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  • Trump Tweet Sends Oil Soaring 25%

    Published 02 April 2020 | viewed 511 times

    Oil prices spiked on Thursday morning after U.S. President Donald Trump said that he spoke with the Saudi Crown Prince, and hoped and expected that…

  • Oil Falls To $20 For First Time In Nearly Two Decades

    Published 30 March 2020 | viewed 617 times

    Oil prices plunged on Monday to their lowest levels in eighteen years, below $20 per barrel, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to cripple global oil…

  • America’s Shortage Of This Metal Keeps Trump Up At Night

    Published 27 March 2020 | viewed 1,263 times

    The coronavirus may be wreaking havoc on the global economy, but when the dust settles, moving forward will be all about access to critical metals,…

  • Major Acquisition Gives The World’s First Green Ride-Share Another Edge

    Published 25 March 2020 | viewed 966 times

    With Uber and Lyft already suffering under the massive pressure of lawsuits, CO2 footprints, unhappy drivers and now, coronavirus threats, one innovative new startup is…

  • Gas Stations Shut Down In Venezuela As Coronavirus Crisis Intensifies

    Published 23 March 2020 | viewed 869 times

    Venezuela has started shutting down gasoline stations across the country as a shortage of fuels has prompted rationing, Bloomberg reports. According to an unnamed source…

  • The Key To Commercial Hydrogen

    Published 22 March 2020 | viewed 1,269 times

    Hydrogen gets a lot of attention as a feasible, green alternative to traditional fossil fuels, and even as the potential solution to commercial nuclear fusion,…

  • Could Coronavirus Derail The EV Boom?

    Published 19 March 2020 | viewed 840 times

    In just one month, the coronavirus outbreak blew out to a full-on pandemic, threatening to tip the global economy into recession and affecting every country,…

  • Big Oil Goes Remote As Coronavirus Fears Grow

    Published 17 March 2020 | viewed 1,866 times

    Large oil companies in the United States have asked their office employees to work from home and instituted health checks for those who cannot work…

  • Is It Time To Ditch Oil Stocks?

    Published 13 March 2020 | viewed 1,137 times

    There are three questions tormenting investors in the oil and gas industry right now:  Why did Icahn double down on Occidental Petroleum? Is Warren Buffett…

  • New Tech Could Restart The Lithium Boom

    Published 12 March 2020 | viewed 1,064 times

    A research team is close to patenting a new technique to extract lithium from brine that could revolutionize the lithium extraction process and potentially cut…

  • How One Country Saved Itself From The Oil Price Plunge

    Published 11 March 2020 | viewed 1,226 times

    Petroleos Mexicanos has been in an unrelenting downward spiral for decades. Pemex, Mexico’s state-owned oil company, has seen a vast and speedy decline of its…

  • Oil Plummets As Saudi Arabia, Russia Face Off In Price War

    Published 09 March 2020 | viewed 728 times

    Russia has just sparked what may end up being among the ugliest oil price wars in recent history. And Saudi Arabia is firing back. As…

  • Short Sellers Are Piling Into Oil

    Published 05 March 2020 | viewed 2,748 times

    Hedge funds are clearly bracing for even harder times for the battered oil market as bearish bets keep piling on. According to data from research…

  • The Ride Sharing War Has Officially Begun: Interview With Sayan Navaratnam

    Published 03 March 2020 | viewed 3,509 times

    Uber transformed transportation when it spent a fortune turning ride-sharing into a mainstream mode of transportation. But the 2.0 version of ride-sharing is where the…

  • Three Energy Casualties In The Coronavirus Crisis

    Published 25 February 2020 | viewed 1,477 times

    At a time when the energy sector is weighed down by debt and reeling from low commodity prices, American energy producers are now bracing for…

  • How Taxpayers Are Bankrolling The EV Revolution

    Published 22 February 2020 | viewed 2,105 times

    Proponents of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution have a lineup of arguments at the ready for drivers on the fence about whether to go electric,…

  • Another Major Car Maker Is Backing Hydrogen

    Published 19 February 2020 | viewed 1,814 times

    The hydrogen fuel cell market has a serious player emerging in South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Corp., which is jumping into the hydrogen truck market to…

  • How Hydrogen Could Become The Fuel Of The Future

    Published 13 February 2020 | viewed 1,758 times

    Hydrogen is often touted as a green and nearly inexhaustible source of clean energy. The first element of the periodic table burns completely clean, leaving…

  • Tesla Reopens Chinese Factory After Coronavirus Scare

    Published 11 February 2020 | viewed 1,089 times

    Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory resumed operations on Monday after weeks of a government-mandated temporary shutdown due to the coronavirus outbreak in China, Japanese outlet The Asahi…

  • SUV Sales Continue To Soar

    Published 06 February 2020 | viewed 1,339 times

    The war on climate change is on, but the world’s utility-vehicle-gas-guzzling habit is preventing green measures from making enough headway. SUV sales across the globe…