• 6 hours Cannabis Sales Are Soaring In The United States
  • 1 day Biden Will Be A Boon For Solar Stocks
  • 2 days The Shroom Boom Is Here To Stay
  • 5 days The Gold Rally Has Finally Run Out Of Steam
  • 5 days Citibank Analyst Predicts $300k Bitcoin By End Of 2021
  • 8 days Bitcoin Lives Up To Its Safe Haven Status In A Big Way
  • 8 days 14 Million People Will Lose Unemployment Benefits On December 31st
  • 10 days Why 12 Million American Millionaires Isn’t Good News
  • 11 days Big Oil Is Paying The Price For Investing In Renewables
  • 12 days The Banking Industry’s $35 Billion Gravy Train Could Disappear
  • 13 days Did Amazon Just Democratize Prescription Drugs?
  • 15 days The Private Space Race Just Got Very Real
  • 16 days Short Sellers Are Willing Big In This Turbulent Market
  • 17 days SpaceX Gets Go-Ahead To Send Humans Into Space
  • 18 days Saudi Arabia Lost $27 Billion In Oil Crash
  • 19 days China’s Big Tech Takes A Hit As Regulators Crack Down
  • 20 days Black Friday Could Be Retailers’ Only Hope
  • 21 days Why You Should Not Dump Your Stay At Home Stocks Just Yet
  • 22 days The Real Reason Why Uber And Lyft Stocks Have Soared Nearly 50%
  • 24 days Bitcoin Heads Towards $16,000 And No One’s Cashing In

Erik Swarts

Erik Swarts

Contributor since: 04 Apr 2011


Erik is an active trader, who has always taken a broad perspective when approaching the markets.

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