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  • Goldman Sachs Plays Down Trade War Fears

    Published 06 July 2018 | viewed 1,039 times

    U.S. tariffs are set to take effect on China on Friday, with China promising immediate retaliation, kicking off the next phase of the trade war.…

  • Venezuela Gets A $5 Billion Lifeline

    Published 04 July 2018 | viewed 1,422 times

    China’s Development Bank has approved a US$5-billion loan for Venezuela’s oil industry, Bloomberg reports, quoting the troubled South American country’s Finance Minister Simon Zerpa. “We’ve…

  • Jeff Bezos' Ambitious Space Plans

    Published 28 June 2018 | viewed 999 times

    Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is offering a chance to buy tickets for space travel starting next year — and is taking on SpaceX’s chief Elon…

  • Treachery At Tesla: Rogue Worker Steals Secret Data

    Published 19 June 2018 | viewed 708 times

    An employee of Tesla has sabotaged the company’s operations by changing code in an internal product and sharing company data with third parties, chief executive…

  • Solar Boom Unfazed By New Tariffs

    Published 14 June 2018 | viewed 894 times

    New solar generation capacity in the United States hit 55 percent of total new generation capacity additions in the first quarter of the year, despite…

  • Tesla's Roadster May Have A Rocket-Powered "SpaceX Package"

    Published 12 June 2018 | viewed 625 times

    Elon Musk plans to equip a new version of the Tesla Roadster with “around 10 small rocket thrusters arranged seamlessly around car,” he said in…

  • Microsoft Launches Second Deep Sea Data Center

    Published 08 June 2018 | viewed 837 times

    Microsoft said yesterday it had submerged a second experimental data center off the coast of Scotland, as part of its Natick project that studies less…

  • New Tech Could Destroy Trillions In Fossil Fuel Investments

    Published 06 June 2018 | viewed 7,996 times

    We are living in a carbon bubble with trillions of dollars held in oil, gas, and coal assets that would be wiped out before long…

  • EV Sales Are Set To Triple In Two Years

    Published 31 May 2018 | viewed 748 times

    Electric vehicle sales are finally starting to take off in larger numbers, surpassing 1 million in 2017 after growing 56 percent from a year before.…

  • The Newest Innovation In Electric Vehicles

    Published 30 May 2018 | viewed 1,184 times

    Wireless charging is finally making its way to market as an energy source for electric vehicles, with BMW readying to start production in July for…

  • Goldman Remains Optimistic Despite Falling Oil Prices

    Published 28 May 2018 | viewed 779 times

    Goldman Sachs continues to be bullish on oil despite the most recent market turbulence that saw prices plummet after reports that Saudi Arabia and Russia…

  • Tesla's Cash Burn Puts Panasonic On Edge

    Published 11 May 2018 | viewed 815 times

    Panasonic is getting increasingly worried about its partner Tesla’s production-riddled, cash-burning ways, and may be less willing to make further commitments to the U.S. company…

  • Volkswagen Looks To Take On Tesla In The EV Race

    Published 09 May 2018 | viewed 1,231 times

    Volkswagen AG’s new CEO, Herbert Diess, has taken on a corporate mission — to knock Tesla Inc. off its mantle as the global leader in…

  • Elon Musk Slams Tesla Contractors

    Published 08 May 2018 | viewed 885 times

    The push to make Tesla’s production more efficient amid record losses and high cash-burn rate has led to Elon Musk telling employees that individual contractors…

  • When Will Electric Cars Take Over The Roads?

    Published 04 May 2018 | viewed 1,083 times

    The age of the electric vehicle (EV) will be here sooner than you think. Out of 1 billion cars in the world, only 2 million…

  • Cyberattacks Could Cripple The Energy Industry

    Published 02 May 2018 | viewed 904 times

    There are over a million oil and gas wells in the United States. There are also several hundred thousand miles of pipelines. Digitization is on…

  • Why Goldman Loves Commodities

    Published 01 May 2018 | viewed 23,305 times

    Confirming that what Jeff Gundlach predicted last December, when the DoubleLine CEO said his favorite trade for 2018 is to be long commodities, has been spot…

  • Venezuela Offers Discount Crude For Crypto

    Published 01 May 2018 | viewed 924 times

    Venezuela has offered India a 30-percent discount on crude oil purchases, but only if India agrees to pay in El Petro, the cryptocurrency that Venezuela…

  • The Next Oil Price Cycle

    Published 27 April 2018 | viewed 12,173 times

    Profit season in the oil industry is in full swing, and the mood is upbeat: strict financial discipline is paying off, cash flows are improving…

  • Japan Scrambles To Dodge Trump’s Trade War

    Published 26 April 2018 | viewed 1,345 times

    Japan is trying to avoid getting caught in the crosshairs of President Trump’s tariff maneuverings with countries that have large trade deficits with the U.S.…