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  • The Unstoppable Electric Bus Revolution

    Published 18 April 2019 | viewed 547 times

    The electric bus revolution is about to take off. While the prospect of major advances in electric buses receive a small fraction of the attention…

  • Musk Draws SEC Attention With Another Controversial Tweet

    Published 15 April 2019 | viewed 873 times

    Just two months after he tweeted a production figure forecast, Tesla’s chief executive has done it again just days after he had to appear in…

  • Commodities Are Hot Again

    Published 13 April 2019 | viewed 1,442 times

    Commodities are hot once again after a disastrous performance at the end of 2018 when energy prices collapsed and the escalating U.S.-China trade war spooked…

  • Aramco Bond Run Could Delay IPO

    Published 10 April 2019 | viewed 874 times

    The Saudi plan to use their state-run oil giant, Aramco, as a piggy bank panned out fabulously for the Kingdom on Tuesday, with international investor…

  • EV Superchargers Face One Key Hurdle

    Published 08 April 2019 | viewed 2,220 times

    Companies around the world are developing superchargers that can “fill up” an EV battery in a matter of minutes, but there is one problem: they…

  • Facebook Pulls Misleading Solar Scam Ads

    Published 07 April 2019 | viewed 893 times

    As if the solar industry didn’t already face significant headwinds on its way toward world domination, a Facebook page called Solar Energy Today has promised…

  • Money Managers Turn Bullish On Oil

    Published 03 April 2019 | viewed 1,059 times

    Hedge funds and other money managers expanded their bullish bets on oil prices last week amid signs that U.S. shale growth is slowing, the global…

  • U.S. Reinstates Ban On Arctic Oil Drilling

    Published 01 April 2019 | viewed 1,010 times

    United States District Court for the District of Alaska judge Sharon L. Gleason decided late on Friday to reinstate the drilling ban on millions of…

  • U.S. Turns Up The Heat On Companies Still Buying Venezuelan Oil

    Published 31 March 2019 | viewed 3,118 times

    The U.S. administration is trying to pressure foreign commodity traders and refiners to suspend their trades with Venezuelan oil in the latest push against the…

  • Rick Perry Signs Secret Nuclear Deal With Saudi Arabia

    Published 28 March 2019 | viewed 1,245 times

    Washington has secretly given the go-ahead to several companies to sell nuclear power technology to Saudi Arabia, Reuters reports, citing a document it had obtained.…

  • U.S. Nuclear Generation Reaches Record Levels

    Published 26 March 2019 | viewed 3,279 times

    Despite the fact that several nuclear power plants have closed since 2010, last year’s U.S. nuclear electricity generation beat the previous record from 2010, as…

  • Tesla Struggles To Compete In European Market

    Published 24 March 2019 | viewed 2,476 times

    CEO Elon Musk and the Tesla team have succeeded in making their company the most widely used electric vehicle brand name, but this has not…

  • Bejing's Sway In South China Sea Is Fading

    Published 21 March 2019 | viewed 868 times

    The United States military launched nuclear-capable B-52H Stratofortress bombers over the heavily disputed South China Sea last week, where they “conducted routine training”. In these…

  • Tesla Looks To Jump Into Indian Market

    Published 19 March 2019 | viewed 524 times

    Elon Musk is not giving up on the potentially huge but largely undeveloped electric vehicle (EV) market in India, saying that he ‘would love’ Tesla…

  • The Energy Industry Has A Millennial Problem

    Published 16 March 2019 | viewed 680 times

    The oil and gas sector is facing a stiff competition in attracting young talent in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) because Millennials and Generation…

  • Venezuela Has Yet Another Crisis Developing

    Published 14 March 2019 | viewed 937 times

    Ordinary people in Venezuela are bearing the brunt of the ongoing power struggle in the country and last week’s blackout. While the power outage in…

  • There Is No Catch-All Solution To Climate Change

    Published 12 March 2019 | viewed 1,835 times

    Polling shows that the majority of United States citizens want the Trump administration to honor the country’s Obama-era commitment to the Paris Agreement to combat…

  • $1 Trillion Wealth Fund To Dump All Oil Stocks

    Published 10 March 2019 | viewed 699 times

    Norway’s sovereign wealth fund will exit all investments in oil and gas production acting on a government recommendation in line with a more cautious approach…

  • Volkswagen Taps Into $50 Billion War Chest To Take On Tesla

    Published 07 March 2019 | viewed 3,043 times

    One of the world’s largest carmakers, Germany’s Volkswagen AG, is betting big on electric vehicles and e-mobility with a war chest of around US$50 billion…

  • Gates And Bezos Back Artificial Intelligence Exploration Startup

    Published 06 March 2019 | viewed 3,109 times

    A startup by the name of KoBold Metals is using big data analytics and modeling to create the equivalent of Google Maps of the earth’s…