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    Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory resumed operations on Monday after weeks of a government-mandated temporary shutdown due to the coronavirus outbreak in China, Japanese outlet The Asahi…

  • SUV Sales Continue To Soar

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    The war on climate change is on, but the world’s utility-vehicle-gas-guzzling habit is preventing green measures from making enough headway. SUV sales across the globe…

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    The year 2020 could emerge as the start of the era of relative global chaos or major upheaval. It is the era we have been…

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    "On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone [and everything] drops to zero.’’ For better or for worse, that grim and almost cynical…

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    The earnings season is here again with nearly a quarter of S&P 500 companies having returned their Q4 and full FY 2019 scorecards--and it doesn’t…

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    Royal Dutch Shell reported a steep drop in earnings in the fourth quarter, and the financial squeeze may slow the pace of share buybacks and force more…

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    Although the focus of those in the oil markets has been focused on the tensions between Iran and the U.S. in recent days, with many…

  • Prepare For An Oil Glut In 2020

    Published 11 January 2020 | viewed 4,536 times

    Global oil markets will remain well supplied this year, with a possible overhang of some 1 million bpd, the head of the International Energy Agency,…

  • Shareholders Urge Major Bank To Stop Funding Fossil Fuel Companies

    Published 09 January 2020 | viewed 2,338 times

    A group of Barclays shareholders has demanded that the banking major stop providing financing to oil and gas companies, and power utilities, whose business is…

  • Why Smart Money Is Looking To Short Aramco

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    Through a combination of bribing local retail investors via preferential loans, threatening wealthy Saudis with a re-run of their treatment in the Ritz Carlton in…

  • Warren Buffett Is Bailing On Coal

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    Warren Buffett, probably the world’s most successful investor, a man noted for the conservatism of his investment policy and aversion to high tech, wants out…

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    There’s a chance that the iPhone you’re about to get for Christmas contains cobalt mined by a six-year-old. There’s also a chance that that six-year-old…

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    An economic slowdown in many parts of the world and the phase-out of EV subsidies in the United States have led to lower EV sales…

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