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  • $1 Trillion Wealth Fund To Dump All Oil Stocks

    Published 10 March 2019 | viewed 987 times

    Norway’s sovereign wealth fund will exit all investments in oil and gas production acting on a government recommendation in line with a more cautious approach…

  • Volkswagen Taps Into $50 Billion War Chest To Take On Tesla

    Published 07 March 2019 | viewed 5,609 times

    One of the world’s largest carmakers, Germany’s Volkswagen AG, is betting big on electric vehicles and e-mobility with a war chest of around US$50 billion…

  • Gates And Bezos Back Artificial Intelligence Exploration Startup

    Published 06 March 2019 | viewed 6,147 times

    A startup by the name of KoBold Metals is using big data analytics and modeling to create the equivalent of Google Maps of the earth’s…

  • Why Did Cobalt Just Crash By 40%?

    Published 04 March 2019 | viewed 4,702 times

    If you want to teach someone the boom-bust nature of the mineral commodity industry, the story of cobalt over the last few years would be…

  • Game-Changing Battery Tech Could Transform EV Industry

    Published 03 March 2019 | viewed 4,406 times

    The EV battery race intensified this week with the announcement that a startup financially supported by the U.S. Department of Energy had released a lithium…

  • The World's First Fully Digital Oilfield

    Published 28 February 2019 | viewed 4,475 times

    When a few years ago media began calling data the new oil, it was because some pretty direct parallels could be drawn between Big Oil…

  • Icahn Wins Big On EPA Biofuel Tweaks

    Published 27 February 2019 | viewed 3,211 times

    It’s been a volatile decade for the United States biofuels industry, to put it lightly. In 2007 the federal government, as part of an effort…

  • MIT: The Energy System Of The Future Is Closer Than We Think

    Published 20 February 2019 | viewed 5,228 times

    Thanks to continuously declining costs, a hybrid renewable electricity generation system that combines wind, solar, and storage could become competitive with the cheapest fossil fuel…

  • Fans Panic After Tesla Removes Its “Secret Weapon” From Website

    Published 19 February 2019 | viewed 1,094 times

    Tesla has removed all information it had about its Model 3 standard version on its website and some fans of the brand are panicking, Electrek’s…

  • China To Build Solar Space Station

    Published 17 February 2019 | viewed 590 times

    Chinese scientists have revealed plans to build and launch in orbit a space solar station that could capture the Sun’s rays 24/7, Chinese media report.…

  • Are Democrats Right To Dismiss Nuclear Energy?

    Published 14 February 2019 | viewed 636 times

    Last week the Democratic party, backed by the new energy of a particularly young and leftist freshman class in the House of Representatives, finally unveiled…

  • The Biggest Bottleneck In The Renewable Revolution

    Published 12 February 2019 | viewed 3,922 times

    As the global middle class rapidly expands, so too does the worldwide demand for energy and its subsequent carbon footprint. Global climate change will be…

  • Tesla Dominates Latest Global EV Sales List

    Published 11 February 2019 | viewed 1,056 times

    Tesla Model 3 topped the global EV sales ranking compiled by CleanTechnica and EV Volumes for 2018. In fact, Tesla as a brand dominated the…

  • Will Russia Be Left Holding The Bag If Maduro Is Ousted?

    Published 08 February 2019 | viewed 828 times

    Russia—one of the key supporters of Nicolas Maduro in the Venezuelan crisis—has stood by the Venezuelan leader for years and has poured billions of U.S.…

  • Tech Giants Lead Renewable Push

    Published 06 February 2019 | viewed 3,929 times

    Businesses bought a record 13.4 GW of energy produced from renewables sources last year, bringing the total since 2008 to more than 32 GW, an…

  • Russia Denies Nuclear Deal With North Korea

    Published 02 February 2019 | viewed 2,760 times

    New reporting has revealed that last fall Russian officials offered a nuclear power plant to North Korea as part of a secretive proposal. The offer…

  • Is Lithium Poised For A Breakout?

    Published 29 January 2019 | viewed 3,568 times

    It’s been a decade of lows for commodities after posting 7 declines in 11 years, but we’ve seriously underestimated lithium. It’s back with a vengeance…

  • Saudi Arabia Plays Both Sides Of Russia-U.S. Spat

    Published 26 January 2019 | viewed 3,287 times

    Saudi Arabia is putting itself in a potentially dangerous geopolitical position as it seeks to continue its decades' long relationship with Washington while at the…

  • The Global Energy Transition Has Hit A Roadblock

    Published 23 January 2019 | viewed 3,252 times

    The consumption of natural resources and consequentially pollution has led to increased attention for the environment in most parts of the world. While it is…

  • Tesla Cuts Full-Time Employees To Keep A Lid On Spending

    Published 21 January 2019 | viewed 598 times

    Tesla said on Friday that it would reduce full-time employee headcount by around 7 percent, aiming to cut costs as it looks to start delivering…