion piece in Calgary Herald…